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Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Drone is the best beginner drone with many salient features to enjoy. It is an excellent drone suited for kids above 14 years and should be operated under guidance of an adult. FAA drone regulations are strictly followed in weight, transmission range, and size and so there is no need for registering this drone. Holystone HS 170 Drone can be used both indoor and outdoor. Check Holy Stone Hs170 Predator Review, to make a right decision.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Review 2020

Holystone HS170 is designed to ensure best flying experience with shockproof and windproof settings. The remote control uses 2.4 GHz processors, and there are no batteries included in the pack. It has an ultra-responsive and powerful motor in quadcopter, and you need to adjust throttle slightly to maintain control. It weighs less than 0.55 lb and can fly continuously for 6-8 min upon full recharge. It has excellent landing feet with cushioning for landing accidentally or on purpose. Best Min Drone has proper landing feet and can land on purpose. It flies well and can be controlled easily without any problem. It will also crash, bump, and fall quite well. It is a fun experience to play with it.


The remote control has a 2.4 GHz processor and fits perfectly inside your hand. buttons are very simple and can be reached easily. There are no inscriptions on the button, and as soon as you open the box, you may feel difficult to operate it. The only mentioned detail is ON/OFF. After reading the manual, you will get a clear idea to use this Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone. There are two sticks to control the direction and height of the drone. It has a quick response time and is more remarkable.

It has headless mode, so you need to push the button down and hold it to be activated. When mode is active, it will give a beeping sound. There is another fun button that will make the drone flip-front or back when pressed. It will help kids enjoy a lot while using it. It also has lights to enable the drone to fly in dark. Return to home button works pretty good to get back the drone, and it is operated at high mode for enhanced performance.

Holystone HS170 Drone has a removable battery to recharge easily and enjoy continuous flying experience. The battery can be charged completely within 60 minutes and flies roughly for 8 minutes. We can also get additional batteries and change them and continue flying in less than a minute.

After installing the battery, the drone is ready to start. Light turns on, and then it obeys controls from remote. It is quiet and responds well to the environment. This Best Drone can perform stunts and evasions and some complete spins. It has 6- axis gyro stabilization for best drone experience. The toughest part of flying is that when the battery is about to drain, you may feel hard to pilot the drone back home.so it is advised to land the drone shortly after 5 minutes of flying.

There are three modes of speed ranging from beginners to experts. It can run in super-fast mode that is the highest speed for a micro quad. At low settings, response from the drone will be less and a suitable speed for beginners. Mid and high range settings bring more fun and have a good pitch rate. You can have more fun indoors and outdoors.

If you want to fly drones in the dark, yes, you can make it happen. Holystone mini RC quadcopter contains colorful LED lights to enable them to identify front and backside of drone, and it also helps us to fly it conveniently at night.Holy Stone Hs170 Drone For Sale is available on amazon don’t miss this chance.

Holystone Mini Drone Specs

Specification Name Value
Flight time
6-8 minutes
Not present
Battery capacity
350 mAh
14.4 ounces
Charging time
60 minutes
60- 80 3
10.6 inches





How far does the Holy Stone HS120D Drone fly?

The Holy Stone HS 120D Drone can fly up to 10- 12 feet for around 15- 18 minutes.

Holy Stone HS120D Drone how to fpv?

You can use the FPV feature of Holy Stone HS120D Drone, by downloading the app in your smartphone and then operate it from your phone easily.

How many megapixels is in the Holy Stone HS120D camera for photos?

The camera of the Holy Stone HS 120D is of 1080p, which means, the pictures that it captures is of 12 megapixels

What would be the 3d VR glasses to purchase with Holy Stone HS120D Drone?

The VR glasses provided with the Holy Stone 120D Drone can work perfectly if it fits in your phone.

Where can I get a case to carry my Holy Stone HS120D Drone?

 Holy Stone does not provide a case for the Holy Stone HS120D Drone, however, you can get a case for your drone from any shopping website like Amazon.

Will the Holy Stone HS120D Drone do a programmed auto circle around a person or object?

Holy Stone HS120D Drone does have the “follow the person” feature, so it can circle a person as a result of the feature.

What is in the Holy Stone HS120D Drone box?

The following things will be present in the box. 

    1. Holy Stone HS 170 predator mini quadcopter.
    2. Remote control.
    3. Batteries.
    4. USB cable.
    5. 4 Spare rotor blades.
    6. User manual.
    7. Screwdriver.
What is the flying time of a Holy Stone HS120D Drone upon full charge?

It can fly for 6-8 minutes continuously.

Is Holy Stone HS120D Drone suitable for beginners?

Yes, a good choice to learn using a drone.

What is charging time for Holy Stone HS120D Drone battery?

The charging time is 45- 60 minutes with 0.5 A supply.

Bottom Line

So Finally this is all about Holy Stone Hs170 Predator Review, this will help your for sure. This Holystone HS 170 predator mini RC helicopter drone is a quality product at a good price. This Holy Stone Mini Rc Quadcopter has a 2.4GHz controller, and the remote has simple buttons to start with. There are two sticks to move the drone up and down and right and left. There is an ON/OFF button. All you need is to add 2 AA batteries and turn on a button and enjoy flying experience. This drone does not have a camera, but it has good flying time, and the remote fits well in your palm. You will get an idea of the remote after you complete the reading instruction manual since there are no inscriptions on the remote. It can fly for 6-8 minutes, but I advise you to bring it back home after 5 minutes. You can operate remote for a distance of 60- 8- meters upon recharging for 45- 60 minutes.

Holystone mini RC drone is one of perfect gifts for children above 14 years and for those who are interested in using quadcopters. It is a good product for price and has 3 modes of operation to enable beginners, medium, and expert level people to use it. 

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