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Hover Camera Passport Drone Review 2020

Are you searching for a unique design and features in a Flying Drone? If it is like that, then you need a Hover Camera Passport Drone, a perfect option for you. In this modern era, everything will be made by using technology only. When it comes to the Drones, this device made not only for the fun purpose but also for the other purposes such as at the time of military surveillance, GPS Tracking, and mapping. Nowadays, youth want to capture every moment that they enjoyed with their loved ones.

Almost with the handy cams or smartphones, they take the snapshots. At the time of capturing selfies or group photos, they need to hold the phone with them. By doing like that, there may be a chance to miss any member/ a scenery behind them. But with the help of a Flying Camera Drone, you can capture the moment that you want to. Let’s discuss the Drone Reviews of Hover Camera Passport which includes Features, Specifications along with the Pros and Cons.

Best Flying Drone Hover Camera Passport

Using a Camera Drone is more advantageous than a smartphone. Around the world, most of the people especially youth and children use the mobile. Because of the long use of smartphones, the eyes will get strained. That’s why the eye-sight problems are appearing. To avoid those type of health issues, it is better for to use a Drone. You can use the drone in many ways. Fly the Hover Camera Passport Drone at a sky-high & imagine that you are flying in the sky. It’s the excellent feel for you. Do aerial videography and capture the images with the Flying Drone.

If your drone is portable and foldable, then it is easy to carry anywhere. While traveling or going for a tour/ camp, you can take this with you. Hover Camera Passport, one of the best drone with camera in the Top Drone Brands that we have at present. In the Drones also, there are huge varieties of models. But this drone is very different one. Features such as portability and foldable nature are not possible in all the drones. In the Hover Camera Passport Flying Drone, you can get them. In the forthcoming sections, reviews on hover camera passport.


  • Cost-effective, Light Weight & Safe
  • A Brand New User Experience; Honors & Awards
  • Auto Follow & Autonomous Flight
  • Portable
  • Gesture Control, Orbit & 360 Spin

If you want a Best Drone with Camera, i.e., Hover Camera Quadcopter then it is necessary for you to know about its price. The Flying Drone Hover Camera Passport Price is 799.00 Dollars. Now you know the price, then what are you waiting for? The Hover Camera Passport for Sale begins. Since it is a Portable Flying Drone, it weighs up to 242 grams only. This Hover Camera Passport enclosed with a carbon fiber which gives a safe and smooth flight performance.

Most of the people don’t know, how to use the Drone. For those type of people only there are Beginner FPV Quadcopter to learn about it. If you have a Hover Camera Passport Flying Drone with you then it is not necessary for a flight experience. In a word, the Hover Camera Drone designed for ease-of-use.

The Hover Camera Passport Flying Camera has received many awards for its unique and similar design. Its the one and only Drone that is special in the design and looks throughout the world. From RedDot, CES Innovation, iF Design & finally Rotor Drone, it awarded as a Best Racing Drone.

By using a Technology called Face Detection, the hover camera passport has an ability to face or body and provides a smooth and hurdle free journey. If you want to fly a drone without the smartphone then there is a mode in Hover Camera Passport named Owner Mode. It finds you and follows you automatically.

Any customer looks for the comfort if he/she going to purchase a product. If a product is easy to carry then it is free for them. In the same way, there are excellent features in the Hover Camera Passport Drone. It’s none other than the Portability & foldable. With its travel-friendly size, you can fit this Flying Drone in a small bag with ease. You can also the Best Portable Camera Drone.

Like other Flying Drones, you need not capture the photos and videos with the help of a remote controller. With an excellent feature called Gesture Control, you can snap photos by using a hand gesture itself. Do you know why the Hover Camera Passport pronounced as orbit? Because this Drone with Camera revolves around you and also captures a video in the 360 Degrees. iOS and Android App provides multi-filming modes at the time of videography.


Specification Name Value
Hover Camera
Item Model Number
Hover Camera Passport Drone
8.9 x 6.5 x 4.9 inches
Item Weight
2.69 pounds
Name of the Product
Hover Camera Passport
799.00 Dollars
Item Weight
2.7 Pounds
Recommended Age
Above 12 years
Carbon Fiber
Lithium Ion
Battery Type
7.6 Volts
4208 * 2120 pixels
8 m/s or 17 mph
Hovering/ Flight Time
10 mins

Hover Camera Passport Reviews

Presenting the brand new and award-winning drone all around the world. The Hover Camera became famous for its special and unique design. You cannot get this design/model in any other drones. It is made up of a safe carbon fiber material so that it protects your hands when flying. While coming to the technology, face detection technique used in the Hover Camera Passport Best Drone. With the face detection, it tracks your face whenever you want to smoothen your journey. The Hover Camera Passport’s Owner Mode feature lets you find and follows you automatically. This feature is also known as Auto Follow.

Like a book/ dairy,  fold this Hover Camera & and place it in a small bag and take away with you while traveling. This Flying Camera, i.e., Hover Camera circles/ revolves around you. At 360 Degrees, you can capture the panoramic/ scenic video so that you can cover the entire environment. In a word, become the self-flying personal photographer with the help of Hover Camera Passport. Give whatever pose that you want to give with just a hand gesture. Yes, in the Hover Best Camera Drone, there is a Gesture Control. Control the live visual & camera with the Hover CameraApp on iPhone or any other smartphone. To gain all these benifits, purchase a Hover Camera Passport Flying Drone.

What’s Present In the Box?

  • Rechargeable Adapter
  • Hover Camera Passport Hold Case
  • Lipo Battery Pack (2 Batteries)
  • Easy Carry Bag
  • Hover Camera Passport Manual for a Quick Start


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Easy to Carry


  • Hover Camera Drone has added many honors and awards for its unique and excellent design in its account
  • Hover Camera Passport Drone is a foldable, i.e., folds like a small notebook & fits in your bag
  • One of the best and portable flying drones
  • Automatically follows you and track your face through face detection technology
  • Lightweight & safe to carry while traveling
  • Captures up to 4K Video and clicks 13MP stunning & amazing photographs
  • After capturing store the images & videos in a built-in non-removable 32GB memory


  • When compared to any other drones, a Hover Camera Passport is little bit pricey
  • Only flies up to 20m away
  • Heavy wind current shows a great impact on the Hover Passport Flying Camera
  • Because of its light & compact size, the Battery Life is low


How much does the Hover Camera Passport drone weigh?

Hover Camera Passport drone has a weight of 2.6 pounds

How do you fly a Hover Camera drone?

To fly the Hover Camera Passport Drone,

  • Connect the provided battery to the drone
  • Start the drone and connect the drone to your phone over Wifi.
  • For that you need to install the Hover app. Now, go to the wifi settings and connect to ‘HoverCamera’.
  • Press the start button on the Drone to let it fly.
  • Now you can control it using the phone.

You can also fly the Hover Camera Passport drone through gestures, as it has the feature of gesture control and auto follow.


Durable, foldable and portable are multi-special features that you will get in one and only Hover Camera Passport Best Rated Drone. Without wasting a single minute, check the Hover Camera Passport Reviews. After that buy it and plan a trip with your family & friends. Finally, don’t forget to take this Hover Camera Passport Drone along with you.

Hover Camera Passport Drone is well known for its design and technology. It is not only foldable but also portable and lightweight which we can carry easily anywhere. Though it is a bit pricey, it worths every single penny of ours.

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