Eachine Racer 250 Racing FPV Quadcopter with HD Camera – Affordable & Effective

Eachine Racer 250 FPV Drone Review 2023

Welcome to the world of Racing Drones. Presenting the best Stunt Eachine Racer 250 FPV Drone. It is another best racing Drone at an affordable and reasonable price for you. Do you want to replace your old one with a brand new drone? If yes, you need to buy the Eachine 250 Racing Drone, which has all the features that a racer’s drone needs. The feeling that you get with the Flying Drone Review is awesome. In some countries like Australia, the UK, Dubai, and so on, Drone racing competitions are held every year. Even they play this game for price money like the other racing competitions.

Once you started to enjoy the flying Drone, it becomes a regular habit for you. Choosing the right and top Drone brand for racing is not an easy task. To make you feel comfortable searching & finding the drones, we provided the Eachine Racer 250 Quadcopter Drone reviews. For suppose, if you want to buy any product, you might take advice from your friend, whether it is perfect or not. In the same way, if you want to buy the best Drone, then it is necessary to check the Eachine Drone Reviews. Eachine Racer 250 Drone is the best Racing drone in the market.

All About Eachine Racer 250 Top Speed Quadcopter

Nowadays, a new page, Drone Racing, is added into a book called competitive sport. It is also similar to the other competitions such as car/bike racing where you have to go with high speed and first reach the finishing line. You must pick a special-featured FPV Drone to win in the competition. It is none other than an Eachine 250 racer FPV Drone. This Drone racing league is also known as FPV races, where FPV stands for First Person View Racing.

In that, participants need to wear a head-mounted display, which shows a live coverage captured by the Eachine Racer 250 Drone Camera. You know one thing, Drone racing has become a very interesting and attractive sport for people, especially for the kids and middle-agers. If your friend is also interested in this sport, being a drone racer lets them know the few things. Motivate them also to take part in this competition. Once you buy the best FPV Drone, i.e., Eachine Racer 250, no one will beat you in the forthcoming Drone racing league.


  • Cost, Battery and Flight Time
  • Design & Durability
  • Camera & Transmitter
  • Flight Controller

1. Cost, Battery and Flight Time

The Eachine 250 Racer Drone is less than 150$. It is one of the Best Drones under 200. Don’t think that the Eachine Racer 250 Drone is very cheap. It is just coming at a reasonable price with its excellent features. In a word, you can also call it as an affordable drone.

Eachine Stunt Drone manufacturing company provides the two stock batteries for the Racer 250 FPV Drone, 3S Racer 250 Battery, and the other 4S Racer 250 Battery. Eachine 250 racing drone Flight Time is from 10 – 14 minutes. To fully charge the Eachine Racer 250 Battery, you need to charge it for an hour.

2. Design & Durability

Since the Eachine 250 Racing Drone looks wise is not good, but due to its commendable speed and excellent flight performance, it stood as the best Racing Drones in the present race. That’s why most people chose Best Drone with Camera Eachine for its performance, not by its looks. When it comes to durability, its frame comprises carbon fiber, which gives an anti-fall structure.

3. Camera & Transmitter

It is the main and important feature for a Basic UAV. This best racing Drone has a 1000TVL HD Camera where is angle is adjustable. You can also adjust the angle of the camera when you lose the 4 metal screw nails. Best Flying Drone Eachine Racer 250 has a built-in 5.8 GHz Transmitter. One point you have to remember about this Tx is when you fly your Quadcopter above 1.8 km, there may be a chance to lose the transmitter.

4. Flight Controller

The Racer 250 Eachine Drone Camera contains a CC3D flight controller. This controller has an operating voltage of five volts, supporting GPS and data transmission at high rates. Eachine Racer 250 Quadcopter Drone integrated with the MPU 6000 & contains a 32-bit Micro Controller, which runs at 72 MHz.



  • Manufacturer : Eachine
  • Camera : 1000TVL
  • Brushless Motor : 2204 2300KV
  • Flight Controller : CC3D
  • Lipo Battery : 11.1V 1500 mAh 25C 3S
  • Transmitter : 600mw 5.8 G 32 CH Built-in OSD
  • Flight Time : 10 -14 minutes
  • Battery charge time : 1 hour
  • Product Dimensions : 9.2 x 8.7 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight : 1.54 pounds

Eachine Racing Drone Reviews

Before going to discuss the highlights that present in Eachine Drone 250, remember one point. If you want a Best drone under 200 Dollars, then this may not reach your budget requirements. But this will definetly fall under the category of Best Drones under 500 and provides excellent performance. A drone said to be best when it’s design, quality and performance are no.1. Eachine, one of the top drone brands in the current market. The Eachine Drone manufacturers release many types of drones such as Toy Drones, and so on.

This time, The Eachine Racer 250 is infront of you with mind-blowing features. Firstly, Eachine Racer 250 Racing Drone is designed with carbon fiber, a super anti-fall structure. FPV Drone Eachine Racer 250 has a built-in 5.8G Transmitter OSD with an Ultra HD Camera. The Quadcopter Drone Eachine Racer 250 contains a real-time image transmission, automatic search frequency, snowflakes screen. It also has a long-distance remote control high sensitivity. It has a 2204 2300KV brushless motors. The features, specifications, and pros for the Eachine Drone Racer 250 are available in the upcoming section.

What Eachine Stunt 250 Drone Contains?

  • Of course, you can get 1 Eachine Racer 250 FPV Drone.
  • 4 * Simonk 1A ESC
  • 2 * CW 2204 2300KV Brushless Motor
  • 2 * Black CW Propeller, 2*White CW Propeller
  • 1 * B3AC Balance Charger
  • 2 * HeadLight LED White 3W
  • 1 * TailLight LED Red
  • 1 * 1000TVL Camera
  • One CC3D Flight Controller
  • 1 * Mushroom Antenna
  • 2 * Black, White CCW Propellers

Eachine Stunt Drone Safety Tips

  • Only the people above 14 years are supposed to use this product, i.e., Eachine Racing Drone because it is a beginner Racer Drone.
  • You shouldn’t use the Eachine Drone under extreme weather conditions like foggy, snowy, rainy weather situations.
  • You are restricted from using this flying Drone at the no-fly area.
  • At the time of flying, maintain distance from the high-speed rotating components such as a propeller, brushless motors.



The camera on the Eachine 250 Racer is attached to the frame with the help of a nylon camera mount. This makes the manual camera adjustment easy. You will be able to adjust the camera angle slightly upto ~25 degree, whether manually or with the help of the controller.


Yes, Eachine Racer 250 Camera Drone is compatible with the Flysky controller.


The Eachine Racer 250 camera drone uses 2 clockwise and 2 counter-clockwise props.


If you want to enjoy every moment of the first flight performance, then you need to buy the Eachine Racer 250 FPV Drone for sure. Not only the day but also the night racing is possible in this Eachine Drone with the LED HeadLights. So, check out the Eachine Racer 250 Drone Reviews and purchase this before completing the stock.

EACHINE Racer 250 FPV Quadcopter With HD Camera Built in 5.8G Transmitter OSD RC Quadcopter Drone image

If you want to get ready to fly a drone, then Eachine Racer 250 FPV Drone is the right choice for you. Though it doesn’t have the manual, it is very easy to understand and even easy to fly for the beginners. All in one, it is the perfect drone with special features.


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