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Holy Stone HS120D FPV Drone with Camera

Everyone loves to have nature tours, outdoor camping, fishing, and the like. There are a lot of enjoyable things you can do if you have the best Holy Stone camera drone with you during your outdoor trips. You feel like a mini-pilot once you learn to master this Holy Stone HS120D FPV drone with a camera. There is no need for reluctance to buy one simply because you do not know how to operate the drone. What  the point buying it without knowing anythig about it. So check out Holy Stone HS120D Drone Review, before investing on it.

Holy Stone HS120D Drone Review 2020

It is very much easy to learn and operate the Holy Stone camera drone. It has simple to use keys such as one key takeoff/ landing, return to home, altitude hold, headless mode, etc. which makes it simpler for a beginner to operate the Holy Stone RC quadcopter. Even on a low battery, the GPS works well so that the drone is always under your tracking.

Holy Stone HS120D Drone Camera Features

  • Full HD camera with 1080 pixels
  • GPS tracking
  • A first-person view function
  • Longer flight time
  • Beginner-friendly drone
  • Safety features
  • Upgraded design

High quality videos and photographs are the promises of the Holystone HS120D FPV drone with a camera for adults 1080 p. You can take high fidelity photos with this best Holy Stone RC quadcopter. It consists of a 120° wide-angle lens so that you can get a widened view. So if your requirement is a good quality drone that can offer you the best quality videos and images, then the Holy Stone HS120D FPV drone with camera is the best option to choose.

As the Holy Stone HS120D drone with a camera incorporates GPS, you can get in track with this drone always, and there are negligible chances of the drone being out of track from your control. You can enable the follow-me mode for the drone to automatically follow your path. There is an option for TapFly by which you can draw the flight path over your smartphone, and the drone follows that path during its flight. So there is a lot more you can use this drone for and enjoy to your fullest.

The Holy Stone HS120D DPV drone is the best Holy Stone RC quadcopter with real-time transmission capability. You can capture and view the images even at a distance of 300 m away with its first-person view function. With the upgraded real-time transmission feature of this Holy Stone drone for beginners, you won’t experience any video lag or delay.

The Holy Stone HS120D FPV camera drone offers double the flight time as compared to another similar type of drone. With a fully charged battery, this best Holy Stone camera drone offers a longer flight time, which can last up to 18 minutes. So you capture a lot more aerial photos and videos using the Holy Stone RC quadcopter.

The Holy Stone drone for beginners is a user-friendly drone, which is very much simpler to operate. With one key takeoff/ landing, you can easily fly the drone or land the drone by just pressing a single switch. It is as easy as it is. Also, you can enable the headless mode so that there is no worry regarding the loss of direction during a flight. Also, you can switch the drone to attitude hold mode if you want the drone to be a certain height for easier controlling.

As metioned in Holy Stone HS120D Drone Review, there are a couple of safety features included in the Holy Stone HS120D Drone With Camer. As the low battery protection feature alerts you when the charge of the drone battery is running low, and you recall back home the drone. Also, the return home feature is failsafe and ensures safety even if the path is out of control by recalling it back to the origin point.

The new Holy Stone HS120D Fpv Drone With Camera For Adults 1080p comes with upgraded features and new foldable design. This lightweight drone is easy to fold and carry with you while going for outings. The remote controller has an ergonomic and comfortable design, which gives you a comfortable experience to operate the Holy Stone HS120D drone with a camera. 

Holy Stone HS120D Drone Specification

Specification Name Value
Product Dimensions
270 x 270 x 120 mm
Product Weight
221 g / 7.8 oz
Product Model Number
Holy Stone
Drone with HD camera


  • 1080p Full HD camera with 75° adjustable wide angle to capture cystal clear photos
  • One Key Start/Landing function
  • GPS Follows and Tracks
  • Longer Flight Experience


  • High fidelity camera
  • Long flight time
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Good battery life
  • Simple to operate


  • Frequent beep noise from the transmitter


How far does the Holy Stone HS120D Drone fly?

The Holy Stone HS 120D Drone can fly up to 10- 12 feet for around 15- 18 minutes.

Holy Stone HS120D Drone how to fpv?

 You can use the FPV feature of Holy Stone HS120D Drone, by downloading the app in your smartphone and then operate it from your phone easily.

How many megapixels is in the Holy Stone HS120D camera for photos?

The camera of the Holy Stone HS 120D is of 1080p, which means, the pictures that it captures is of 12 megapixels

What would be the 3d VR glasses to purchase with Holy Stone HS120D Drone?

 The VR glasses provided with the Holy Stone 120D Drone can work perfectly if it fits in your phone.

Where can I get a case to carry my Holy Stone HS120D Drone?

Holy Stone does not provide a case for the Holy Stone HS120D Drone, however, you can get a case for your drone from any shopping website like Amazon.

Will the Holy Stone HS120D Drone do a programmed auto circle around a person or object?

Holy Stone HS120D Drone does have the “follow the person” feature, so it can circle a person as a result of the feature.


The Holy Stone RC quadcopter drone is the best drone for beginners as it comes with simple control features so that anyone can learn and master it very easily. It is a good quality drone at an affordable price range. So if you want to have a good companion which you can take with you while going for trekking or camping or fishing, the Holy Stone HS120D camera drone is the right candidate. Not only photography, but there are also much more you can use this Holy Stone RC quadcopter for. It is a real entertainment device. You can use this drone with follow me mode by which the drone can follow your path. As it has inbuilt safety features, it is convenient for every beginner to use this.

The Holy Stone RC quadcopter drone with a camera is the real companion you can have with you for making your outdoor camping or outings much more enjoyable. With a high-quality camera and wide-angle lens, there is no limitation for you in capturing multiple different types of amazing videos and images.

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