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3DR IRIS+ (915) Quadcopter Review 2020

Drones became an important part of the daily life of many people. Quadcopters are used for many purposes like fun, recreational use, and commercial purpose. Because there are many benefits using drones. Want to become a professional pilot in flying a drone?  Your dream will come true with 3DR Iris Plus which is a professional drone. Want to enjoy flying a drone with high speed? This 3DR Iris Plus is considered as high speed quadcopter among other RTF drones. You can use 3DR Iris plus for recreational purpose as well as for Professional use.

3D Robotics Iris Plus Quadcopter Overview

Iris Plus 3DR Drone is designed for the purpose of recreational use. This 3DR Iris plus comes as a ready-to-fly drone, therefore no need to fix the parts separately. The wingspan of the 3DR Iris plus is 21.7 inches, and the dimensions are 18* 25 * 6 inches. A next-gen 32-bit pix hawk autopilot system is a built-in system present in 3Dr iris plus. Go pro camera mount is given at the bottom of the drone to fix the camera. 3D Robotics Iris Plus Drones with Camera.


  • Design
  • Follow me feature
  • Auto mission planning & Battery
  • Geofence mode & Flight protection
  • Flight modes
  • Fail-safe feature

3D Robotics Iris + drone design looks like a giant spider model with four arms. The arms and legs of 3D Robotics are made with Zytel nylon which is a heat resistant material. Motor to motor distance of Iris plus quadcopter is 21.7 inches. 3D Robotics Iris is a lightweight quadcopter, so it is available to carry a payload upto 400gms. I am attracted to its particular design, which gives an intense look drone.

Iris plus drone has an advanced GPS system; it is the first drone that introduced the follow-me feature. The Follow-me feature will work on any GPS based Andriod devices. The Iris Plus will lock the pilot location when you turn ON the follow-me mode. Hence the Iris plus will follow you and capture images in your adventure. If you insert a camera to this 3DR Iris +, then you can also take selfies with this Follow me feature.

This cool feature lets you plan your path on the way to the destination. Auto mission planning is nothing but waypoint feature.  It allows you to set multiple waypoints using your smartphone or tablet. Hence the Iris + 3DR drone will follow the waypoints and reaches its destination automatically. A 5100 mAh 3S LiPo battery comes with the 3DR Iris 915 quadcopter. The average charging time for LiPo is 60 mins, which gives a decent flight time about 16-22 mins depending on the payload.

Safety is the main thing that Iris Plus UAV offers best when you lost the connection. Before flying Iris Plus, you need to set boundaries for the flight. If the flight crosses the boundaries, the 3DR Iris Plus will automatically come to the home location. Iris Plus take-off and can land itself automatically is a plus point, while some UAV’s can’t do on their own. If the battery is about to die, then the 3D Robotics Iris Plus will automatically land on its pre-defined home area.

3D Robotics contains three flight modes namely standard mode, Hover mode, Auto mission mode.

  • Standard Mode: The standard mode allows the pilot to operate the drone manually using joysticks.
  • Hover mode: In hover mode, the drone will fly in the air in a particular place.
  • Auto mode: This auto mode allows the pilot to set boundaries so that it will operate automatically within limits.

3D Iris Plus has 3 fail-safe modes, i.e., loss of RC signal, loss of GPS signal, Low battery.

  • The Yellow LED light will blinks when there the RC signal is lost. Hence, the drone will return to its home location when the RC connectivity is lost.
  • A series of blue and yellow LED light will blink when the GPS signal is lost. Hence, the control goes to manual control if the GPS signal is lost.
  • When the battery reaches 25% of its charging, Yellow color LED light will blink continuously with a beep sound and reaches its take-off point.


Specification Name Value
3DR Solo
Model Info
Item model number
18 x 25 x 6 inches
8.8 pounds
black and green
2.4 GHz
Flying Environment
Gimbal Axis
Battery Included
Battery Type
2600 mAh 7.2 Vdc Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Minimum Age
above 14

All about 3D Robotics

3D Robotics is an American company founded in 2009, headquartered in Berkeley, California. Specifically, 3DR designs and manufactures recreational and commercial unmanned aerial vehicles. The primary intention of the 3D robotics company is to attract aerial vehicle enthusiasts. 3D Robotics develops flexible, reliable personal drones for daily recreational and business applications. The 3D technology is widely used the overall world in many types of industries such as Photography, agriculture, construction, etc. For its quality products and services, 3D Robotics has gained 28,000 customers worldwide.

3D Robotics Iris Plus Review

I purchased the 3DR Iris Plus a year ago and had faced no complaint about it. Based on my experience, my first step is to give you a complete review about the 3DR Iris Plus. While speaking about the review, features are the primary things to consider. After experiencing flying, I am using this drone by attaching a camera which has many benefits. The 3D Robotics Iris plus doesn’t include a camera, but it comes with Go-Pro mount. In this Go-Pro mount, we can fix a camera. For aerial photography 3D robotics, Iris plus is most recommended because of its advanced GPS feature. You can experience best aerial photography using 3D Iris Plus.

  • Geo-fence mode won’t let your Iris Plus cross the boundaries.
  • This drone also supports Tarot T-2D gimbal stabilization, which you need to buy separately.
  • It can also hold a payload capacity of 400g.
  • You can control 3D Robotics Iris + with a remote controller upto 3280 feet distance.


3D Robotics is a ready-to-fly quadcopter so that no need to install parts separately. Simply fix the propellers and charge the LiPo battery. Hence, Iris plus is ready for flying manually with the remote controller.

Safety Precautions

  • To protect the battery, Place the battery on a non-flammable surface.
  • Always charge the battery with LiPo balance charger only.
  • Store the battery in the LiPo guard when the drone is not in use.
  • Never place your fingers near to the propellers, because Iris Plus has high-speed propellers and motors.
  • Do not fly this drone in a confined area or indoors.
  • Keep in mind that the Geofence restricts the altitude about 100m and 300m radius from the home point.

Amazon Customer Reviews

Great drone great price!

The IRIS+ gives me everything I need to capture stable aerial photographs and video. I have previously owned a DJI Phantom and had the first generation of the 3DR IRIS, and it is awesome to see the improvements they made to the product with IRIS+ as the new propellers are a huge experience enhancement. The IRIS+ also has longer flight times than any of my previous drones carrying a GoPro Hero+ and stabilizing gimbal. There is no question that 3DR has the best autopilot and GPS functionality available today which comes in handy if you lose sight of the drone (I have admittedly done this on some occasions) and with a flip of a switch it will find its way back to you autonomously. This is a great product for any amateur photographer or someone looking to purchase their first drone.

Glad I got an Iris +

This was a great aircraft for me. It fly’s smoothly and offers great adaptability. The Pixhawk controller is what I was looking for. The IRIS+ is the least expensive of 3D Robotics aircraft and the perfect platform to learn Pixhawk programming features. The controller has many exciting options to customize your IRIS+ to do more than what 3DR configures in its basic package. That basic package is more than enough for most users. Much more would overwhelm you. Get one; you’ll like it.b


  • Ready to Fly
  • Integrated LEDs on all arms
  • Remote controller with on-screen telemetry
  • Micro-USB to Android adapter


  • Advanced GPS Feature will give you the satisfaction that the drone won’t cross its boundaries
  • With Follow me mode the drone will lock you and follows you where ever you go
  • Waypoint feature
  • It can carry a payload capacity upto 400gms
  • It moves with high speed because it contains high-performance motors
  • 3DR Iris Plus flies incredibly speed, which reaches upto 40miles/hr speed


  • No camera is given with the 2.8 lbs Iris Plus kit
  • Iris comes with advanced GPS, but gimbal stabilization is not present
  • Used only in the outdoor environment

Bottom Line

Finally, with my experience with Iris Plus, I can clearly say that 3DR is best suited for professional drone flyers. Because of its high-speed motors, It is recommended for the fast and fun-to-fly drone. If you update 3DR Iris + with a camera, it is most suited for aerial photography.


Does this include camera?

This item does not include a camera. The photo is designed to show the full potential of the IRIS+. The IRIS+ gives you the option of purchasing their Tarot 2-axis gimbal for GoPro Hero 3 cameras or even using various 3rd party gimbals for other brands of cameras.

What is the most efficient economical way to get FPV with this? i will be using the new small hero session?

I used the 2D gimbal and the iLook camera with great success. Even the camera trigger works. I just have to use manual mode as I get jitter in the loiter mode.

This product have a device to put the camera, or I need to buy another device to put the camera, something like Tarot T-2D Brushless Gimbal Kit for 3D?

It comes with an anti-jello hard mount for a GoPro. You can buy the tarot gimbal if you’ve got the extra money. I’d recommend it if you can. But give yourself at least 10 flights before installing the gimbal.

All-together, 3DR IRIS+ (915) is the perfect drone with many special features. If you are a professional drone flyer, then this will be the best choice for you. So, check the review and buy this drone on Amazon at the best price.

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