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Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100

According to so many tech-related surveys, commercial drones were considered as one of best inventions of the last decades. Drones or UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) are flying robots, which are being controlled remotely through manually operated remote access from ground level. There are also some advanced drones that are also present in the market, which can fly autonomously, with software-controlled flight plans as well. During the early ’90s, drones were being only used for serving different military purposes, including night surveillance, anti-aircraft target practice, intelligence gathering, a platform for launching weapons, territory monitoring, etc. Here we are gonna looking about one of the Best Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone in Market. All  you have to do is just go through this complete Holy Stone Hs100 Review Guide before make a choice. 

Holy Stone Hs100 Review 2020

One of the major advantages of Holy Stone Hs100 Camera Drone is their size and fact they need no human to fly them. All because of these two factors, drones can reach so many difficult places.  Holy Stone, a Chinese manufacturer, who has a reputation of designing and developing best quality drones, but in an affordable price range. Yes, you will definitely love this Best Holy Stone Drone With Camera for Videography. Holy Stone HS100 camera drone is a specialized drone made for photography, both personal and professional levels. Comprises of a powerful 1080p FOV FPV 120-degree camera with an adjustable angle, images and footage taken on this Videography Drone is in full HD resolution and can also be used for professional purposes. 

Holy Stone Hs100 Camera Drone FEATURES

As the drone model in question here is a Best drone for photography, it is quite an obvious fact that it will comprise a great quality camera. Comprises of a 1080p FOV FPV camera, Holy Stone HS100 Drone camera can capture 1080p pure HD quality images and videos, which can be used for professional purposes. Also, a camera is attached to the drone body, in such an angle that it can capture the widest frame possible. With an adjustable angle feature, the camera in the Holystone HS100 camera drone can attach to the drone body from 90 degrees to a maximum of 120 degrees.

Like any other Best FPV Racing Drone, this Holystone HS100 consists of real-time video transmission technology, which enables the user to see what drone camera is seen in real-time. It is a software run feature, which transmits camera view to connected smartphones on remote access devices. This feature is not only enabling users to monitor what drone is capturing, but it also helps in a safe and secure flight as locating and dodging different obstacles becomes easier.

As pee Best Holy Stone Rc Drone Hs100 Review, this great camera quality and real-time transmissio. Another interesting feature with this Holy Stone HS100 GPS FPV RC drone is follow-me mode. This particular mode enables the drone to automatically follow the user and keep them in focus wherever they go. A perfect model for capturing great quality aerial view portraits and landscape photos from different complex angles and also some exciting selfies, this one makes drone cameras much more versatile as well.

Along with camera quality, popularity of any done meant for photography depends on flight time it provides on a single battery cycle. The Holy Stone HS100 camera drone is equipped with a 2500mAh battery, which gives the drone an average flight time up to 15 minutes, one fully charged battery. Along with pretty decent flight timing, the average control distance of this best Holy Stone camera drone is calculated at 500m, which is pretty commendable for a drone of that size as well.

Most drones are somewhat expensive drones. Safety of them is also a mandatory factor to keep in mind. Most expensive drones are equipped with a GPS assisted flight mode, which enables the user to know the exact location of the drone during flying. Though comparatively cheaper than most photography drones, this Holy Stone HS100 camera drone also comprises GPS features, which enables safety of drone and also decreases chance of getting lost while flying.

Along with GPS assisted flight mode, this Holystone HS100 camera drone is also equipped with a Return-to-Home mode, which takes the drone back to its home position. At same time, the battery is low or the drone accidentally flies past control distance. This return-to-home feature also increases drone safety in many folds.

This particular headless mode comes very handy when you are flying a drone without any particular intention and for fun only. Especially meant for beginners; in this mode, the drone does not have any particular orientation and acts accordingly with throttle. For example, if the throttle is pushed forward, the drone goes in the same direction. Perfect for practicing drone flying as well, this mode enables the Holy Stone HS100 camera drone to rise to a certain height and then lands.

Along-with so many different features, manufacturers do not forget about the convenience factor of drones as well. Along with the Altitude hold feature, which enables the drone to fly seamlessly on a certain altitude, without any significant jumps and drops, one key take-off mode also helps the user to start flying in one-single button only. This particular model is also enabling a hand free-flying experience.


Specification Name Value
Product dimension
19.7 x 19.7 x 6.9 inches
Product weight
4.75 pounds
Camera type
Recording quality
HD 1280 X 1080 P
Battery capacity
Average flying time
Up to 15 minutes
Battery charging time
3 to 6 hours, depending on outlet capacity
Control range
500 meters
Wi-fi distance
150 meters (outdoor and unobstructed)





Where to buy Holy Stone Hs100 Drone?

You can buy the Holy Stone HS100 drone from an online shopping website, like Amazon and or you can directly buy it from the official website of Holy Stone.

How to fly Holy Stone Hs100 Drone?

The Holy Stone Hs100 Drone comes with a controller, where you can also fit your phone and connect it with the drone. The controller contains the operations which would help you in operating the drone. The manual that comes with Holy Stone HS100 consists of all the information and steps on how you can fly the drone.

How to pair a Holy Stone Hs100 Drone?

To pair a Holy Stone Hs100 Drone download the "HS GPS PRO" application from your app store and scan the QR code from the given manual so that the pairing is done.

How do I start the Holy Stone HS100 Drone?

The assembling of the Holy Stone HS100 Drone is really easy, you have to insert the camera, put the landing gears on and insert the battery, after which you are ready to go.

What are the ideal wind speeds to fly the Holy Stone Hs100 Drone in?

 It is suggested to operate or fly the Holy Stone HS100 drone in minimum wind speed, as it would be easier to fly it in such conditions.

How long should the batteries in the controller of Holy Stone Hs100 last?

The batteries of Holy Stone Hs100 Drone last for around 18 minutes, after which you need to charge the batteries again.

What type of power outlet/connector is needed to charge both Holy Stone Hs100 Drone and controller?

The final package is included with a micro USB cable and USB power adapter for charging both drone and controller.

Is a Holy Stone Hs100 Drone equipped to fly in areas with a bad telephone network?

A drone is supposed to connect with your smartphone with its in-built Wi-Fi adapter, so there is no point if there
is a full telephone network or not.

Is the Holy Stone Hs100 Drone camera attached to a gimbal?

No, gimbal is not included with this Holy Stone HS100 camera drone.

Bottom Line

So this is all about Holy Stone Hs100 Review, hope you like it Though especially meant for beginners and novice drone flyers, interesting and out-of-the-box features of this particular Holy Stone HS100 camera drone is a must-have for every drone enthusiast. No matter you are amateur or professional in drone flying, this particular drone has something unique about it to serve all. Be it their great camera quality or altitude hold one-key take-off feature. There are so many things to lure about this Holy Stone HS100 drone and that too in such an attractive price range. A perfect choice for practicing drones flying intensively. This $275-dollar drone is one of best choices to splurge on.

Loaded with so many different features like Follow-me mode, Return-to-home feature, GPS assisted flight, headless mode, etc., this drone is user-friendly and extremely easy and hassle-free to fly as well. It is Equipped with real-time transmission as we. It is a Holy Stone HS100 camera drone that also transmits all real-time footage to connected devices. With 2500mAh rechargeable batteries and 15 minutes flying time, this particular Holy Stone HS100 camera drone is definitely to drool for.

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