10 Advanced Small and Nano Drones of 2020 | Portable enough to fly almost anywhere!

10 Advanced Small and Nano Drones of 2020 | Portable enough to fly almost anywhere!

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In 90’s century kids used to be obsessed with indoor entertainment like- soft toys, kitchen set, Barbie, puzzles, games, business, remote control cars, popup toys, video games, computer games like road rash or NFS. And most loved game of rainy season was ludo, chess, snakes and ladders. But if we talk about 21st century the definition of toys have changed to remote control drones, helicopter, cars, etc.So let’s know which drones are taking the throne and ruling the hearts of little ones. Here are the Best Small and Nano Drones available in market. 

As we all know Best nano drones  are trending technology in today’s market. The formal name of drones is the Unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV). There are several reasons why drones are the topic of the year. Some of the drones called toy drones are explicitly for beginners and children. By the camera drones, can expect excellent photography and videography.

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Even the drones are used for racing, and they are called as racing drones. The size of the drones varies for different models of drones. The Mini drones are portable, and they can easily fit either in the pocket or even in hand. Drones are available for the low price which we can afford in our budget. The price matters in this instance, I am happy to say that these beginner Quadcopters are available for cheap. Here are the top 10 Best Small and Nano Drones and their detailed features. The small and nano drones are economical and resistant to crashes. These small and micro/nano drones vary in sizes and give their best performance. If you are a novice, then you can start flying the drones by these small and microdrones which are durable. You should always fly these UAVs in your eyesight. Otherwise, there are chances of losing the drone.

Top 10 Best Small and Nano Drones in 2020

Potensic A20 Mini Drone

Potensic US-A20 Green Mini Drone Easy to Fly Even to Kids and Beginners image

Holy Stone Mini RC Drone

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone image

Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone

Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone RC Nano Quadcopter Best Drone for Kids and Beginners image

This best nano drones is manufactured by Potensic and is easy for kids as it offers you with extra battery life as well. With the headless mode of drone you learn quick control of operating drone. These are remote controlled drones that are capable of hovering automatically. You get three adjustable speeds of this drone that is excited to deliver you with flight experience.

  • It beeps when the transmitter battery is Low

  • Headless mode prevents you from stop worrying about which direction the drone is flying

  • Altitude hold of drone locks the drone at a specific height to prevent pilot from controlling its height any further

  • It provides two detachable batteries and three speed levels

 For amateurs and advance pilots this product is a must buy. With the help of remote control you can fly the drone in any direction. With one key you can easily take off and land your drone without being depended on someone to stop the same. It’s not just fast and agile in terms of flying. But it’s also portable and handy which makes it your travel companion as well. Despite being light weighted it’s portable and easy to carry. This potensic a20 rc nano quadcopter worth investing into as it’s easy to use. As this mini drone potensic a20 has two detachable batteries, three speed levels for beginners.

This Best mini drone can easy be put inside the pocket as well in your pencil box. You can enjoy the flight for 12 minutes but when there is strong wind you can shut the drone with emergency stop function so that it doesn’t get lost with the wind or electronic interference caused to it. You get headless mode to make the flight easier for beginners to not worry about the direction of the drone. 





This drone is manufactured by Holy Stone and offers headless security system that makes it easy to operate.  To avoid interference, it has adopted the technology of 2.4GHz. It has 6-axis gyro stabilization system that makes it more dependable and flexible. This holy stone mini drone also offers wind resistance ranging from 30-50 meters to offer good performance. 

  • It offers great performance

  • Headless security system brings confidence to the children driving this toy

  • 6-axis gyro technology helps in flip movement of drone just with a simple push of button

  • Comes with 3 speed modes to let your little pilot learn control smartly

  • Colorful LED light helps in making it a brave night flyer and helps in identifying the front and back side of the drone

Having this product to work best you need about 45-60 minutes charging to give its best results. Its flight time often range from 6 to 8 minutes. For those who wish to get trained with how to fly drone must use this product for better learning. This nano pocket drone includes 1 x Quadcopter, 1 x 2.4G Remote controller (Note- AA batteries not included), 1 x 3.7V 350mAh Li-ion battery, 4 x Additional blades, 1 x USB charger, 1 x Screwdriver, 1 x User Manual and 1 x Propellers crowbar. 

It’s great for beginners who want to learn operation of a drone. Kids that are keen about learning how to fly a drone often end up buying this product. As it teaches the aspiring pilots how to fly this drone. You get wind resistance while flying this toy. Children under 8 years can suffocate the broken balloons so ensure this drone is used under adult supervision. 





HS210 Mini Drone Is manufactured by Holy Stone.It’s a pilot friendly drone best suited for beginners. You get altitude control that prevents crash into any person as it’s locked at a specific height and promote auto hover of drone. Headless mode of this nano pocket drone allows the pilot to take control of direction without thinking about orientation.

  • Headless mode allows flight without orientation

  • Altitude hold function locks at a specific height

  • Pilot friendly for beginner as well as drone lovers

  • Emergency stop function prevents the loss of drone

  • Low battery power alarm works as a savior

As this holy stone hs 210 provides you with 3D flips to make pilots flight interesting. With emergency stop function can help you deal with untamed winds and electronic signals that interrupt its flight. So to avoid the same, it shuts down and prevents the drone from being lost.

best nano quadcopters has a flight time of 7 minutes after a charging time of 40 to 60 minutes. In the box accessory include 1 drone, 1 transmitter, 2 USB cable for charging, 4 propellers, 1 propeller screwdriver, 3 drone batteries and 1 user manual.





These are easy mini drones for kids that have remote control to launch pad their flight easily. You get two battery cells, mini Quadcopter LED.  And you get two speeds of this product and 1 key that makes the start easy and product suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. Amazing news is that you get quality assurance of this product, as company gives you full refund-

  • Altitude hold gives you confidence to fly this drone as it hovers at a specific height

  • Remote control

  • 360 degree mini flips

  • One push start stop

 if the customer is unsatisfied with product usage. Pack of UFO 3000 LED is portable and measures 5.5*5.5 inch in size. It can perform 360 degree mini flips and be a perfect companion for your child. It is durable racing nano high performance quadcopter that glows in bright blue and green color offering epic light trails.It offers altitude hold and with the use of headless mode you get confidence in operating the drone. And you also get to learn the control of a drone. 

You can take this best nano drone anywhere with you so that you never miss on your entertainment and you always have your fun partner accompanying you in your travel. It is an indoor toy that is designed for indoor entertainment and can fly up to 18 minutes if it’s given 70 to 85 minutes USB charge time. Else you can witness a small flight with your drone.





One of the best little drones is CX-10 Cheerson. The drone can keep fixed directions whatever the orientation is, by the “Headless Mode.” The drone forward commands are simple, but the user has to adapt the reverse controls.

  • 6-axis design

  • Low voltage alarm

  • 4 channel mini rolling quadcopter

  • LED light for night flight

This UAV is very portable so that we can easily carry it in our pocket. The charging of the drone can be done through USB of computer or USB wall charger. Two blue and two red LED lights are used to warn us of emergency conditions.





This drone is manufactured by DoDoeleph and is multi featured drone. It has 6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight to give you easy control. Syma X20 has stability and offers 360°Stunt Flip. Its colorful flashlights make it suitable for both day and night. You can use this product for indoor as well as outdoor play. There is one key for takeoff and landing of product.

  • It is pocket friendly in size

  • Best for indoor and outdoor

  • Altitude hold makes it fly at a certain height which prevents damage or harm to the things kept inside the house

  • 360 degree flips and rolls makes it eye- catchy

  • Strong wind resistance provides easier control of drone

 When battery is low you can still prevent your drone from getting misplaced and keep your mini drone safe. It provides the aspiring pilot with directional control but restrict the height adjustment with altitude control. This drone has LED light that helps the little pilot to fly the drone even when it’s dark outside. Speed variation gives you the opportunity to choose the required speech for yourself which can be adjusted based on expertise. 

With this mini drone you get an opportunity for moving the drone- upward, downward, forward as well as backward. And it can also do one key takeoff/landing and hover at two speed mode. It comes with a set of spare propeller that also helps in opening the transmitter battery compartment. And has one key to start or stop the operation of mini pocket drone. 





This Mini drone is manufactured by Eachine which is great at taking aerial shots. It can capture high quality image and video from drone. In the box accessories include a user module, one spare blade 1 x Eachine E10C Mini RC Quadcopter with camera 1 x 2.4G transmitter 1 x 3.7V 120mah Battery 1 x USB charging cable 4 x spare blades 1 x User Manual. Its compact size pocket friendly drone that is equipped with an inbuilt camera.

  • Slip in Drone slips right into your pocket as well as accompany when you travel

  • Best mini Drone with camera that allows Selfie capture as it’s equipped with 2.0MP HD camera

  • Speed adjustability enables the user to operate at both low and high speed

  • Can record videos as well as photos as it has individual button for both task

  • It has colorful LED light that ensure you know the direction

Eachine E10C Mini drone has two flight mode one high and one low to offer pilot with hands on control on their drone. It has colorful LED light to help you know the product direction so you never lose it. Product customer service is so compelling and supportive that it also answers questions like capturing, taking-off or landing the small drone. Its 360 degree rolling and has a flight time of 5 to 6 minutes. Flight distance is about 20 meter after a charge of 35 minutes.





The Hubsan X4 H107C UAV is a Mini Quadcopter which is easy to fly. We can record a high-quality video of 720p. This drone also has excellent camera quality of 2MP.

  • 6-axis flight control system

  • 4-ways flip

  • Lightweight

Normal and Expert are the two flying modes. Normal mode is for beginners to limit the loss of damage. In Expert Mode you can access the drone with high speed and can enjoy the flying experience.





The Syma X12 is an ultra-small drone that can fit in our palms. Syma X12 Mini Nano 6-Axis Gyro 4 Channel RC Quadcopter is a light-weight drone which weighs 13.3 grams. There are three colors in LED lights to warn us and to better vision in night times.

  • 3D 360 degree rotating functions

  • Easy and great for beginners

  • Low voltage warning

  • Very small and sturdy

  • 2.4GHz technology

This UAV is the perfect model for beginners because the controls of the drone are very comfortable. The drone is capable of providing fun, aggressive and high-speed flying sessions.





This drone is manufactured by Syma and weights 4.5ounce. Its dimensions are- 12.5 in length x12.5 in width x2.7 in height. It can record videos in 1280X720p and needs a charging time of 80-130 minutes. Its flight time is 7 to 9 minutes. This drone can be controlled via application once it’s connected to Wi-Fi that drives the flight even without a transmitter.

  • “SYMA Go” Application will manage X5UW drone flight

  • Altitude hold allows hover at a specific height

  • Headless mode let drone fly without orientation

  • No manual all details are printed inside the box

  • Wi-Fi FPV Real Time Transmission lets you capture live videos and photos with your Smartphone control

It also has HD Wi-Fi camera to capture aerial photos and videos. You get two batteries, headless mode and altitude hold of drone. And one key for landing and takeoff of drone and longer flight time of drone that you can enjoy with your family.  Drone Control Range of Approx 160ft / 50m andFPV Transmission Range ofApprox 130ft / 40m.





Small drones or the toy drones serves as the best 21st century toy with technology and fun to the smart aged children. This fun and learn toy will prove as a great thing to make your child learn the major soft skills and develop their intellectual. Some of the advantages of gifting your kid with a drone technology to play with are as follows:

  1. It gives an idea of controlling the object (drone) from the remote controller. This will improve their eye and hand coordination. This skill is known as the mechanical skills.
  2. Drone technology also help kids to understand technology and the working of the science principlesin a better way with practical approach.
  3. It will also create an interest in the study of science and technology, one of the booming field in21st century.
  4. Drone will take your kids out to play in open space and this way they will interact with new people,make new friends and even get some fresh air to breathe.
  5. Playing with drone will consume their time and thus keeping the children away from the harmful effect from the use of smartphone.
  6. Mini drone because of its small size and easy to handle structure will make your kids comfortable to play with.
  7. Drones are operated by remote controller with a joystick that involves a sense of direction and Controlling. This will help develop the analytical skills of your child.
  8. While playing with the drone, the child will definitely encounter some kind of accident or faceObstacle that might damage the drone. Such emergency situation demands quick and right response.This will indirectly develop their problem solving skills and ability to tackle stress.

Buying a drone is not just merely for fun for kids. As it satisfies many reasons to buy and fly one under the open sky.

  1. Buying a small drone will make sure you comply with the legal norms of using a drone technology for kids to play.
  2. It also helps the small hands and tiny fingers of the kids to manage the controller with ease and accuracy.
  3. Small drones are best for beginners or small children as it functions with low difficulty level and keep the fun and entertainment factor alive.
  4. It serves as one of the best means to approach the “Fun and Learn” method of teaching your kids some of the necessary skill sets of current age.
  5. Drones also offer the base to learn the STEM skills in a more practical way that is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that will help your child to develop the future career skills
  6. Flying drone will motivate your kids to take an interest in the field of Science and technology and learn about its concepts
  7. It one of the good reasons to buy drones as it will make your kids move out of the house and play in open space and getting their hands off from the smart screens of smartphones, tablets or laptop 
  8. A drone with the inbuilt camera can also serve as a good toy to capture photographs with aerial view. This will also let your child explore photography as a future career option or a past time hobby.
  9. Now a days, drones are used professionally in various fields like photography, geo locating and mapping, agriculture, shipping, surveillance, military services, disaster management and much more. to build up a career in such domain will start its journey from this simple play of flying the toy drone.
  10. It will give your child an exposure to fly technology and aspire to become a pilot in future
  11. It also helps to develop the soft skills like time management, analytical skills, direction sense and much more while flying drone

While buying a drone you need to consider the following features that ensure not only fun and entertainment to the kids but also justify the learning component and side – by – side turns out as a safe toy for the kids to play with.  Let us have a look at these factors:

The drone which you are planning to buy is meant for the kids. So make sure the controller and the app associated with the controlling of the drone is easy to understand and use by your kids. Though big kids can manage well with high difficulty level of controlling. However, if you are buying for small kids make sure your kid understand the functionality well. Lean on some normal and easy to use functionality drone which will not hamper their fun factor. There are also drones with adjustable difficulty level of the control of drone. So if you have kids of multiple age group then this will prove as the best choice.

This is an important factor to consider if you are buying toy drones for small kids. Headless mode allows flying the quadcopter without considering the head or tail part of the drone. This means that you can fly the drone any side up. This functionality makes it easy to operate by smaller kids without the burden to think upon the right side. This factor is also to be considered for beginners.

Weight and size are interdependent and so must consider while buying the drone for kids. There are two things to consider, one is the drone itself and the second is the controlling remote. A heavy drone of large size is actually not approves as a toy drone by the FAA of USA. Thus it makes it illegal to use it as a toy for kids. Also the size of the control panel or the remote is meant for the small hands to operate at ease. If the kids cannot handle the remote well they won’t be able to control or fly their toy. So consider the dimensions as per your child’s capability.

The speedy rotating propellers have the capacity to injure your kids on a high scale. So opt for such a drone that comes with propeller guards. This will minimize the injury if not avoid it. If your drone does not come with a propeller guard you can even fix it by yourself after the purchase. 

Choose a drone that comes with auto hovering function. This will allow the drone to stay in the same position at the same level if the kids withdraw their hands from the controller remote. This feature is essential to avoid any damage to the most favorite toys of your kids. Whenever the drone seems to be in any accidental situation or about to clash with the obstacle, the auto hover function will serve as the safety wall and emergency help to the drone.

Drones that are flying up in the sky will experience more forced wind than on the ground level. This will hamper its stability and may not allow smooth flying at heights. But the gyro stabilization feature especially at six axes will allow much strong stability to the drone flying at an altitude even in forceful windy condition. 

Look out for drones that are facilitated with the safety feature of an emergency landing. A one button press emergency landing will save your drone from any damage. Whenever the drone gets out of control by the kids, you can make your child understand to press the emergency button that will take off the drone to its base place by itself. 

This feature is also useful when the battery level drops off. As kids are not aware of the battery status or regular charging of the battery, the emergency landing will feature will bring back the drone safely when runs out of energy.  

Apart from these factors, inbuilt GPS, battery life, controllable range and in-built camera are also some of the secondary factors that can be considered to buy a good drone for your kids.


What is the best mini drone with a camera?

EACHINE E10C Mini Quadcopter is the best mini drone with HD camera.

How do you charge the drone battery for small drones?

If they are rechargeable, you can charge the batteries for small drones with the help of the charger provided along with it. Better charge them outdoors and if you want to charge indoors, take the precautions.

How long should it take for the small and nano drone to get a full battery charge?

It would take around 30 to 80 minutes for a small drone to get fully charged based on the model.

Thank you for viewing this review for best small and nano drones. I assume that all the related info regarding these quadcopters is attained to you. Small and Nano drones are available for low cost and also durable UAVs. As drone technology is improving day by day we are here to let you know the information about the evolving technology.

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