DJI Matrice 100 Drone | Quadcopter that is well-designed for Hacking!

DJI CP.TP.000029 Matrice Review 2022

Without any human pilot, these drones can fly with the RC or app controller’s high range. The formal name of the drone is UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). The primary purpose of UAVs is for aerial photography, racing, and commercial use. One of the leading manufacturers of UAVs is DJI. This company released a new version with advanced features, namely DJI Matrice 100. To know more about this, check out DJI Matrice 100 reviews. Drones have several applications like:

  • Ambulance drones to supply medicines.
  • To monitor the environment.
  • Thermal drones are for rescue purposes.
  • In firefighting, UAVs have great use because no personal losses are seen.

Overview DJI M100 Drone

DJI announced Matrice 100, which has the newest tools that enable us to revolutionize the world. This model of DJI is a flight platform and guidance vision system. Matrice 100 is a new modular quadcopter platform and is customizable in both hardware and software. This Quadcopter is far away from the entry-level DIY drone. M100 has a lightweight frame with slots and holes for mounting additional hardware. DJI has ready to carry any sensors and devices by which we can put the drone in the sky. DJI are redefining industries where there are professionals in filmmaking, agriculture, search, rescue, conservation, energy infrastructure, etc.

The DJI helps them to accomplish feats faster, safer, and with excellent efficiency than ever before. DJI is headquartered in Shenzhen, widely known as China’s Silicon Valley. DJI focuses on its vision, supporting creative, commercial, and non-profit applications of our technology. The company is building on the ethos of “form follows function.” DJI technology does more than just enabling creators.


  • Expansion bays & COM ports
  • Ready To Fly & Obstacle Detection
  • SDKs
  • Navigation & Battery
  • Remote Control(RC) & Mobile App
  • Fewer Vibrations & Waypoint
  • Landing pads, Enhanced GPS & Follow Me Feature
  • DJI LightBridge & Ground Station
  • Propulsion System & Return To Home

1. Expansion bays & COM ports

We can add components, customize the payload, and fly with any devices we wish by the additional expansion bays. By this drone, we can gather data while completing multiple jobs from the bird’s perspective. By the hardware expansion bays, Matrice 100 can be configured to carry 1 kg. DJI 100 Matrice has a dual parallel CAN port for connecting other DJI devices. It also offers dual UART ports for connecting third-party add-ons.

2. Ready To Fly & Obstacle Detection

The Matrice 100 DJI is not a kit like most commercial offering drones. The company developed this product in such a way that it is ready to fly Drone. This Quadcopter is a fully integrated operating platform, complete with a flight controller, flexible cargo bays, GPS, and a rechargeable battery. DJI guidance scans the surrounding environment and detects all obstacles, i.e., in 360 degrees. To avoid collisions and perform emergency maneuvers automatically by guidance.

3. SDKs

DJI developed fully programmable with two new robust software development kits to customize their UAVs for commercial purposes.

Mobile App SDK:

This SDK in DJI matrice 100 makes developers easy to build mobile apps for specific industries, tasks, and applications. Autopilot Phantom, Pix4D, Drone deploy are the three examples of custom mobile apps for M100.

Onboard API SDK:

By using this API SDK, we can customize our drone to support any particular application or industry. We can create custom flight commands, autopilot apps, informatics, and avionics apps by API SDK.

4. Navigation & Battery

We observe High precision navigation in DJI Matrice 100 by using the vision and ultrasonic sensors. Stereo algorithms provide super-high precision positioning even when flying at high speeds and maintain indoor over to within centimeters.

An additional battery compartment is added to DJI Matrice 100. We can achieve up to 40 minutes of flight by a second onboard battery because of dual battery compartments.

5. Remote Control(RC) & Mobile App

The DJI M100 comes with a long-range customizable remote controller with an operating range of 1.2 miles. DJI RC has a holder by which we can connect our mobile device and comes with a rechargeable battery by adjustable controls and video outputs. All apps run on our choice of smartphone or tablet. DJI M100 comes with a Pilot app that provides video streaming, navigation, and information features out of the box.

6. Fewer Vibrations & Waypoint

The DJI Matrice 100 is a rigid, stable system and has 50% fewer vibrations because of lightweight carbon fiber. The DJI’s new soft vibration-absorbing material does eliminate feedback from the powerful motors, and Critical components are kept stable and allow unprecedented accuracy. GPS in M100 DJI helps the drone to set the path the drone should fly. The drone can fly to multiple points and return on the same route.

7. Landing pads, Enhanced GPS & Follow Me Feature

Installation and replacement of these landing pads give the DJI matrice 100 protective landings. They also protect our system and eliminate unintentional lifting off the ground. This enhanced GPS helps to track our drone accurately in real-time. Even in faster satellite acquisition, we can acquire an accurate position holding and flight planning. The Follow Me feature is performed when a GPS signal is strong. We set an object, building, or a person as the target and let the drone fly.

8. DJI LightBridge & Ground Station

Matrice 100 is stable and responsive because of the new N1 flight controller and increased flight range to 1.2miles. This drone feature also helps us to transmit data to us and brings live HD view. This drone’s testing is performed in open areas so that the range may vary on local regulations.

Capabilities of Matrice 100 are beyond mobile apps by allowing UgCS. We can connect our M100 to our laptop with UgCS on it and can perform full-fledged desktop mission planning.

9. Propulsion System & Return To Home

An upgraded version of the DJI E800 electric propulsion system powers your Matrice 100 and keeps it in flight. Four powerful, brushless motors and four lightning-fast electronic speed controllers are integrated into the platform, giving you complete control during flight. With increased strength and payload capacity, you have the flexibility to create the system you need.

We use this feature return to home to avoid any crash or damage to drone in low battery conditions. By this mode, our drone can return safely to home in low battery conditions.



  • Manufacturer : DJI
  • Item model number : CP.TP.000029
  • Color : Black
  • Batteries : 1 Lithium ion batteries required.
  • Product Dimensions : 14 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight : 7.54 pounds

DJI Matrice 100 Review

The DJI M100 is one of the most advanced UAVs on the market today. This Matrice 100 is designed specifically for hacking. This UAV is capable of capturing commercial aerial photography and videos. By this DJI Matrice 100 Review, you can know more details about this product.

  • The dual battery compartment allows our Quadcopter for the extended flight time upto 40 minutes with the lowest payload.
  • Built-in GPS helps the Matrice 100 perform various features like Follow Me, return to home, etc.
  • We can easily operate complex tasks performed by the fully programmable system by which the pilot can focus on the footage and goal.
  • Increase performance by improving the yaw torque adjustment to 3 angles.
  • Installation of quick-release landing pads helps for a soft landing and reduce impact.
  • We can enjoy the real or live view by connecting the Quadcopter Matrice 100 to Android or iOS.
  • Fully Automated Flight process called Guidance is Incorporated in DJI Matrice 100.
  • The Ultrasonic and visual cameras in this model can sense and detect the obstacles in flight.
  • We can feed data into a central processing board and export the data via DJI SDK by five sensing modules.


The DJI has some warranty policies which may vary according to local laws and regulations. If only the following conditions are met, the DJI warranty services are applicable:

  • Unauthorized access to the product should not be subjected.
  • Unauthorized people should not perform disassembling, modification, or installation.
  • Tampering of product labels, Serial numbers, waterproof marks, false marks, etc. shows no signs.
  • We should provide valid proof of purchase, receipt, or order number.
  • Within seven days of purchase, you ould request for a refund.
  • You can ask for the replacement when the purchase is about 15 days.

What’s in the Box

This DJI M100 is an unassembled kit with everything we need to fly. They are:

  • Remote control
  • Pre-bound controller
  • Battery
  • N1 flight controller system
  • Unique pro plus GPS compass
  • Battery charger with AC cable.
  • Six props
  • Connection cables.

Installation of M100 DJI

  • First of all, check the frame arms and center arm and then mount the frame arms.
  • Successively we should install the battery and extra battery in the spare battery compartment.
  • Install Expansion bays and GPS module in the next step.
  • Now attach the propellers, and if you want, you can mount the gimbal, which is optional.

Safety Precautions

  • Before inserting an Intelligent flight battery, makes sure all the parts are installed.
  • To avoid interface with the power board, use an extension rod to separate the GPS module.
  • Frame arms must be mounted correctly and use 3-degree fasteners.
  • Do not remove glued in screws.
  • Do not fly the drone in rainy or snowy weather because it is not water-resistant.
  • Ensure that all the parts are in good condition, especially the cooling fan.
  • Before each flight, make sure all the cables, propellers, and the motors are correctly installed.
  • During transportation, disconnect the battery and remove the camera to avoid damage.



To fly DJI Matrice 100 Drone

1. First download the DJI GO app from app store/play store
2. Scan the QR code for the drone access
3. Charge the RC and drone
4. Co nnect your Phone to the RC
5. There are three different flight modes in RC
6. Choose a mode and use thee throttle stick to operate the drone


Everything needed to get into the air including the high-end transmitter.


2 km


It is about 20-40 minutes.


Matrice 100 carries the DJI legacy forward. M100 is equipped with many advanced features and is the best pick of professionals, research developers, and corporates. Everyone could not afford it because this drone is expensive. By the DJI M100, we can let our ideas and dreams into reality because of its fully customizable and programmable flight platform. I truly believe that DJI Matrice 100 Review helped to know the details of this UAV.

DJI CP.TP .000029 Matrice 100 image

DJI Matrice 100 Drone is highly customizable and is ideal for vertical drone providers. With its highly integrated design, it stood as one of the best drones. Also, you can enjoy flying the drone for a longer time. Obstacle sensing detection is another added advantage of it.


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