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Picture quality
Battery life

DJI Tello Quadcopter Beginner Drone

Drones are one of best toys to buy for your kids and even for yourself. Drones are cool models that are liked by everyone for leisure and entertainment. Drone with a camera helps us to capture the beauty of cherry blossoms and colorful flowering trees. Drones are best techies that are used for imaging and cinematic applications. There are so many low cost drones available in the market, and its DJI Tello quadcopter drone with HD camera is one of solid models that has a good integrated camera and stability in flight operations. Now more about this best New DJI Drone through DJI tello Drone review. 

DJI Tello Drone Review 2020

This drone is a ready- to –a fly model that can be used right out of box. It streams video directly with all safety features. DJI Tello drone is a beginner drone with 5 MP camera, carrying case, VR viewer, and a spare battery. It has intuitive controls and can be controlled with your phone. Capture videos and photos with EZ Shots and share them with your friends. It has VR headset compatibility to fly with first-person view. It has DJI flight technology to fly steadily for a maximum of 13 minutes. It has a high- quality image processor for best shoots and pictures. We can experience a cool aerial view by simply tossing a drone into the air. You need to install the Tello app on your phone to control the drone. functionality is very easy, and we can see the world by hanging out at home or office and a park. DJI Tello quadcopter for sale is available in amazon, make sure to check out for it.

Tello Quadcopter Drone Features

This best DJI camera drone has an excellent flight time when compared with drones of a similar price. Most beginner drones will have a maximum of 6-8 minutes of flight time. But this drone can fly for 13 minutes continuously, and this is 200% more than other drones. It is possible through excellent battery systems and simplification of drone technology.

 For a Best drone under $200, you get a nice camera with 5MP resolution. They have a field view of 82.6 degrees and can shoot 720-pixel video at a rate of 30 frames per second. The camera is excellent for this price. It has Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) for reducing blur and improving footage of pictures while moving. DJI Tello Drone has a 14-core intel processor for best footages. There is another option called EZ shots to make shooting of pictures easier, and you can move it up and down, rotate it in all directions, and connect the drone with your tablet and a VR headset for a better experience.

Altitude hold is one of the most important features for any drone, and this function will be present in a drone above $150. Surprisingly this drone has an altitude hold function with a pressure sensor to calculate height of drone from surface. This facility is not present in most basic drones, and it is suitable for beginners who like to experiment and experience flying drones.

By touching the control pad, you can fly the drone or land it. Simply you have to throw a drone and start flying. Tello Quadcopter is easy to use with one tap lift and go. Autoland and Lift Off features make it a breeze for flying and operating. Similarly, drones will alert you when the battery is low, and we can make drones land on earth safely. Another feature called failsafe protection will help drones to land automatically if connection is lost.

Small drones generally will not have flip options. As the controller is simple with a single swipe, it cannot do flips. But this drone can flip in any of 8 possible directions with ease and safety.

While going tough thsi DJI Tello Drone Review, you may come into Bounce mode features. It helps Tello drone to bounce up and down repeatedly from your hand and any surface in a range of 1.6 – 3.9 feet. It has safety sensors to detect distance from ground and land it safely. As it comes with Vision Positioning systemwhich allows you to hover perfectly within the selected target area.

DJI Tello drone is controlled using a smartphone or tablet by installing the Tello app. If you need a dedicated controller, you may get one in a few months as the company is planning to develop a controller for the same.

DJI Tello Drone Specs

Specification Name Value
Flight distance
100 m.
Camera resolution
5 MP
80 grams
LED indicator
1.1 Ah
98mm x 92.5mm x 41mm
Flight time
13 minutes.
Antenna system
Dual antenna system with smart switches.
Video quality
720p at 30 FPS.





What is the approximate weight of the DJI Tello Drone?

The DJI Tello Drone has a weight of approximately 2.82 pounds, as stated in the specifications of the drone

How good is DJI Tello quadcopter drone?

The DJI Tello Quadcopter has lots of features enabled in it, such as controlling the drone from your phone, camera setup, so that you can shoot videos and also it has two antennas for better image transmission.

How to fly a DJI Tello Drone?

You can easily fly the DJI Tello Drone, by connecting the drone with your phone and then control it with the help of the app Tello from the play store.

How far can the DJI Tello drone fly?

The DJI Tello Drone has a flying range of 100 meter, up to which you can easily operate the drone

Does the DJI Tello drone have GPS?

No, the Tello Drone does not have any GPS feature, however, the other features enabled in the drone makes it easier to control it, even without GPS.

How much does a DJI Tello drone cost?

The DJI Tello Drone would cost you around $140, as it is made for beginner level users.

Does DJI Tello Drone follow me?

No, the DJI Tello drone does not have a “follow me” feature in it.

How long does DJI Tello Drone take to charge the batteries?

The DJI Tello Drone takes around 45 minute to one hour, before getting fully charged.

Bottom Line

So its all about DJI Tello Drone Review, now you can perform stunts, shoot smart and quick videos using EZ shots and learn more about drones. You can enjoy the best drone experience with an average priced and good-rated Tello quadcopter drone. Unlike other drones, DJI Tello can fly for 13 minutes without any interruption for a maximum height of 80 meters. The speed of the drone is 8 m/s and can take EZ shots and videos with a 720 p resolution. It has altitude hold function, bounce mode, 8D – flip, and position control strategy to maximize your drone experience. On the whole, this drone provides a complete droning experience with maximum entertainment and fun.

DJI models dominate the drone industry with its advanced features and excellent product catalogs. DJI Tello drone is one such unique model. It has become one of best small model drones to make a huge splash in this series. It is more than a toy and simple and well built. It provides entertainment and fun to users. DJI is a rock industry with all latest features.

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