10 Professional Drones under 300$ – May look pricey but they worth it!

10 Professional Drones under 300$ - May look pricey but they worth it!

Best Drones To Buy Under 300

Though the inception of drones or Unmanned aerial vehicle dated back to only 10 years, but its popularity was ever increasing since then. Which initiated as a mere military protocol, on the previous decade, it has become readily accessible to regular folks and hobbyists and other aerial vehicle enthusiasts. It has been seen, that the drone industry has already hit the “one-billion dollar mark” alone in the USA and there is no planning of stepping back as well. Here are Best Drones Under $300 Review, you must refer to buy a perfect drone for Stunts & racing. 

Top 10 Best Drones Under $300 Review

All of these products have been chosen and enlisted by thorough research about each of the models, by critics reviews from different websites and customer reviews and also sales statistics from some of the famous e-commerce websites as well. In the next few sections of this article, we are going to know about a few of the best drone under $300 models which are affordable in price, great in quality, and convenient to use; altogether. 

Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Drone Kit

Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Drone Kit with Parrot CockpitGlasses and Parrot SkyController 2 White Renewed image
  • Easy maintenance service
  • Affordable price range
  • Great video & picture quality

Potensic D80 GPS FPV RC

Potensic US-D80 GPS FPV RC Drone image
  • Long flight range
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Can capture 1080p quality videos

Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone

Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone image
  • Pretty decent flight time
  • Literally noiseless
  • Durable and impact resistant built

The second flagship design from the famous drone manufacturer Parrot, the Bebop 2 is also coincidentally the second inclusion of our list as well. Looks exactly like its predecessor, the parrot bebop 2 comprises of a very innovative and unique design, manufactured with durable and structured polystyrene material. Basically, comprises of two different units connected through some shock absorbent rubber balls, which are meant to minimize the vibration, when any type of accidental crashing happens.

  • Lightweight And Portable

  • 14 Mp Camera With 1080p Video Capturing Quality

  • 25 Minutes Average Flight Time

A comparatively lightweight and portable design, this best drones under 300 is also comprises of powerful 14 Megapixel camera, which can capture full 1080p HD quality video and also comprises of 3-axis video stabilization features as well, to keep the image quality sharp. Equipped with one of the largest average flight time, the improved and powerful battery enables the user to fly it around 25 minutes at a stretch.

The powerful retractable rotors and the fish eye lenses delivers a clean and precise image as the rotor stabilizes the drone while flying. Along with the affordable price range, another important and interesting feature with this Parrot Bebop 2 is that it comes with an FPV kit, which is comprised of a special Parrot Cockpit glass and a sky controller 2 for better controlling of the drone. The easy to use buttons and the joysticks makes it hassle free to use this drone as well. Other than the professional user control, this Top Rated drone under 300 can also be controlled with smartphone as well.




  • Affordable price range
  • Unique fish-eye lens with vibration controlling features
  • Great video and picture quality
  • Longest flight time up to 25 minutes
  • Comes with the FPV kit
  • Easy maintenance service


  • Most of the autonomous features has to be unlocked over some fees

The next best camera drone model under 300 in our above-mentioned list is another flagship model from the house of Potensic again, thus making it two from the same manufacturer in the list. Considered as one of the best innovation and launch, in the international drone market, the D80 drone form potsenic is packed with loads of features, and a futuristic design, which makes it literally drool worthy and one of the most desired products to the drone enthusiasts. 

  • Specialized Drone For Photography In An Affordable Price Range

  • Powerful And Brushless Motor

  • 1800mah Li-po Battery

  • Average Flying Time Is Around 20 Minutes

  • The Remote Access Control Device Range Is Up To 600 Meters

A speciality camera drones for the hobbyists, this one is equipped with a camera, which can capture high definition quality 1080p video, and can transmit the footage to the connected smartphone in the same resolution, up to 500 mt. of height through the loaded FPV mode. Otherwise the user needs to connect a memory card on the drone to record all the footages and watch those later.

The equipped brushless motor is powerful literally meant for durability. As those are meant to decrease the inner fiction between different parts of motors, it eventually increases the flight performance by all means. The brushless motors also decrease the noise output level of the drones while flying. Though this best camera drone under 300 is not lighting fast as any racer drones, but it also possesses a 25MPH speed at maximum, which is actually pretty decent for capturing good quality pictures.  With a decently powerful 1800 mAh battery, this drone from Potensic can also fly for around 20 minutes at a stretch on a single charging cycle as well.




  • Powerful brushless motor is built to last
  • Average flight time is around 29 minutes
  • Can capture 1080p quality videos
  • Long flight range


  • The battery takes a longer time to get charged

The next one in the above-mentioned list of the best camera drones under 300 is from one of the biggest and most popular drone manufacturers of today’s time, the Holystone. The model included in the list is the holystone flagship HS 700 design, which is considered as one of the best innovations from the Chinese manufacturer till date. Manufactured with industrial grade ABS grade plastic, the material is durable and definitely impact resistant, hence makes the drone safe and secure from any type of accidental crashes or impacts.

  • Lightweight And Portable Drone Meant For Photography

  • 2204 1500 Kv Brushless Powerful Engine

  • 2800mah Li-po Battery

  • Average Flight Time Is Around 20 Minutes

  • Quick Release Propeller For Easy Assemble And Disassemble Of The Drone Itself

 Though it is comparatively lightweight and portable in size, but as it possesses a weight more than 0.55 pounds, the permission from the FAA is required to fly it on the sky of mainland USA. Comprises of state-of-the-art 2204 1500KV brushless motors, which eventually decreases the fiction between different parts of the motors, hence increases the rotation speed altogether. Which in turn affects the flight speed and performance by all means. 

Along with the powerful motor, the battery seems equally powerful with 2800mAh Li-Po which enables the drone to fly for 20 minutes at a stretch on a single battery charge. The in-built camera in this best drones for under $300 is also equally powerful with capacity of capturing 1080p videos and images and 5G life transfer up to 13000 Feet. Any smartphone device can also be connected with the remote-control device to get the live feed from the drone itself.




  • Captured video and image quality is high
  • Pretty decent flight time
  • Literally noiseless
  • Durable and impact resistant built


  • No gimbal is included
  • No ultra HD image and video capturing feature

The potsenic D85 quadcopter with high quality cameras is the next inclusion of our above-mentioned list of best drones for 300. Though a lot similar to the previously mentioned holy stone flagship HS 700 model, this model also leaves it mark in the international drones’ market within a very short period of time. The most important and primary feature of this particular drone is the in-built camera, which is capable of capturing 130-degree FOV panorama images and videos in high-definition 1080p resolutions. 

  • 1500 Kv Brushless Powerful Engine

  • 2800mah Li-po Battery

  • Average Flight Time Is Around 20 Minutes

  • “Low Battery- Auto Return Mode” And “Low Signal-auto Return Mode” Ensures Safety And Security Of The Drone Itself

  • High Flight Speed With 50km/Hour

  • 5g High-speed Real-time Transmission

Other than the in-built camera best drone with camera under 300  is also compatible with almost all the leading action camera brands, which makes it a potential choice for any adventure photographers as well. Like the Holy stone one, this particular one is also equipped with a 1500 KV brushless motor, which increases the motor performance of the drone to the next level.

Packed with some of the most interesting features like the “lost control auto return: which basically enables the drone to come back to its home spot (from where it started flying), if the signal gets lost for few times. Also equipped with a powerful 2800 mAh li-po battery, which let the drone fly for straight away 20 minutes, like the previously discussed Holy Stone one. Along with the low signal feature, the drone also came back to its initial spot, if it diagnosed a faster power drainage as well. With the headless mode, it is always easier to plan the path of the quadcopter which in-turn helps the user in easy manoeuvring of the drone while up in the sky.




  • Affordable price range
  • HD quality video and image capturing
  • Loaded with some interesting modes for user’s convenience and drone’s safety
  • High capacity battery with powerful motors
  • Highest flight speed


  • None found

The very first in the above-mentioned list of best drones under 300 is the passport self-flying drone from the house of Hover. Looks completely different from any other generic drones present in the market, this particular one is also consisting of four rotors like any other models but the only difference lies is that; in this case the rotors are caged inside a rectangular carbon fibre mesh design. 

  • Portable, Lightweight Drone For Photography With Unique And Innovative Design

  • 13 Mp Camera Can Capture 4k Quality Videos And High-definition Photos

  • Auto-follow Mode

  • Can Operate From 5 Degree Celsius To 35 Degree Celsius

  • Average Flight Time Is Around 10 Minutes

This entire outer body with such an innovative design makes this Hover drone look something like a flying rectangular cage. With unique “auto-follow” feature, this particular drone can detect face and body of the user and capture the entire journey without any manual intervention, while the user is on the move

Basically, a drone for photography, this one is also equipped with a 13 MP camera with 78.5-degree field of view and classic CMOS sensors, this one is capable of capturing ultra-high definition 4k video as well as 720p and 1080p HD videos, all in 30 FPS. There are also some interesting features in this passport which are the face control and gesture control, which basically scans the owners face in to the app, and automatically find, follows and captures them, while the features are on. With a huge operating temperature from 5 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius, this particular portable drone does not require any FAA permissions, so the user can fly it just after removing it from the box.




  • No FAA registration is required to fly the drone
  • The carbon fibre cage, provides the rotors inside with maximum safety
  • High definition video and photo capturing quality
  • Lightweight and portable, hence perfect for carrying around


  • Does not comprises of any gimbal
  • Battery life is literally poor

Hubsan H501S X4 is probably one of the best drones under 300 having First-person-view feature. The FPV Hubsan X4 is a compact brushless machine including a 1080P camera with 5.8G FPV screen on the transmitter.

  • The flight time is about 19 mins

  • Hubsan has the latest 6-Axis gyro stability system

  • The transmitter of Hubsan X4 has FPV 4.3 Inch LCD Screen

  • Follow me: Automatically Follows you wherever you travel

  • Return to home: Parrot Returns directly to its home location when selected

  • Hubsan also has features like GPS hold and headless flight modes

We say that this is an advanced version because of its advanced RC control. All the information during the flight is displayed on FPV screen. The built-in 1080P HD camera can capture beauteous pictures and video. Built-in GPS system is present in both transmitter and Quadcopter.




  • Automatic return home
  • Stable
  • Great Battery Life


  • No turning in follow me mode

The UVify OOri, is the brainchild of three young stars, who have thoroughly researched and reviewed hundreds of micro drones and comes up with a product, which excels in three of the most desirable quality in any gadgets: the build quality, accessibility and performance. One of the newest additions to the international drones’ market, this particular one makes its own fanbase in the continuously evolving genre of racing drones.

  • Micro-drone Made For Only Racing Purposes

  • Maximum Yielded Speed Is Up To 50 Mph

  • 600mah Battery With Superfast Under 30 Minutes Charge

  • Quick Cling Battery Change

  • Vision Positioning System

  • Maximum Hovering Time Is 5 Min

 This particular best racing drone under 300 is no difference at all. Equipped with three significant flying modes which is beginner, intermediate and racer, the speed of the drone increases with the change of the modes upwards and can finally reach up to a blazing 50MPH.

The equipped BLDC motors in association with the UVify sensors are the primary design behind this high lighting speed of the drone. Though the equipped battery with this racing drone under 300 is not that high capacity and is only 600mAh, but the quick click discharges and change it within minutes. The superfast charging under 30 minutes also compensate with the shorter battery life. With all the technical details, cool features like ambiguate LED lights and the vision positioning system, the manoeuvring of the drone becomes easier for amateur racers as well. The on-screen display smart remote control enables the user to see everything live and also makes the drone flying easy.




  • Superfast battery charging
  • Extremely high speed
  • Lightweight and portable
  • User-friendly designs and controls
  • Low battery indicator helps the user to bring the drone back


  • The battery capacity has to be a lot higher

Parrot Bebop UAV is one of the best Quadcopters under 300 which is commonly used for aerial photography and recreational purposes. The Parrot Bebop drone is the smartest drone that offer the same features as many expensive drones. Parrot Bebop is considered as best camera drone under 300 because of 14MP camera.

  • Parrot Bebop has a 14MP fisheye camera

  • The Flight time of Parrot Bebop drone is 12mins

  • You can control Bebop drone using Free Flight App with IOS, Windows 8.1, Android

  • Capture images and videos with Bebop’s 180° field of view

Without a high investment, we can shoot awesome videos and photos. No instructions are included in the box. For First-Person-View we can wirelessly connect the UAV with a tablet or phone.




  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • Battery Life is short

The last but definitely not the least inclusion in the above-mentioned list of best drones under 300, is from one of the leading manufacturers of the Drones worldwide, the DJI. The DJI Tello is one of the latest additions to the DJI flagships, which is solely meant for hobby and fun purposes only. This particular drone is not only the cheapest in the entire list but it is also the cheapest from the manufacturer as well. But don’t go for its price only, apart from being priced at only 99 bucks, this one is loaded with a lot of interesting features, which makes it cool and desirable to both kids and adults.

  • 5 Mp Camera Can Capture 720p Videos

  • Average Flight Time Is Around 13 Minutes

  • Remote Access Device Range Is Only Up To 100 Meter At Maximum

  • Maximum Speed Is Around 8m/Second

In case of Tello, the DJI has collaborated with the famous processor manufacturer Intel, and take the inner technologies to the new level altogether. Literally a small pocket size drone, this one is sleek and compact in design, and literally can fit into your palm.

Flies using the Wi-fi connectivity of the user’s smartphone, the phones can be used as the remote access device as well. The user is only need to download the DJI designed app and the drone is just good to go! the charging of the battery is only possible when the battery is connected to the drones only and it takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes to get fully charged. as it is a toy grade drone, the in-built camera is not that powerful like the other models from the genre, and can only capture decent quality 720p videos and images. Loaded with varieties of flight modes like “throw and go”, “8-dimensional flips”, or “360-degree” rotations, this particular best drone under 300 is literally a steal deal at that remarkable price.




  • Extremely affordable in terms of price
  • Several intelligent flight model
  • User friendly flight controls
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • No FAA registration is required


  • No charging cable is included
  • Not suitable for windy weather

This Phantom 2 DJI is viable drone which you can afford below 300. This UAV is one of the powerful DJI drones which can carry action cameras like GoPro. Even we can efficiently work when worked with GoPro Hero 3 and 4.

  • It is very powerful to carry GoPro cameras, and we can see a smooth functioning

  • This UAV comes with camera ready

  • By the DJI app, we can control the drone

  • Phantom 2 has a flight time of 28 mins

The self-tightening propellers of this Best Drones Under 300 provide us with more security. If you charge the batteries and install them, your drone is ready to fly.




  • Self-tightening propeller
  • Battery replacement easy


  • No camera included

The easiest and convenient answer to this question is hidden under the pricing games of the drones itself. Though professional drones often cost a bit much, but most of the medium level drones comes under either $100 or $200 category, which can be easily accessible by almost any from kids to hobbyists to any random person who wants to use drones for capturing vacation pictures. Other than its variable and highly affordable price range, another reason behind a drone’s popularity is the diversity of its in different sectors. In today’s time a drone is much more than only serving recreational or military purposes. Which includes:

  • In the USA alone, there are already 30% of the existing farmers, who are relying on the drone’s technology already. This technology enables them to keep an eye on the irrigation system or how the crops are growing or whether the crops are infested with diseases or not, without physically being present on the place. When a farmer is dealing with a mere hundred or thousand acres, these technologies proven as a real saviour.
  • In the entertainment industry, drones are literally becoming an inseparable part of capturing frames. There are so many directors of the present time, who are relying on professional drones for photography and video capturing to shoot some innovative and unconventional shots during movie shootings. 
  • For adventurers and travellers and for other leisure activities, drones are literally expanding the horizon of capturing travel photos. With its aerial capabilities and “ready-to-mount” features, it can click pictures of almost anything and everything from angles which cannot be achievable before with regular cameras.
  • In the real-estate industry, drones are also being used to click aerial vies photos of the property, which helps the potential buyers to know better about the condition of the house from all different angles. It also enables them to know about the nearby locality as well. From single story to high-rise building, drones are meant for capturing everything from a different perspective, without any hassle
  • As reaching out to difficult locations, where manual interventions are not easily possible, drones helps in mapping of those areas, thus enabling the geo-informatics systems to reach the new level.
  • Firefighters are also using drones these days to check if anybody is entrapped in any fire outbreaks or not. During massive wildfires, drones are not only helping to track the way its moving, it also helps to prevent it as well. 
  • Other than the above mentioned areas, there are so many places where drones are becoming a necessity to keep everything in order like- to establish proper law enforcement, for rescue missions, to track endangered species, for search and rescue missions etc. 

It can be easily seen, that drones are becoming an inseparable part in almost every aspect of life, and the more its uses will increase, so does its popularity.

Now the inevitable question arises that is it really safe to fly a drone around a neighbourhood?

No, it is not if you don’t have the required permission to do the same. Every single drone wished to be flying around the USA need a proper permission from the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA and have to follow all the guidelines set by them. Other than this FAA thing, most of the high grade, best quality drones are equipped with state-of-the-art features like- “precision GPS device”, “obstacle control”, “flying back to home position”, “safety vision” etc. These above-mentioned features not only make the drones safer for flying, but it also increases the control of the user over the gadget, thus ensuring better security of the drones. Other than these, some general considerations like: not flying the above 500 meter or above any high security zones or airports will also ensure better safety and security of the device altogether. A lot more practice, before taking out the drone for the final flight also enables the user to prevent unnecessary crashing of the drones or banging to some obstacles, hence makes the flight safe and secure as well.

Drones can be of various types like hobby drones, professional drones, beginners’ drones and racing drones etc. Though each of them has their different purposes, but there are some basic and generic considerations which has to be kept in mind before going for any of the mentioned types. Some of the features are:

  • One of the most important features to look out for any drone is the average flight time it provides. The average flight time is different drones can vary from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depends on its quality and other features. Whereas the beginner’s drone has around 9 to 10 minutes of flight time on an average, the more professional the drone quality, the more is the flight time. 
  • Another important feature is the power of battery which literally go hand in hand with the flight time. It is an obvious fact that the more is the battery life, the more flight time the drone will have. But it is always a wise option to keep an extra battery for extra support.
  • In case of beginner’s drone, the flying range can vary from 55 yards to 110 yards, where as in advanced professional drones, the ranges go high up to 3 miles as well. If you are looking for a drone with professional purpose, then always opt for drones with comparatively better range of flying.
  • Most of drones for photography are equipped with different types of cameras based on the type and quality of the drones. Whereas beginners’ drones equipped with cameras which can efficiently click any types of personal photos, specialized photography drones are equipped with cameras which can capture 4k quality ultra- high definition videos, which can be highly used for professional purposes.
  • If you are opting for a photography drone, then always go for drones comprises of gimbal. Gimbal is basically helped the drone camera to get completely stabilized while capturing photos.Modes like “head less mode”, which enables the drone to fly around without any hassle. The “return home” feature, enables the drone to get back to the initial starting place, while accidentally goes out of the flying range or the pilot lost the drone. It is always looking for a drone, which is comprised of these features, as these are meant to increase the control over the gadget. 

Finally, this Best Drones under $300 Review gives you a complete picture about the top best drones under 300. Based on my research on drones I would recommend these drones for beginners as their first drones. These are the top drones for aerial photography, with these drones you can improve your skills of photography. This review on best drones under 300 will help you a lot in picking your right drone.

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