8 Unbeatable Drones Under $100 | Low at price but best at quality!

8 Unbeatable Drones Under $100 | Low at price but best at quality!

Best Drones Under 100 Review

The market for drones are increasing day by day. Drones find a lot of application in military purpose, space, defense, warfare as well as for professional photography. There are beginner drones as well high end drones with sophisticated features. The increased number of drone lovers has led to the development of drones in budget range with competitive features. Here are Best Drones Under $100 Reviews, just explore them to get the perfect one for your choice. 

We have reviewed the top rated and best drones under 100 which has all the necessary features to suit your requirement varying from photographic applications, drone racing, crop monitoring and so on.  You can get top notch quality videos and photographs from the best drone under with HD camera. This article provides you with the right information for a hassle free and easier selection of the Best $100 Drone.

Now we are discussing top 10 cheap drones that can be available for less than $100! But, you cannot expect these Best inexpensive drones to perform like high end ones. However, these cheap drones are still uniquely good in their own. If fun is what you’re looking for and you don’t want to spend a ton of money, these next 10 drones are definitely good enough to satisfy you. Check out the Best Drone Under 100 USD in the following section.

Best Drones under 100 USD on Amazon

The drone industry is remarkably developing in the present days; you can find many quadcopters in lower prices. For a beginner of the drone world, the cost is also an important factor to enter into quadcopters hobby. People may have an illusion that drones are costly things. But Drones aren’t the things which are costlier; based on their features and usage they are also available at lower prices. Going through this article, you can find Best drones under 100$. Here we provide the best drones under 100 dollars that you can buy from Amazon. I am sure you will be surprised by the performance of these spanking little drones at a low cost. These Amazon cheaper drones are perfect for beginners, and for those who are first learning how to fly a Drone.

Best Drones Under $100 Reviews 2020



Holy Stone HS200

Holy Stone HS200-FPV RC Drone with HD Wi-Fi Camera Live Feed 2.4GHz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro Quadcopter image

Syma X5C1

Syma X5C-1 Explorers 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Drone image

If you are looking for Best Drone under 100 with HD Camera, then you must go for SNAPTAIN S5C FPV drone. It is also the best FPV drone under 100 dollars. It is a user friendly drone with simple controls. It features one button operation and also voice control so that even a beginner can operate this drone very easily. Also it supports video transmission up to a range of 80 m so that you can instantly transfer to your smartphone, edit and upload it to social media.

  • 720P HD Camera

  • Voice control

  • Altitude hold function

  • Gravity sensor

  • RTF one key take off/ landing

There is a protective propeller guard which takes care of the safety of the drone during flights. Using the trajectory flight function, you can draw the path of flight on your smartphone and the drone takes the flight path accordingly. The built in G sensor allows you to control the drone from your smartphone by installing the Snaptain Era App.





The Holy Stone HS200 Drone is a beginner friendly and great fit for those looking for a ready to fly. The 2 MP  Cheap drone with Camera comes along with advanced features such as altitude hold, return home, and one button landings and takeoffs. This Best Drone Under 100 with Camera will provide quality and enjoyment for at a reasonable price.  The 2 MP 720p camera Drone allows you to record videos, stream, and gives images at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

  • 2 MP Camera support Video Streaming

  • 4 Speed Modes

  • Sleek Performance

  • 120 meters Flight Range

  • 9 Minute Flytime

The inbuilt 3.7V 650 mAh battery of this best quadcopter under 100 takes about an hour to charge. This drone with Camera under $100 will give you flying time up to 9 minutes. If you want to extend your drone flying time with the purchase of extra batteries. The Best Drone controller will give you up to 120 meters of control range. However, the flight range will be limited to 50m when the FPV mode is On.  You can enjoy the FPV Video Feed on your smartphone wherever you want. You can also use your smartphone alone to directly control the HS200.





The New Syma X5C1 drone under 100 dollars is the upgraded version of the one of Syma’s greatest successes X5C. This Best budget drone from Syma is highly recommend cheap quadcopter in Market. Syma X5C Ready-to-fly drone with  7x20mm four motors. This Best Cheap Drone motor give him enough power to transport small lightweight objects when the Drone camera is removed.

  • 360 degree Eversion

  • Modern Design

  • Equipped with HD Camera

The camera is 2MP and as mentioned it is easily mountable, not using it increases the quadcopter flight time from 5 to 6 minutes. This is due to the X5C1 using battery power from its 3.7V 500mAh available to both maintain the quad and the camera. As you can tell, the battery is not that powerful but considering the drone’s price tag, it doesn’t bottleneck. Syma X5C1 is perfect for indoor and outdoor flight. This is a great pick for all of you looking for an affordable but still quality drone.





Hubsan H107D FPV quadcopter is the latest drone that falls under the category of best drones under 100. The 5.8G Hubsan drone is the small drone which is having FPV feature. RTF Hubsan H107D gives nice durability due to its durable airframe.

  • Included with 0.3 MP camera having 640 x 480 video resolution

  • A 3.7 Voltage, 380mAh LiPo battery gives a flight time of 7 mins

  • 4.3-inch color screen for the first person view

  • Super mini size because it is a portable and light-weight drone

  • It can be flown both indoors and outdoors

  • Remote control distance ranges upto 100m

  • Supports SD card from 2 to 16GB memory

  • 6-Axis gyro stabilization

The control range is 100m which is pretty much for an average flyer. Portable Hubsan H107 is a super mini-drone which you can gift your child or a friend who is new to the quadcopter world. The Hubsan H107D is a beginner flyer drone which is one of the best drones under 100.





The KOOME drone with HD camera is the best Quadcopter Drone Below 100 Dollars. It has 1080 pixels HD camera which offers high fidelity photos and videos. By pressing the trigger button on the controller, you can easily take photos and videos which will be automatically saved to your smartphone. It offers a flight time of 14 minutes for every single charging of the battery.

  • 1080 P HD camera

  • Headless mode

  • Altitude hold function

  • One key take off and landing

  • Smartphone controls

It has an additional 650 mAh battery to provide longer flight time. This drone comes in a foldable design so that you can fold and carry it with you wherever you want. By installing the fyd-fpv app on your phone, you can control the drone from your phone as well. It has three speed adjustments so that you can adjust the speed as required. If you are a beginner you can use the altitude hold function to hover the drone at a certain altitude. 





The Syma X8C venture has a sturdy look outside, it will give you confidence because of its strong outlook.

  • Syma X8C venture has IOC feature – Intelligent Orientation control

  • A built-in 2MP camera to experience HD images and videos

  • Syma X8C is included with 4GB memory card to store your memories

  • The 2.4GHz Syma RC quadcopter supports 360° 3D versions

  • It has a longer control distance of 200m

I would recommend 2.4GHz Syma X8C for a beginner drone flyer like you. Syma has a long controlling distance of 200m which is a plus for a quadcopter under 100. If you are searching for best 100 dollar drone then Syma Quadcopter is just for you. 





Dromida ominus is one of the best drones under 100 $. It doesn’t come with a camera. The Dromida Ominus is popularly named as a beginner drone, which is available for those who are new to drone world. Four Channel 2.4 GHz Dromida Ominus is a Ready-to-fly quadcopter. This RC Quadcopter comes with a single rechargeable LiPo battery.

  • Dromida flies both indoors and outdoors

  • The flight time of Dromida Ominus is 12 mins

  • 2.4GHz RC Dromida drone performs flips at the touch of a button on the transmitter

  • It has four LED lights on the arms which give a nice look at night time

We are going to attract for its sturdy design Dromida comes in four colors like Green, Yellow, Blue and Red. It has a decent flight time which is greater than all other RC quadcopters. We can fly Dromida Ominus drone in both indoor and outdoor environment. LED lights present in Dromida Quadcopter are used to make the drone visible even at night and dim days. With the RTF controller, you can operate the drone upto 300 feet (90 meters).





One of the best drones under 100 is the Mysterystone Bugs 3 RC Quadcopter Drone. It is equipped with two batteries and four set of blades which provides a flight time of more than 35 mins. Also 3 sets of bug 3 propellers are provided so that you can replace the propeller in case if it hits any obstacles and breaks. This Quadcopter Drone Below 100 Dollars provides an amazing power.

  • GoPro camera

  • Long range remote control

  • Brushless motor

  • Smart transmitter alarm

  • 1800mAh Li-po Battery

As this best drone with camera under 100 consists of four MT1806 1800Kv Brushless motors that are powerful enough to fly easily even in windy direction. The 1800 Mah LiPo battery offers a flight time of 15 to 20 minutes on a single charge. This is the best budget drone with two-way 2.4GHz remote control technology which offers a control distance of up to 500 meters. There is a controller alarm to alert you when the battery is running low or if the drone is flying farther away so that you can recall it back on time and avoid any chances of crash.





The advantages and the applications for which you can employ a drone are manifold. Investing in a drone is surely a great idea considering the benefits which you can obtain using the drones. 

  1. Aerial photos and videos

You get high clarity photos and videos using the drone. If you are a selfie lover, the drone allows you to capture more people in single frame. 

2. Farming 

For a farmer, he can perform crop analysis at low cost using drones. Drones can also be used to spray pesticides, chase the crop eating birds and animals and much more.

3. Drone racing

You can purchase the Racing Quadcopter Under 100 to participate in drone racing competitions. This is similar to playing a video game in a real environment. You can get budget drones which can perform acrobatic movements and can be used for racing. 

4. Exploring difficult terrains

If you want explore the views of hard to reach areas, then drones are the best solutions. Nowadays drones are also used to study about volcanic areas and get the samples from those site to learn and research more about those regions. 

5. Wildlife drones

There are wildlife drones fitted with thermal sensors and can be used in monitoring the animals, poachers, wild fire and so on.

If you are beginner, it is better to choose the best drones for under 100 at initial stage such as the drone under 100 dollars. Once you master this one you can step forward to use the high end drones. The budget drones can be used for learning all the controls and its operation. Usually the beginner drone comes with simple to use controls targeting the entry level users so that they can learn and operate it easily. The drones designed for entry level users are available in affordable budget range and it is always better to use these types of drones under 100 dollars to learn and master all the basics of operating the drones. Also they offer decent quality images and videos without compromising for the cost.

Buying a best quadcopter under 100 dollars without prior knowledge of its features may lead you in dilemma wondering which one to choose. So here are certain important things which you should know beforehand while purchasing a drone.

There are different acronyms associated with the drones such as RTF, BNF and ARF. 

The RTF drones indicates ready to fly drones which are fully assembled. You just have to charge the battery, bind the controllers or install the propellers and the drone is ready for flight. 

The BNF drones are bind to fly drone which are fully assembled but the controllers are absent. You have to buy a compatible controller or install the software on your smartphone to control the BNF drones. 

ARF drones stands for almost ready to fly drones. They are quad copter kits which does not have transmitters or receivers and sometimes even battery, motors or flight controls. These type of drone requires partial assembling as well. So read well all the descriptions before purchasing this type of drones.

The drones which weighs greater than 0.55 pounds have to be registered under Federal Aviation Administration at a cost dollar 5 per aircraft for three years.

The best drone under $100 are available in different quality materials varying from cheap quality plastic to fiberglass and carbon drones. If you have budget constraints you can choose drones made of strong ABS plastic material or else you can choose fiberglass or carbon drones which are more durable. 

Consider buying a drone with higher battery capacity and whose charge can last long so that you can get longer flight time. 

Usually the drones have a range of around 30 meters. If you are considering to buy a drone for aerial photography select the drones with higher range so that you get better aerial photographs. 


What is the best drone for under $100?

The best drone under $100 is the SNAPTAIN S5C Wifi FPV Drone which comes with all the required features in budget.

For a beginner like you, I would suggest these drones are the best drones under 100. The Above drones will welcomes you to the quadcopter hobby due to their features and low price. All these drones are for fun to fly drones gives a lot of drone flying enjoyment. These drones under 100 are easy to use drones which you can enjoy operating without any hesitation.

Now you got to know all the basic prerequisites which a drone should possess, so it’s time for you to get one. You can get best drone under $100 without compromising its features.

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