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Dromida Ominus Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Review 2020

Searching online for a brand new Best Beginners Drone? And don’t know where to start. I am going to assist you a best inexpensive beginner drone. At present RC drones are user-friendly to learn for beginners. Among those Dromida Ominus drone is a well-suited cheap drone for a beginner like you. When I am searching for a drone, the Dromida Ominus UAV caught my eye. I purchased this Dromida drone and became a fan in flying this drone. With my personal experience with Dromida Ominus, I would recommend this Dromida RC drone. I am also sure that you are going to love this quadcopter after purchasing it. I am going to share my experience with Dromida Ominus RTF drone. It will be going to help you a lot in buying a drone.  Dromida Drones for sale is available on Amazon.

Dromida Ominus Drone Overview

The Dromida Ominus is popularly named as the Best beginner drone, which is available for those who are new to drone world. Four Channel 2.4 GHz Dromida Ominus is a Ready-to-fly quadcopter. This RC Quadcopter comes with a single rechargeable LiPo battery. We are going to attract for its sturdy design Dromida comes in four colors like Green, Yellow, Blue, and Red. It has a decent flight time which is greater than all other RC quadcopters. Here you can get the Best Toy Drone Reviews along with specifications and features.


  • Design
  • LiPo battery & Low battery indicator
  • Ready to fly & great Remote unit
  • Durability & Prolific flight time
  • Flying modes

All in all, you will be going to attract for Dromida Ominus for its good looking design. It is made up of sturdy plastic material, which shows how strong it is manufactured. Hence, it won’t break for a simple clash. This quadcopter comes with LED lights to experience a better flying even at night time. The drone consists of rubber feet at the bottom of the arm for a safe landing. The propellers also come in two different colors.

First and the foremost battery is an essential thing to start this quadcopter. Four channel Dromida Ominus comes with a 700mAh LiPo battery. It is a type of rechargeable battery. The LiPo battery will take 45 mins to get fully charged. LiPo battery is fully covered with quadcopters outer body. Whenever the battery is going to die, a LED light will be going to blink. Hence, we need to land the quadcopter immediately to avoid crashing of the drone.

After purchasing Dromida Ominus, you will be receiving a ready-to-fly quadcopter. Hence no need to install parts separately.  Therefore, as fast as you receive the drone, you can enjoy flying drone.

A basic 2.4 GHz transmitter is present inside the box which is radio control joystick. Place AAA batteries inside the remote unit for flying a drone. Therefore, operating a drone with an RC transmitter is easy for any age groups of people.

The three-axis gyro and three accelerators will keep the quadcopter more stable at the time of heavy winds. Dromida Ominus consists of rubber feet at the bottom of the arms. Rubber feet at the base protects the quadcopter in a safe landing. Because of its sturdy body, it will remain longer without broken. Flight time is the main point to consider while buying a drone. RTF Dromida Ominus drone offers an excellent flight time of about 12 mins. When compared to other beginner drones Dromida gives a high flight time which is excellent.

Dromida Ominus Drone has four modes namely, easy, standard, advanced, and expert. These features are mainly used to change flying speed. For example in expert mode, the Dromida will fly at a speed of 30 m/s. Flip feature is also available in Dromida Ominus so that the quadcopter will roll in all directions. The left joystick is used to control the drone in forwarding and backward directions where the right joystick allows the pilot to move drone in left and right directions. Hence, Dromida Ominus is suitable for all age groups. 


Specification Name Value
Item model number
14.8 x 9.7x 3.9 inches
1.75 pounds
black and green
Memory Storage Capacity
Camera pixels
Battery type
1 Lithium Polymer batteries required
Battery included
2.4 GHz

All about Dromida

The Dromida is a leading manufacturer of cheap products like planes, drones, trucks, racing cars, and their accessories. In drones, the Dromida company provides both UAV and FPV models. The Main motive of Dromida is “Cool Durable fun.” It attracts all types of people for its varied products. Dromida Ominus RTF Quadcopter is one of the best drones under 100 dollars.

Dromida Ominus RTF Quadcopter Review

I just want to give you a brief review on Dromida Ominus Quad drone, based on my experience with this drone. We Purchased this drone for my child, and he is enjoying flying the drone since a year. Along with my son, I also learned flying a drone and attracted for the design. I am jubilant with Dromida RTF Drone. You can also gift this drone to your kids, of all the toys this drone will give them a unique attraction. Check out latest reviews on Brand new drone in BestFlyingDrone.

  • Before buying a drone, you should know about for which purpose you are going to use the drone. You may have confusion in buying which type of drones, for example, Toy drones, racing drones, commercial drones, etc. Coming to this Dromida Ominus RC drone is completely for fun, to learn how to fly drones. Therefore, It is suitable for beginners.
  • The main feature you need to consider is flighted time. Four channel 2.4 GHz Dromida quadcopter is having a decent flight time of 12 mins. It is perfect for drone learners. I am using spare batteries to experience flying drone a bit longer.
  • The location where should drone flies is also an important thing to consider. Coming to this drone, it can operate in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Hence, it is easy to access for all age groups of people, as it is a Best RC drone in the market.

You will also be going to love this product, after seeing all these features.


In addition, Dromida drone is available in a ready-to-fly model. Hence, there is no work to install parts separately.

What’s inside the box?

After receiving the Dromida Ominus drone, please make sure whether the following things are available or not.

  • Dromida Ominus drone.  
  • A 2.4 GHz 4 channel transmitter.
  • 700mAh LiPo battery.
  • LiPo USB charger.
  • Spare set of propellers.
  • Four AAA batteries.
  • Owner’s manual.

    Warnings and instructions

    • Place the battery and drone in a wet free area
    • Try to keep the LiPo battery away from children and animals
    • Do not charge the battery when it is inside the drone
    • Better to purchase propeller safety guard, while operating indoors


You can also check below mentioned customer reviews fetched from Amazon.

Excellent indoor and outdoor Quad!

This drone is so much fun! You can fly it outside too if there is no wind. It has multiple flight modes and can even fly upside down. In the beginner mode its beautiful and steady. This thing can take a beating too. It is bigger than some other indoor models and can fly fast enough. I have some other indoor RC toys, and this one is the best so far. Wish it had a little camera. Dromida drone comes with the quad, radio, lipo with USB charger and an extra set of blades. Note that the blade shafts don’t connect directly to the motors but instead use a brass gear that meshes with what appears to be a plastic gear. I can see that if you bounce this thing off of walls, you might strip out one of the motor speeds. Since this thing is built pretty tough.

Great entry-level outdoor quadcopter

With zero experience with quadcopters or RCs, I wanted an entry-level and non-budget busting initial purchase to see if I liked it. Love at first flight! These takes some time to learn but with some YouTube viewing and practice; it is child-like fun. While this is an impressive value, performer, and fun. This UAV the best product compared to others. I would recommend this as your FIRST quadcopter. If you already have some experience, this is the current best value for outdoor fun (entry-level, no doubt). Extra batteries are a must (2), and I would recommend grabbing an extra set of blade shafts when you purchase. It is incredibly easy to repair, and the parts are inexpensive.

Quick delivery and Good to fly for fun

I am happy because of fast delivery, and this little thing is fun to fly. It is amazing, how stable it is and very accurate control.


  • Easy to fly indoors or outdoors
  • LED lights for easy day or night tracking
  • Durable
  • Three axis gyro stabilization


  • Decent flight time about 12 mins, which is good when compared to other beginner drones
  • This Dromida Ominus is a Low price drone
  • Suitable for all age people because of the different flying modes like easy, normal, advanced, expert
  • The Dromida Ominus is well known for its rigid frame which causes fewer breakages even it got crashed
  • LED light at the bottom of drone indicates when the battery is low
  • If there are any damages, it is easy to repair the drone


  • The integrated camera is not there in this quadcopter
  • No blade guards are present
  • While operating, the drone makes a little bit of noise

Bottom Line

To experience long lasting enjoyment in flying a drone, you should prefer Dromida Ominus drone. Dromida drones are an efficient and durable product which is available to buy online. The LED lights make us view our drone in the night times. This quadcopter is the perfect drone for fun and to learn flying a drone. Hence, Dromida is a suggested brand for beginner drones.

Looking for the cheap but best drone? Then, Dromida Ominus is what you are looking for. From kids to adults any one can fly it as it has different flying modes. Study above review to know more about this model.

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