10 Perfect Drones for GoPro Camera – Captures the footage beyond your expectations!

10 Perfect Drones for GoPro Camera - Captures the footage beyond your expectations!


Not a common name though even in the last decade, now GoPro is literally become synonymous with compact action photography and activity vlogging. The main objective of the California based manufacturer of GoPro is to build a camera for capturing images or videos during adventures, by amalgamation of the best features from both a point and shoot camera and a camcorder respectively. Very small and compact in size, the cuboid outer body of a GoPro is water-resistant, and literally indestructible. Packed with great quality processor, image-sensor, ultra- wide lenses and two to three powerful microphones, these GoPro-s are highly capable of capturing professional quality images and videos and can also record audio in almost every wild condition possible. After almost 15 years of its inception, GoPro has gone a long way and is being used unanimously by extreme athletes and adventures. This particular brand gets so much popular in last few years that so many off-brands are often referred to as Go-Pro as well. 

Now, along with the great image and video quality, one of the major aspects of GoPro which plays an important role to make it ubiquitous, is its versatile mounting feature. From suction cup to standard bike mount to speciality drone, from in front of the helmet to basic tripod, GoPro can be attached to each and every surface quite literally.

Are you searching for the right best Drone for GoPro Camera? Then check this best drones for GoPro which helps you to find the correct drone. In today’s all are searching for their suitable drones because of it’s the trending technology. Drones are categorized into three types based on the type of users. Here in this review, I have given the drone reviews for an amazing experience for aerial photography. You can also have a great flight performance.

Top 10 Reviews of Drones for GoPro

Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone

Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone image

DJI Phantom 3 Drone

DJI P3-STANDARD Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone image

3DR Solo Gimbal for Drones

3DR GB11A 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro Solo Smart Drone image

The next inclusion in the above-mentioned list is the Holy stone Ophelia HS 700 quadcopter, the flagship device of the Chinese manufacturer, which is making the buzz from the first day of its inception. Equipped with lots of great features, this particular drone for GoPro is considered as one of the best in the market in today’s time. Equipped with so many good features, this particular drone also possess an exceptional yet durable design altogether. Made with impact resistant industrial grade ABS plastic, this drone is lightweight and that makes it easier to carry around and flying. One of the major reasons behind the popularity of this quadcopter is the 2204 1500KV brushless motor is used. 

  • Best quality quadcopter which is compatible with GoPros

  • In-built 5G 1080p camera, for capturing full HD quality footages and pictures

  • 2800mAh battery gives a 20 min of continuous flight time

  • GPS follow me mode

  • Auto Return feature enables the drone to get back to its initial spot when accidently flies out of range

  • Custom flight plan can be made by simply drawing the route on the application map

  • FAA permission is needed

These motors are known for increasing rotation per minute by decreasing the friction rate, hence improves the flying speed of the drone as a result. The 2800mAh Li-Po battery is also able to give this particular drone for GoPro a 20 minutes of continuous flight time as well. Along with the GoPro compatibility, this drone is also equipped with a state-of-the-art camera on its own. It is an advanced 5G 1080p FHD camera with 110-degree FOV lenses gives the camera the ability to capture panorama views with equal ease and also in full HD quality. The 5G 1300ft lives transmission also enables the user to look and decide what the camera should click or not as well by sending real-time views. 





DJI Phantom 3 is ahead of its previous generations because of its elegant features. There are new motors and new optical sensor underneath the quad which makes the drone a new performer. Phantom 3 is the steady UAV which is available in the budget. For hovering in the precise point, sonar-type sensors helps for this purpose if the GPS is not available. DJI Phantom3 best suitable drone if you want to fly in the indoor.

  • No installations are required as it is Ready to Fly Drone

  • Because of its flexible accessibility, even a beginner can fly it easily

  • If the Phantom DJI 3 is fully charged, then the fly time is 25 minutes

  • The range of the UAV is 6000 meters

  • The advanced features like Outdoor positioning module, vision sensing, and great flying range make it suitable to fly the drone outdoors

  • We can have a stable and excellent aerial photography of 12MP by the high-definition camera

  • By installing DJI GO app, we can connect our mobile devices to the DJI 3Phantom

The Flight time of the UAV is 20-25 minutes. The camera mount of DJI Phantom 3 UAV can also support GoPro. The range of this drone is 1.2 miles which are vast and superior to others which are available in the market. Phantom3 is the Best DJI Drone is tested with the Hero3+, Hero3, and Hero2 GoPro cameras but it does not come included we have to purchase them separately.





The very first inclusion in the above-mentioned list of best drones for GoPro, is technically not a proper drone on itself, but it is a gimbal compatible for connecting a GoPro. Mainly sold in a package with the 3DR rocket solo drone but this GD11A gimbal for GoPro is also sold separately in different e-commerce websites. Gimbals are key hardware, which makes GoPro’s compatible with drones and also helps to capture seamless, high quality professional HD footage with the camera, by stabilizing the UAV, while it is up in the air. Quite obviously this particular gimbal is no difference as well. Fully optimized with the GoPro, this 3 Axis gimbal can send live HD footage transmission to the user device and also provides in-flight access to the GoPro as well, while the drone is in action. 

  • 3-axis gimbal used for camera stabilization in professional photography quadcopter

  • Completely optimized to be used with GoPro

  • Giving access to in-flight control of the camera while the drone is flying

  • Designed and developed to work intelligently with both the drones and the camera controller

  • Featured with different mode to give a hassle free, fun experience to the user

And it is only gimbal to provide its user with these benefits only. Other than these above-mentioned features, this 3DR solo gimbal for drones for GoPro is also equipped with some different modes as well, which will enable the user to make full and better use of the device. The featured modes are the Cable cam which enables the user to pan or tilt the GoPro without any intervention of the copter; the Orbit mode, which helps to take the user a circular shot of a particular object by putting the drone on an orbital track with adjustable radius, while the camera only focuses on the object chosen; the Follow mode, for where the camera will be focused on you, capturing you around wherever you move; and finally selfie mode, where the user is able to keep themselves in the centre of any scenic aerial reveal.   





The next inclusion in our above-mentioned list is considered as one of the luxurious drones presents in the market due to the hefty $250 price tag, it comes with. Equipped with loads of finest features, along with a great quality in-built camera, this particular drone is compatible with GoPro as well. The in-built camera package includes a 16MP contixo 4k ultra HD camera, which is known for capturing professional 4k quality ultra HD footage and pictures. The in-built state-of-the-art MT1806 1800KV brushless motor enables the drone to procure a faster flying speed, as the motor decreases the amount of fiction and reduces heat production while rotating on a higher speed. Another major feature of this drone for GoPro is its 2100mAh battery.

  • High-quality state-of-the-art brushless motor

  • 2100mAh battery which gives an 18 min flight time on a single charging cycle

  • One key start/stop feature

  • Remote control alarm feature which indicates when the battery is low

  • Compatible with GoPro action cameras

  • In-built camera is capable of capturing 4k quality ultra HD footages

Together with the powerful brushless motor, the durability of the machine and the battery life is prolonged up to 50% and it gives the drone a flight time of 18 minutes on a full charging cycle as well. Along with these great technological details, this particular best drone for GoPro also equipped with some user-friendly features, which makes it more desirable as well. One of the features is its one key start /stop, which makes the flying controls are a lot easier. Another feature is the remote-control buzzer feature, which buzz on and shows signal to the user, whenever it detects low voltage power in the drone or whenever the signal seems to be low as well. These alarm function basically helps the user to full control over the drone with GoPro while it is flying up in the air. 





The next inclusion in the above-mentioned list of best drones for GoPro is from one of the largest and most popular drone manufacturers of present time the DJI. In together with the greatness of GoPro and the DJI, this drone plus camera package is literally the undisputed choice for all the action sports lovers and adventurists, and projected as an embodiment of excellence. Though comes with a hefty price tag, but all the great features are making this particular drone for GoPro worthy of all the penny spent. Unlike any other great quality quadcopters this one is also equipped with an efficient and powerful brushless motor, which not only reduces the heat production rate by decreasing the fiction between motor parts but also increases the overall flight speed as well. 

  • 2200mAh battery with 15 minutes+ flight time with single charging cycle

  • Battery takes around 3 hours to get fully charged on an average

  • High-quality brushless motor

  • Average horizontal speed is 22miles/hour

  • Naza-M autopilot mode

  • Intelligent orientation control system for having better control over the gadget

  • Specialized drone with GoPro specific mount system

In this context, it hast to be mentioned that this DJI drone for GoPro has an average speed of 22miles/hour, while flying horizontally. Also comprises of a 3s Li-Po 2200mAh battery, which enables the drone to fly up to 15 minutes with single charging cycle only. Another great feature which makes this quadcopter near to perfection is the in-built IOC or intelligent orientation control system, which allows the drone with GoPro to fly in relative to the take-of location and make the drone came back automatically to the initial location, when the signal transmission is low. The Naza-M autopilot mode doubles up the fun and efficiency of this drone for GoPro, by automatically flying the gadget without any manual intervention only.





3D Robotics IRIS plus drone doesn’t have a built-in camera, and you have to purchase gimbal separately for the stabilized aerial photography. The payload capacity of the Quadcopter is 7.05 grams to carry small amounts of cargo.

  • The 3D Robotics Iris Plus Quadcopter can support GoPro Hero plus

  • The design of the Quadcopter is designed in such a way that it has a high resistance

  • 3D Iris is the first UAV which introduced Follow Me feature which works on any GPS Android mobiles

  • Even you can take selfies by using this Quadcopter

  • You can also set multiple waypoints using smartphone or tablet

  • The decent flight time of this UAV is about 16-22 mins depending on payload

By paring the drone with smartphone or tablet, we can access Follow Me Mode. The Return to Home feature can automatically land the drone at our doorsteps. The 4 AA batteries should be powered for the transmitter. The Cheerson CX-20 Auto-Pathfinder has a warranty period of 90 days.





The last but definitely not the least inclusion in the above-mentioned list of best drones for GoPro, is considered as one of the best entry level drones from the house of AEE. The AEE AP9 is basically a quadcopter, especially designed and developed to used together with GoPro action cameras. Other than GoPro specific mount system, this particular drone for GoPro is also equipped with high quality GPS functions. This GPS functionality ensures user’s complete control over the gadget itself, and enable the auto return features, whenever the drone go accidently over the high signal zone.  This auto return feature can easily be activated vis in-built transmitter present in the remote access device for safer handling of the drone with GoPro. Another mind-boggling feature of this AEE drone for GoPro is the high capacity battery. 

  • Specialized quadcopter with specific mount for GoPro

  • 5300mAh battery

  • 25 minutes of run time

  • Battery takes around 120 minutes to get fully charged

  • Remote access device range is around 500 meters

  • Maximum manoeuvrability is 44mph with 22-35 mph average cruising velocity

  • A 16MP AEE-S series camera is also included in the drone

Undoubtedly one of the most powerful battery presents in any amateur or professional grade drone, this particular one is comprised with 5300mAh Lithium-Polymer battery, which gives the user the freedom to fly the drone for about 25 minutes on a single charging cycle only. Not only great technological features, this particular drone for GoPro is also made of strong and durable material, which is water resistant, crash resistant and literally indestructible. The sturdy outer body makes this drone with GoPro suitable for any kind of outdoor usage including rain, snow and even mild bad weathers as well.





The 3D Robotics Solo UAV is one of the best drones we can prefer if we use just want to use the drone for Gimbal. 3DR does not come with the GoPro camera we have to purchase GoPro gimbal separately. For FPV we have to connect the drone to iOS and Android through wifi. 2-1 GHZ processors power the 3DR Solo Quadcopter.

  • Hackers can dabble both hardware and software

  • Follow Me mode in this drone makes it more exciting

  • Human-friendly and customizable are two sides of the drone

  • Even bigger cells can also accommodated in the battery compartment

  • When we panic we set the Quadcopter in a stable position by using the pause button

  • The flexible micro HDMI connector helps to connect to Go Pro

The company provides clockwise and anti-clockwise spare propellers. We have more opportunity to expand even in software and hardware. By exceeding the minimum threshold, we can have a high-end performance.





The Parrot AR drone is a versatile and light-weight Quadcopter. If you are checking a UAV to shoot footage both indoors and outdoors then I suggest you this Parrot AR 2.0 Power/Elite Edition. It has a 36 minutes flight time which is very impressive.

  • Parrot AR 2.0 Elite Edition is suitable for video streaming and photography because it has dual cameras

  • For this UAV we do not require any installation because it is ready to fly model

  • The Parrot AR drone can be flown in both indoors and outdoors

  • The self-generated WiFI network enables the drone for the excellent picture quality

  • By using USB storage, we can shoot as much as we can and share them in social media

We can perform stunts and also 360-degree flips and can capture the perfect shot with a direct feed by using a handy virtual joystick. We can control the drone through the app which is supported by both Android and iOS by AR FreeFlight app.





We can observe a lot more features in the DJI Phantom 2 which are available in our budget. We can have an excellent aerial photography by capturing beautiful pics and videos. The Gimbal axis helps for a stability of camera.

  • The lithium-ion battery pack cannot be interchangeable with other device batteries

  • The flight time is about 25 minutes when it is fully charged

  • You can use your phone as FPV screen

  • The DJI Phantom 2 is an RTF drone because it is delivered pre-tuned

  • If you want to experience FPV, then connect GoPro using WiFi

DJI Phantom 2 with GoPro is one of the best drones for GoPro camera. This DJI is one of best drones which we can afford in our budget. GoPro mount is available for DJI Phantom 2 for the camera. The flight time of the drone is 25 minutes.





Now, as the key point of this article is the drones meant for GoPro, we are going to discuss more about that. A drone for GoPro is basically the specialized UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) which is designed and manufactured in a way to get compatible with a GoPro only. One of the major features of a Drone meant for GoPro is the presence of at least a 3-axis Gimbal, for capturing great quality images while up in the air. Without a gimbal, there is no point in connecting a GoPro with a drone, as you will not get the desired image quality.

All of the specified drones for GoPro are equipped with the specific mount system, which is required to attach the GoPro to the UAV gadget. Most of these mount systems are comprised of a holder like structure on the lower base of the drone. The user only needs to attach the GoPro with the holder, then configure the camera either with the provided FPV screen or with your smartphone, by connecting the GoPro with the given software via Wi-fi, to both control the drone and the camera and look into what the GoPro is capturing as well.

The GoPro karma is basically a specialized drone only meant for connecting and using GoPro, developed and manufactured by the GoPro itself. Karma is not a mere drone, with the optimal stabilization of the gadget, it is known for capturing high quality professional footage using GoPro no matter it is on air or body mounted. Along with the drone the karma package is also comes with a Karma hand-held grip, which acts like a holding tripod for GoPro, and a karma controller as well. 

Now updating the karma includes individual updation of the camera, the drone, the stabilizer and the controller itself. All the individual updates are available in the GoPro official website. The user only needs to connect the karma controller with the Wi-Fi and all the available software updates are started downloading and installing automatically in the background. 

There are almost thousands of different drone variants are available in the market and no two are the same to each other. With all these choices, it is very easy to get spoiled. So, it is always important to prioritize the features which you really want your drone to have in them. Here, we are discussing some of the basic ones, which has to be kept in mind by each and everybody before investing on a particular drone. Some of the features are:

  • The first and foremost criteria of buying a drone for your GoPro is the strong and durable built of the drone you are choosing. As GoPro is an expensive piece of gadget, so it has to be ensured that the drone should maintain the safety criteria of the camera itself. 
  • Drones with easier control panel is always desirable than the one with a complicated set of actions. Easier and user-friendly controls also allow the user to get acquainted with the gadget faster as well.
  • Always looking for drones with in-built “return to home” feature. This will enable the user to retrieve the drone with all its equipment easily, if it goes out of sight accidentally.
  • A drone for GoPro must have a gimbal in it. Gimbals helps to stabilize the camera and also tilts it in required angles to capture high resolution footage without any hassle.
  • Flight time is another important criterion one should keep in mind before going for a particular drone. Always go for models which comprises of great batteries, hence with improved flight


Which gopro is best for drones?

 Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone is the best GoPro drone overall.

Can you put a GoPro on a drone?

Yes, you can put a GoPro on a drone.

What is the best drone for GoPro?

Along with Holy Stone HS700, DJI Phantom Standard Drone, and Solo 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro are the best drones for GoPro.

How much is a GoPro drone?

The best GoPro drones would cost you in between $130 to $500.

How long is the typical flight time with the camera attached to Drones?

The typical flight time with the camera attached to Drones is 15 minutes to 45 minutes

Thank you for viewing my Best Flying review. These are the top 10 drones for your GoPro camera. I have analyzed my level best to give the related information to you. You can experience better aerial photography and have amazing pictures and videos. Furthermore, you can have fun flying them. For more information of these GoPro Drones, keep visiting www.bestflyingdrone.com

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