Amazon Prime Air First Commercial Drone Delivery In UK

Amazon welcomes to the world of latest technology of delivering products with the unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. As far as we only heard that drones could also be used in delivering products, Of a sudden Amazon took a big step in using drones for delivering products. Within just 13 minutes Amazon had delivered the products such as Fire TV and a Popcorn pack to the customer near Cambridge with a drone service namely Amazon Prime Air. Amazon Prime Air delivery is the latest online delivery through a drone; this will going to change the way we shop in future. Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery became the fast product delivery service.


As we know that the Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce sites in building its customers satisfaction with its fast delivering products and services. At present Amazon is mesmerizing customers through its ever fastest product delivery i.e. Amazon Prime delivery. With the Amazon drone delivery, you can get your product within minutes of order. Amazon doesn’t charge any extra shipping cost for its fastest drone delivery. Maybe in future, we can get emergency services with these drones.

Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery video

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Fully Automatic

The Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery service is a fully automatic service which doesn’t require any human piloting. If a customer places an order, then the ordered item is packed, loaded into the drone and sent out on a motorized track automatically. After then the Drone flew in the air and reached a height of 400 feet to reach the customer’s location. The Amazon prime air delivers the product and automatically takeoff to its home location. Thus the journey of Amazon Prime Air come to an end after reaching to its home location.


The primary concern in drone delivery is safety, Amazon experts uses sense and avoid technology in the drones which ensures safety as its priority. The Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery ensures safety with continuous tracking and guiding with the GPS system. In additional, Amazon took permission from the UK government to fly the drone. Finally, Amazon made its first product delivery using a drone on 7th December 2016 safely.



The main aim of this drone delivery service of Amazon is to win the hearts of customers with the fastest delivery of products. Because no customer wants to wait for a long time to receive their favorite brand products. Customer will be happy if he/she receives their order as fast as possible. Taking 13 minutes to deliver a product after ordering is becoming a miracle in the present days.


The Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery can carry a weight 2.7 kgs or 5 lbs and delivers the product to customers location fastly. As the Amazon Prime Air is a testing drone service, it uses only a small drone. The Amazon Prime Air became success project we can expect more carrying capacity further.


The dream of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos a few years ago has come into existence with the Amazon drone delivery. As this Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery is just a trail, with only two customers orders in the UK.  This drone delivery doesn’t end up with a couple of customers because Amazon is working hard to reach its drone services to dozens and then to hundreds of customers around its warehouse. The Amazon Prime service not only reaching the customers but also enhancing its services to different countries in the future. Countries like US, UK, Austria, and Israel are the next Amazon Prime Air testing centers in future.

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Finally, the drone delivery of products came into reality with the success of Amazon Prime Air. The e-commerce giant Amazon will be going make an enhancement in delivering products. You will receive your favorite product fast with the Amazon latest drone delivering service.[/wpsm_titlebox]

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