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EACHINE E58 WiFi FPV Quadcopter

We all know the importance of having a wifi drone in our all adventure trip and camping. real-time wifi drones are the best and most popular drones in this category. Among most popular drones, Eachine E58 wifi drones is one of best wifi drones available in the market. It has 2 megapixels 720-pixel video recording capabilities. A 120-degree wide-angle view gives you the best video result. 3.7v 500mAh battery allows us to fly around 8 to 10 mins. So let us go trough the Eachine E58 Review, to know more about its features and specs.

Eachine E58 Review 2020

Real-time wifi transmission FPV system of EACHINE E58 WIFI FPV drone helps to connect with your device and can provide live video recording to our smartphone. It is one of the best wifi drones with tons of features. aerodynamic design helps to penetrate wind easily, and a powerful quad motor gives hassle-free maneuverability, which is a plus point to help you to grab price while participating in drone racing completions. Here, you can get more detailed information about the Eachine 3D Flip Drone and so get to know all basic features before you buy one.


four easily foldable quadcopter help to carry Eacihne E58 Wifi FPV Drone in your carry bag without any hassle. We all know that carrying an expensive item to another location is very difficult and risky. Hence, our Eachine wifi drone here comes with a unique solution with a folding hand.

Eachine wifi drone comes with a 720-pixel High definition 120-degree wide-angle camera. Hence it is a perfect companion for your every adventure trip. A 120-degree angle camera brings an immense viewing experience. Also, we can adjust camera angle manually.

As per Eachine E58 Review, this Altitude lock function helps to control drones very easily. The altitude lock function is to prevent the drone from moving much farther. And one-touch take-off and landing option is very helpful for beginners to control and manage drones for take-off and landing. Any small mistake may cause the drone to damage permanently. Take-off and safely landing a drone is one of challenging steps for every inexperienced drone pilot.

The 3D flip function is an adventure option to flip drones on air. As an entry-level drone, 3d flip function in Eachine entry-level drone is a good feature for your kids to show more interest in flying these machines. And one-touch return function helps to fly the drone from any distance to its initial take-off location. Thus drones can ensure a stress-free landing in any worst situation.

If you want to move Eachine E58 Wifi Fpv Quadcopter as per the direction of movement of your smartphone, what you have to do is just enable gravity sensor mode. Using gravity sensor mode, you can fly drone by making it follow path of your smartphone

Eachine HD Camera Foldable Drone is Best Quadcopter Drone With Camera that allows for first-person view as well as real-time live watching of videos. You can further enhance your viewing experience with virtual reality mode by using VR glasses with your smartphone.

Flight speed of Eachine Racer E58 Fpv Quadcopter Drone can be varied to low, medium-high speed. So it is more enjoyable for you to have a fun-loving flight experience by controlling the drone and flying it at different speeds. Also, you can take part in drone racing competitions if you wish to do so, and surely this 720p Eachine Foldable Drone is going to be a good companion.

Eachine HD Camera Foldable Drone SPECS

Specification Name Value
Product Dimensions
6.7 x 5.9 x 2.4 inches
Product Weight
3.36 ounces
Product Model Number
Force 1
WiFi Drone with HD camera





How to reset Eachine E58 Drone?

To reset Eachine E58 Drone

  1. Turn on the remote controller
  2. Long press the power switch to turn ON the Eachine 58
  3. Place the drone on a horizontal surface
  4. Bind the transmitter with the drone by pushing the throttle stick to the highest position, and then pull it back to the lowest position. Solid light will indicate a successful bind;
  5. Move both sticks to the lowest right corner for about 2-3 seconds. LED lights will start to flash rapidly. Wait a few seconds till the lights are solid again, and that is it.
How to take pictures recorded on an SD card with Eachine E58 Drone?

To take pictures in the Eachine E58 Drone with a SD card, you have to insert the SD card in the drone and then use the remote control to take pictures.

How to start flying Eachine E58 Drone?

You can control the Eachine E58 drone with the help of the controller provided. The controller has the Throttle stick, using which, you can make the drone fly

Does Eachine E58 Drone have LED lights?

Yes, the Eachine E58 Drone does have LED lights.

Does Eachine E58 Drone have return to home features?

No, Eachine E58 Drone from Eachine does not have a “return to home” feature installed in it.

Bottom Line

The Best Quadcopter Drone With Camera, which you can buy for photo shooting or videography, is Eachine Racer E58 Fpv Quadcopter Drone. It will be very much fun for you to own this Eachine foldable drone. It is a great wifi drone with multiple sets of features. 120-degree wide-angle 720 pixels HD camera helps you to click high-quality aerial photography and videos. Also, if you are a beginner, altitude hold mode makes it easier to fly and control Eachine wifi FPV drone. And customer service you get is also worth mentioning, as you can contact them as and when required for solving your queries or issues while using drone. Why hesitate from buying a drone just because you do not have any experience. E58 Wifi Fpv Quadcopter is a user-friendly drone with simple control, which helps anyone to learn and use without much difficulty.

This Eachine 3D Flip Drone helps you in clicking professional-level photos and videos, as well as you can make your trips more fun-loving with drone flying experience. Eachine Racer E58 Fpv Quadcopter Drone is worth buying as you can take part in photography competitions or drone racing competitions and help you to be a winner

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