10 High-Speed FPV Racing Drones that can perfectly match your best racing skills!

10 High-Speed FPV Racing Drones that can perfectly match your best racing skills!

Top Rated FPV Racing Quadcopter review

Hi, Pals!! A warm welcome to the world of Best Racing Drones. If you are thinking to buy a Racing Drone, then here is the list of best racing drones for beginner along with the reviews that are present in the market. Do you know the Drone Racing, right? Every year a huge number of people are participating in these Drone Races all over the earth. Like motor-bike and car racing, the Drone Racing also becoming popular these days. In this modern era, everyone wants to enjoy each and every moment of life. People who are racing habitats, why don’t you try for a Drone Races.

Entering into the 21st century comes with a lot of changes and has impacted the way kids used to play. In this century, kids are more inclined to drones, racing drones as well as electronic toys that had no roots in 90s century. As kids of this generation used to play indoor games like- puzzle, ludo, business and outdoor games like cricket, basketball, leg cricket, etc. Kids were keen about playing with electronics more than outdoor games. 

When compared to the other games or racing competitions, the no. of participation list in the Drone Racing League is increasing year by year. Most of the Drone Races now following the FPV Systems (First Person View). To win the race, firstly you need to choose a Top-rated Racing Drone which has specialized features. Selecting the Top FPV Drone is not an easy task. Don’t worry, we have already filtered the Top 10 best drones for racing for your better convenience. Check out the updated and latest drone reviews for all the five. After viewing them, compare them and buy the perfect one that gives a lot of happiness in winning the DRL this year.

Top 10 Best Racing Drones for Sale 2020

Aobiny Wide-Angle 1080 HD Camera 5G WiFi FPV

Aobiny Wide Angle 1080HD Camera 5G Wi-Fi FPV Follow Me 6-Axis RC Quadcopter Selfie Drone image

Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone

Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone RC Quadcopter image

REDPAWZ R011 Micro FPV Racing Drone

REDPAWZ-R011 Micro FPV Racing Drone image

This black beauty deadly looking drone is designed for those who wish to get some bonus flying time. If you wish to capture high quality video it is very easy with its 120° Wide-angle HD camera that capture clear images. This drone is intelligent enough to practice flight return feature as it has advanced GPS assistance onboard. With the help of GPS there are less chances of loss of drone. This best racing drone under 500 comes with 6Axis RC Quadcopter Gyro stability for a stable functioning at heights and is great companion for outdoor racing. With its powerful lithium batteries, you get the maximum flying time. 

  • Stable Altitude hold and straight flying

  • Headless Mode enables the drone to fly without orientation

  • In built GPS

  • 120 degrees wide capturing

  • Bonus flying time with powerful Li batteries

  • 5G WiFi connectivity to transfer the capturing

With its Follow Me mode the drone will follow you by capturing your location wherever you go. It also comes with the feature called Point of Interest which will allow you to set the target and the drone will orbit around it to capture it. The headless mode makes it easy to handle and fly even by the beginners.

 The one press easy take – off and landing and emergency landing is suitable for the first – time users. In the box you get- 1 GPS RC Drone, 1 Transmitter, 1 7.4V 1200mAh Battery, 1 charger, 1 Phone holder, 1 Screwdriver, 6 Spare propellers and Protective Frame. You also get 4 Tripod and 1 Wide-angle 1080P camera.  You can set this drone’s flight path by using mobile map.





The bright yellow and black combination gives the best sporty look to your flying racer. Easy to spot in the sky this high – speed drone helps you race drone fights and also gives a tough competition to other drones. This mini drone comes with a racing speed of 50KMH. it achieves the maximum speed within seconds due to its powerful and quick acceleration ability. Your drone is always in your control as it comes with headless mode. 

  • Offers Speed of 50Km/hr

  • Headless Mode making flight easy

  • Easy to operate and pocket-friendly

  • 3D flips and roll movement

  • 5 different speed modes

  • Charging time of 90 minutes

  • Red light indicator for charging

Headless mode gives the pilot the right to fly the best starter racing drone and 2.4GHz 6 Axis Gyro Stability to enjoy a great drone handling experience. With this best race drone you get three speed modes but it doesn’t come with any inbuilt camera. In the box accessories include two modular Li-Po batteries that help you enjoy a long flight. 

These are high powered motor helping you embrace a new sport with all the thrill and excitement. HS150 Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone is set to show you some exceptional flips. On a button push you can enjoy 3D flips in all the four directions that is front, back, right and left and rolls to experience only the best. This racing Quadcopter is suitable for children of any level of expertise. 





The red and black fierce devil racing drone by Redpawz is the headless mode drone giving ease of use to beginners. This drone comes with 1000TVL Camera which is actually a professional camera to record HD videos as well as pictures. Also, the ability of the camera to rotate and capture 120 degrees wide angled picture is best in class. With this drone you also get 3 inches wide HD mini VR Goggles to view and capture everything live. 

  • Headless mode of flying

  • RTF feature that makes the flight interesting

  • Mini HD VR Goggles with adjustable headbands

  • Inbuilt camera for HD recording

  • It can flip 360° and can entertain you with just one click and perform 3D rolls

  • Low battery power alarm

  • Gravity sensor mode that prevent ground collision

This best racer drone comes with two piece modular battery. This offers great flight experience to aspiring pilots and is good for beginner as well as adults. This drone also knows some rock and roll in the sky. It comes with one key press return feature that drives the drone back to home in case of emergency. It also protects your child form any injuries. Its low battery power alarm will warn you for the battery charging time in advance. 

It also has the adjustment for the speed levels. In the box accessory of this product include- one Redpawz R011 Micro FPV Racing Drone, two Drone Batteries, one Remote Control, one VR-D1 Goggles, one Antenna, one Sponge Pad and Nose Pad. You also get one USB drone battery charging cable, one goggle, and USB charging cable, one Alcohol Cloth, four Propellers and one Screwdriver.





The Lumenier QAV 250 is just made for you. To win in the Drone Racing Competitions, this QAV250 will help you a lot. Lumenier already set the benchmark in manufacturing the drones for racing. Its new release isLumenier QA250. This Lumenier QAV250 is a Mini FPV Quadcopter Drone. It is also known as a Best Drone under 100 Dollars. Since it is small but it has added a lot of positive vibes in its pocket from the consumers. Lumenier FPV Quadcopter is 250mm in size which contains a 5 ” props. The Lumenier QAV250 contains 2 LED Strips such as white and red which is for the LOS Orientation. Lumenier QAV250’s flight controller is OpenPilot CC3D.

  • It is pronounced as a Lumenier QAV250 Mini FPV Quadcopter Frame

  • 2.5D CNC-ed G10 unibody mainframe board

  • Lumenier QAV250 FPV Racing Drone contains a white & red LED Strips to assist an LOS Orientation

  • It produces a Vibration Free Video

This supports 32mm board cams and also for the cams which contain mounting bracket. It provides an integrated power distribution board for ESCs & FPV Flight Electronics. It produces a vibration free video like all other QAV AirFrames. When it comes to the material of the Lumenier QAV250 Best Racing Drones, it is manufactured in 3k Carbon Fiber. You know the material made up of Carbon Fiber so that it gives more strength and provides durability. Once check out the excellent flight performance of QAV250 Lumenier Racing Drone in the form of a video on youtube. OMG!! It is mind-blowing & it’s rotation is also very flexible.





With Hubsan X4 Storm you get unforgettable drone experience. As you fall in love with the speed of this drone that offers the LCD monitor to enjoy the flight. Pilot is sure to enjoy the 360° flips and rolls. The 720p HD camera allows you to capture breath-taking videos as well as pictures from the sky height. Lens angle can be manually adjusted. This drone offers a speed of 10m/s when put on expert mode. Because of motor stall protection this product gets prevented from damage from external factors. If you want your little pilot to enjoy this sport to its best you have to invest a bit more. 

  • Flying speed of 10 meters per second in expert mode

  • Charging time of 130 minutes

  • Total flight time of 6 minutes

  • It comes with LCD Video Monitor

  • It offers FPV Goggles to wear and view the drone’s flight

This professional racing drone also provides the FPV goggles to get a real time view of your drone’s flight. The transmitter is easy to operate within a range of 100 meters. The charging time of the batteries to full is of 130 minutes and flight time is 6 minutes. It is best suited for hobbyists and beginners. In the box accessory include one Hubsan H122D X4 STORM Delon, one Transmitter HT015, two propellers for both A and B, and one for aircraft 7.6 V 710 mAh lipo battery. You also get one USB cable for charging the machine as well as propeller auxiliary wrench and a user manual.





This best starter racing drone is great with helping you win the FPV drone racing as it’s not designed to just play.
It also has night vision camera to capture crystal clear pictures even in low vision and low light surrounding. The camera can capture images in a 120 degrees wide angle. 

  • Adjustable Flight mode for beginners and experts

  • Night Vision Camera for video capturing in low light at night

  • 120 degrees wide angled rotating 700 TVL camera

  • Modular design for easy repair

  • Locator alarm to find drone when out of sight

This drone is helpful for pilots aiming different speed flight. SwagDrone 210-UP comes with crash protection wire ready to offer you a long lasting flight. This feature allows the product to be resistant to damage and stress caused to it due to surprise landing. It comes with 3 different flight modes to suit the level of expertise of the pilot. 

The carbon fiber body of this drone makes it light in weight and thus more power to fly in speed. The transmitter operated drone can catch up the signals in a range of 800 meters with its advanced dual receivers and 5.8G mushroom antenna. The emergency kill switch will save your drone from any damage during an emergency landing. The locator alarm will fetch your drone if it gets out of sight. It comes with a button to change flight level that helps you flip from – primary, mid and high mode. Drone racing has become fun with these products.





The blue colored Beta FPV racing drone gives the powerful performance of flight. This racing drone is best for flight as it’s a Quadcopter equipped with 720P HD camera which is customized to EOS2 in this latest updated drone. So, you can record high quality pictures while driving this crazy electronic bird. The brushless motor in the inside gives a powerful flight experience. The camera also comes with switchable angles from 25 degrees to 45 degrees angle. Its lightweight body makes it easy to fly with full thrust.

  • Quad copter drone with four rotors

  • Customized EOS2 720p HD Camera

  • Powerful brushless motor

  • Motor backup the speed of drone

  • Low weight body for powerful and speedy race

  • Accompanied by VR goggles

  • Charging time of 130 minutes

With this rc racing drones you also get googles, emergency landing feature as well as propeller stopped. It requires a charging time of 130 minutes and flight speed of 10m/s. With Beta 75X FPV Frsky you get in the box accessory as the following- one Hubsan H122D X4 STORM Delon, one Transmitter HT015 (with technical mark), two propeller and B. With this product you also get one aircraft 7.6 V 710 mAh lipo battery (internal organs), one USB cable for charging the machine and one User manual.





The Contixo F18 remote controlled racing drone is also operated through an app directly from your Smartphone. Just install the Contixo F18 app and enjoy the flight. In the box accessories include- a charger, a drone battery, eight propeller blades, one propeller charging tool, a remote controller, a screwdriver, a mobile phone clip and an instruction manual. It comes with highly stable altitude hold that helps in keeping drone at one place. 

  • Stable altitude hold

  • In built FHD camera gives HD 1080P picture clarity

  • Picture capturing from 500 meters range

  • In built GPS system

  • 4 powerful brushless motors

  • Connectivity to app through 5.0 GHz wi-fi band

  • Control distance of up to 1 mile

  • Light in weight with durable body

best drone for racing has GPS installed in it that gives precise location knowledge. The RTH (return home) feature will drive your drone back home in case when the power goes low. This way you can never lose your drone. This drone comes with an onboard FHD camera that helps you to capture 1080p HD pictures and videos. These capturing can be viewed on your Smartphone through WiFi connectivity on the Contixo app. 

The FPV feature of the camera allows bird’s eye view from the camera installed inside the drone. It comes with front and rear LED lights. You get brushless motor which helps you embrace best flight experience. The brushless motors are stronger and gives 50% more powerful performance than the non- brushless motor drones. It can fly and cover the signal in a range of up to 1 mile.





One of the wonderful flight performance providing Best Racing Drones is in front of you. It’s none other than the Vortex 250 Immersion RC Drone. ImmersionRC Vortex 250 released after the Vortex 285. Coming to the ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro used a 4mm Carbon Fiber for durability & reliability which contains a very thick arms. Keeping the success of your’s in mind, an ImmersionRC Drone providing a 2mm-thick CF Top Plate & 2mm-thick FR4 Skid Plates. In the Vortex Pro, there is a NexWaveRF 5.8GHz Video Transmitter.

  • One of the top-rated and best drones under 500 among the Top Drones we have at present

  • ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro Quadcopter is 100 % Pure-Bred Racer

  • In the Vortex RC 250 Pro ImmersionRC Drone, the 3K Twill-Weave Carbon Fiber, unbreakable 4mm Carbon Fiber (CF) Flat Arms

  • Comes with the Fusion Gen2 Flight Controller to give better & high speed flight performance

As states in FPV Racing drone reviews, this NexWaveRF 5.8GHz Video Transmitter in the Vortex Pro. In ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro ARF, the F3 Flight Controller, Onboard Blackbox Recorder & Full-Graphic OSD along with the GoPro Camera Mount. These features come together and make the Vortex 250 Pro as a PureBred Racer. Get ready for the forthcoming Drone Racing League & show your guts & skills in this game. If an ImmersionRC Vortex 250 FPV Quadcopter Drone is with you then it is a signature for your win.





It is one of the Best Selling top 10 racing drones available in the maket. The Blomiky Bugs 6 racing drone is indeed a bug shaped black colored flying drone for a perfectly fierce racing in the sky. It has LED search light to make the flight appear breath-taking in the night time. This drone comes with high speed motor and is backed up with brushless motors for the powerful performance of the Quadcopter drone. 

  • HD video recording of 720P allowing you clear capture

  • Camera captures within range of 150 meters

  • It can fly in all directions and can also perform 3D roll

  • Remote controlled drone with a range to control within 500 meters

  • Total flying time of 11 minutes

  • Lock system that protects the motor

  • Powerful brushless motors

This remote – controlled racing drone gives the maximum speed with its powerful original batteries. It has 5.8G HD 720P camera to show you the live streaming images it captures in the sky above.  It comes lock system that will protect the motor when locked.

It’s no headless mode makes it difficult to fly for the beginners. However it doesn’t come with the altitude hold that is responsible for the stability at height. This makes it little difficult to manage the drone in windy situation. In the box you get one Quadcopter, transmitter, 7.4V 1300 mAh battery and four Replacement propellers. You also get one screwdriver, USB cable and Balance charger, one propeller flexing metal mounting bracket, one 5.8G HD camera, four props guards with screw and one manual. With fully charged motors you can fly the drone for 15 minutes.





Drone racing is an activity where kids plan to fly drone as it offers speed, agility as well as performance. With drones you can have drone racing games with your friends and have never ending fun with them. You can fly quad-copter drone that can fly at a speed of 120mph. 


  • Best game for playing with friends.
  • Top Speed to race your drone.
  • Offers Satisfaction.
  • We shoot in both Light and Dark Places.
  • Best way to take children outdoors
  • Improves the multi – tasking ability 
  • Develops the mechanical skills of the children
  • Inculcate the sense of time management, direction and control 

FPV actually stands for first person view, which is actually a sport type that allows players to control participants flying drone. Such kinds of drones can only see what pilot can see.  Drone from FPV range require them to meet certain standards to be eligible for drone fight. FPV is a vehicle that has a camera attached to it and which captures still images when on a flight.  It’s like a flying robot that can help you experience drone fight as well as help you do drone photography. Using these you can record audio/video content from a height you can’t imagine shooting from. 

Racing drones comes with an opportunity to allow the pilot to race the same. While Aerial Photography Drones are best for capturing pictures and good at taking aerial shots and videos. Both are designed for two different functions so buy according to your need rather than spending money without thinking.

To take this decision you should first understand what the prerequisites of making a drone are. If you plan to get a readymade drone then you save on the cost of manufacturing. 

To build a racing drone it will be cheaper than purchase. As purchase of a drone will cost you some money and there is no guarantee that it will stay for long run with you. So it’s better to create one for yourself if you come from electronic background. Because if you purchase a drone you cannot modify the drone while if you make it you can always enhance your drone’s design. So it’s always better to create rather than buying the same from the market. As you might not get all the featured you wish your drone to have while making it manually will help you build a drone that can later be modified as per your requirement. Spending of drones is never enough as with every functionality the prices also fluctuate. But when you strive to build the same you cut the extra or unwanted featured offered under that price bracket. 

If you are looking for buying a drone make sure you know these points and understand their meaning well. For new buyers it’s important to know that drones have few specifications that help them stand out from the rest. So here are few details about features it offer. 

It simply defines a feature of drone that allows auto-hover of drone at a specific height. This feature is suitable for beginners especially. This feature will let your drone to have a stable flight at height even in windy situation.

This function of drone helps the drone to fly without any orientation. When kids do not know how to differentiate between the top and bottom part of the drone and just focus on to fly the drone, this feature is important to consider. Also, it makes it easy to orient in headless mode. You can fly the drone any side up.

This feature of drone prevents you from the loss of drone when there are some untamed winds or interrupting signals. It also helps to have a safe landing of your drone in case of low power mode which will save your drone from any damage or crash and also protect your little one’s hands from getting scratched. It also fetches your drone in case if goes out of sight while flying. 

This feature of drone facilitate drone experience a great flight experience. The brushless motors give more power and thrust to the drone to fly high at great speed in less time. This will not only give more flight time but will also catch up the speed quickly making you the winner in the race. 

Multi rotor copter having four arms that include one motor as well as propeller at its end. This feature ensures more stability and gives better control. They are also easy to take off and land in vertical position.


How fast do racing drones go?

 Racing drones can fly at speed ranging from 100 mph to 180 mph.

How much do racing drones cost?

Racing drones cost ranges from $80 to $300 based on the features.

What sizes are racing drones?

 The racing drones size will be between 5 inches to 15 inches in Length. And height will be between 2 to 6 inches. Most of the racing drones height will be around 3 inches.

How to fly a racing drones?

To fly a racing drone, first you need to understand the radio transmitter. It will be similar to the gaming console. As a beginner, it is better to use the self level mode. Later learn to use the acro mode. You can use a simulator for improving the flying skills. First practice the flying, take off, landing and then Square Pattern Turns, Circling, and Figure-8. Later fly the drone to tight gaps, sharp turns. If once you get well practiced and have enough stick time, you can master the flow.

What are the best racing drones?

As per the testing and reviews, the best 3 racing drones on the market are Aobiny Wide-Angle 5G WiFi FPV Drone, Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Racing Drone, and REDPAWZ R011 Micro FPV Drone.

How far can you fly Racing Drone away before disconnecting?

You can fly a racing drone for up to 200 - 300 feet before disconnecting.

I hope you like the information about the Best Racing Drones presented in this article via Reviews. Each and every point and reviews about all the Top 10 Racing Drones are trust-worthy. As the FPV Race is going to start soon, you need to show your racing tricks and skills by purchasing any of the 10 Drones for Racing. In my point of view, you are going to rock and win the race. It’s only possible when you choose a correct & perfect drone.

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