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AirDog Auto Follow Drone Review

Nowadays drones became an emerging trend in the present market. People are using drones for various purposes, such as for fun, for photography, for aerial survey and even for adventures. It’s nice to see the advancement in the drone technologies. Are you fond of sports and belongs to an adventurous guy? Want to capture all your memories of those outdoor adventures like surfing, skating, snowboarding, etc.? Then you must go through this AirDog Auto Follow Drone Review. Yes, These Best Stunt Drones will fulfill your dream of capturing adventurous memories. 

Among all drones, Probably Airdog Auto Follow drone will be going to become your best choice to record your memories. Because of my travel with the Airdog drone, I am going to help you in buying a drone. Without the aid of another person, you can control this AirDog yourself in capturing your adventures. Let us check out the Best Drones for photography. There are many advantages with this AirDog Auto Follow Drone.

  • For shooting a film, it is widely used by movie makers.
  • Captures videos while you are riding a bike, surfing, skating, etc

Best Airdog Drone For Sale

Airdog auto-follow drone is a light-weight, foldable drone. This Adventure drone weighs about 4.1 pounds.Unlike other drones, Airdog doesn’t come with a remote controller, but it comes with an AirLeash which is a wearable controller like your watch. Also, the AirLeash is a waterproof controller. A 4.8V 5100 mAh LiPo battery comes with the Airdog kit which a rechargeable battery. The flight time is around 18mins. A GoPro camera mount is attached to the drone where you need to fix a camera. The dimensions of Airdog quadcopter is 24.7*24.7*5.4 inches. No matter how fast you are going, the AirDog will follow you and capture the footages. AirDog can resist the wind upto 28 knots. Hence, the AirDog autonomous quadcopter is exactly suitable for capturing videos of your sports and is used only for an outdoor purpose.

airdog auto-follow drone FEATURES

  • Design
  • AirLeash
  • Battery
  • Follow Modes
  • Sensor Fusion technology & Ground Collision Avoidance
  • App-controlled feature & Gimbal
  • AirDog Auto follow comes with foldable arms, so you can fold the quadcopter and can carry it in your backpack. This Airdog sports drone is a Ready-to-fly quadcopter which arrives in a stylish design.
  • GoPro Mount: A GoPro mount comes with the AirDog Drone, which will hold a camera. It supports either GoPro Hero4 or GoPro Hero 3/3+. The mount is a waterproof cover which protects the camera from water while surfing.

The AirLeash is an easy control device which is a wearable wrist device. It is certified with IP67 rating  i.e. Ingress Progress which specifies environmental protection. The number 6 indicates that AirLeash is dust proof and number 7 indicates this AirLeash is a waterproof controller. Wearable AirLeash comes with long-range Bluetooth connectivity so that it enables AirDog drone to reach upto 250m in the air.

A 5100mAh LiPo battery of airdog auto-follow drone is a rechargeable one. It must be charged with the original Airdog charger which comes in the kit. If the GoPro camera battery is discharging, you no need to worry because this LiPo battery charge will be distributed. Hence you can take flawless photography. If AirDog runs out of battery, the flight calculates how much time it will be able to reach home position safely. The user has a facility to land the AirDog whether on the spot or in the user’s location.

There are different follow modes in this AirDog action sports drone to monitor the user and to maintain altitude.

  1. Fixed Follow: Airdog will follow in the fixed direction that the user set before flying i.e., north, south, east, west. For example, if you set east direction, Regardless of your direction it will always follow you in the east direction.
  2. Hover & Aim: Hover & Aim mode allows the user to set position and altitude so that the drone hover over the user in the fixed height. This method is useful while skating.
  3. Line mode: If you are a cable wakeboarder, then this line mode perfectly suits you. The drone will fly parallelly with cables and focuses camera towards you.
  4. Circle: In this mode, Even if you are moving, the drone continuously rotates around you and capture your surroundings. This mode is useful in sports like football.
  5. Adaptive follow: Tthe Airdog will follow with your movement. For example, you can set in front of you, stay behind you, etc. If you want to capture your smile while riding, the drone will remain in front of you. Of a sudden, if you switch the direction while flying around you the AirDog will do reposition to capture your smile.

Sometimes there may be a loss in GPS connection; the AirDog company has introduced sensors to track the pilot. There are multiple sensors in both AirDog drone and AirLeash which keeps you in all frames every time.

While you are on an adventure, you may face ups and downs on mountains, roads, etc.everytime, The Airdog has an excellent feature every time it calculates the distance above the ground to avoid crashing.

We can also customize the Airdog with Airdog app which you need to install on your smartphone or desktop. Only AirLeash can control the drone but to change some settings this AirDog app is used. The desktop AirDog app enables the user to install latest firmware updates for Airdog and AirLeash. The AirDog Auto follow drone comes with camera gimbal which ensures vibration-free and smooth videos.

AirDOG drone auto follow SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
24.7 x 24.7 x 5.4 inches
Item Weight
4.12 pounds
Wireless range
40 m
Built in GPS
Built in WiFi
Max Flight Time
7 minutes
Video transmission system
Outdoor positioning module
Vision sensing
Video capacity
Remote control system
App controlled
Other features
barrel roll and 180 flips

All about AirDog

The AirDog company is founded in the year 2014. It is a leading producer of adventure drones. The main idea of starting this Airdog company from a gifted remote control helicopter. An Airdog Auto follow drone was designed in the month of November 2015 and was taken CES award as the best adventure drone.

AirDog Auto Follow Drone Review

First of all, I am an enthusiastic sports rider; i just want to capture my journey of adventures. After I had heard about these drones, then i started searching for drone which gives me enjoyment in capturing video when i am on my adventure. Of all the drones I decided to buy this Airdog follow-me drone because of the following features. We at BestFlyingDrone regularly update the latest Budget Drones in the Market.

  • Airdog is lightweight and can carry anywhere because of its foldable design.
  • Airdog comes with hands-free control while i can concentrate only in my adventure.
  • It is easy to fly because of the AirLeash which is a wearable wrist device.
  • Without another person help, you can control the Airdog Drone.
  • Uses a LiPo battery which gives a decent flight time about 18 mins.
  • In the case of windsurfing, the Airdog drone can resist the wind upto 28 knots.
  • AirDog will come with various follow modes like Fixed follow, hover& aim, line, circle, adaptive follow.
  • I am happy with its various flight modes such as MTB, surf, wakeboard, etc. The Airdog will automatically follow you focusing camera towards you.


Warranty differs for AirDog Accessories. The warranty for AirDog Auto Follow drone and AirLeash is one year. For the battery, Propeller motors, gimbal motors and battery charger the warranty is six months. And for plastic material the company doesn’t give a guarantee.

Flight Modes


Just click on the MTB mode before you start mountain biking, the Airdog will follow you within the adjusted height.  The AirLeash is built with a waterproof material so that no need to have the tension that your controller will not work properly. If the battery charging is going to die, AirDog will automatically land to its home location.

Wakeboard Mode

By using a smartphone app, you can set the path either in straight-line or a circular wake pointing the camera towards you. So the Airdog will follow your path and captures images and video.

Skate Park

when you turn On the skatepark mode, the drone will follow you and will stay hovering in fixed position.

Surf Mode

Turn ON surf mode, before you start surfing. The Airdog follows you even you are in the water. Hence, You can enjoy surfing and also capture images and videos at the same time with this Airdog Auto follow drone.The AirLeash can withstand connections upto 1m distance which is perfect for surfers.

Wake Line
Using the AirDog mobile app the user is allowed to set two points which are parallel to the cables. Therefore, Airdog will follow the cables when you start riding along straight line cables parks.

How to Install Airdog Follow Drone?

AirDog action sports drone is a ready-to-fly drone. In the box, the drone comes with folded arms, so we need to fix the propellers before flying. The following steps are necessary to pair the AirDog drone and AirLeash.

  • Unfold all the arms and fix the propellers. Insert Flight battery in the space provided.
  • Press menu button on the AirLeash and click right/ left arrows to pairing. Press OK to confirm.
  • You see “Pairing on AirDog” on the AirLeash screen.
  • On AirDog press and hold ‘Tail button’ until you hear a tone. Then LED on the AirDog will blink continuously.
  • The pairing process will take two mins. After pairing is completed the ‘Pairing screen’ will transform to ‘default screen.’
  • Again turn ON the AirLeash, it lights up with solid blue LED, if it is so you are good to start drone.

Airdog Auto-Follow Drone Safety Precautions

  • Always fly the Airdog action sports drone in open or vast areas.
  • Fly below 400 feet and keep the Airdog insight when possible.
  • Do not operate the drone in less visibility weather conditions.
  • Always charge the battery in a non-flammable area.
  • After purchasing the drone, register the drone with Federation Aviation Administration(FAA).


Best Autonomous drone currently in the market

Airdog is awesome. A fantastic auto-tracking, autonomous flight drone. Like one of the other reviews said, there is a learning curve and taking the time to read the manual, watch the tutorials, and learn the unit is well worth the time. It isn’t perfect, but it is great. Especially for someone like me who wants to enjoy the action AND be in the video. I don’t want to be a drone pilot. I just want to get as close as I can get to “set it and forget it” aerial video recording.

Airdog Drone review

I bought the airdog follow drone to primarily capture windsurf action. There is NO other drone on the market that even comes close to what this drone was designed to do (even with the latest new product releases from other suppliers). It performs as described and has managed to get some great action on the water. What also clearly differentiates this Auto-follow drone is that it works in winds unto 28Knots. I have used in 20Knots – and no problem.


  • Foldable
  • Sensor Fusion Technology
  • Fully Autonomous Drone
  • Future-proof


  • Easy to carry AirDog UAV because we can fold the arms and can carry in a backpack
  • Supports Multi-flight modes for different sports like MTB, surf, wakeboard
  • Easy to operate, because it comes with hands-free controlling AirLeash
  • AirLeash operates both in air and water because it is a waterproof controller


  • Doesn’t come with a built-in camera
  • The flight time is low
  • AirDog is a bit expensive drone

Bottom Line

Airdog Auto follow drone is incredibly designed for sports enthusiasts. You can enjoy capturing videos and perform your favorite game simultaneously in all conditions, i.e., in the air, or in surfing at an extreme level. To fly the AirDog no skills of piloting is required all you need to do is just set the mode and wear the AirLeash. We hope you find this AirDog Auto Follow Drone Review, to get a perfect one of your choice. 

AirDog Auto follow drone is the best foldable drone that is easy to use. It has a Follow Me features which let the drone to follow you where ever you go. Moreover, there are many interesting features like Intelligent flight modes, Wearable controller, and more.

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