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Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Review 2020

Here is a spectacular review of the best flying Drone. We always strive to find the best value for your money. While keeping this in mind, Today, we bring you a review of the Brand new model from Hubsan, i.e., the Hubsan H501S X4 review. As you already know, Hubsan has produced several best Drones, success in the market, and is well known as the low-cost toy drones manufacturer in the United States. You will get the Hubsan H501S X4 brushless quadcopter, a fascinating drone available on Amazon. Now, without further delay, let us move on to the best Drone review – Hubsan 501S, the neat looking quadcopter, and its complete FPV package RTF out of the box. Also, here you can check the previous Hubsan model Hubsan x4 H107L an amazing drone.

Hubsan X4 H501S Advanced Drone

Hubsan releases the H501S, a compact brushless Drone, including a 1080p camera to offers the best stills ever. Hubsan X4 H501S is a great looking drone specifically aimed at the Follow Me feature with a dual GPS. It isn’t easy to find the Follow Me function within this price range. If you are searching for an affordable Follow Me drone, I’m sure you will be quite interested in this Hubsan H501S X4 Review. Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless Drone – Advanced version includes a full 5.8G FPV gear (Transmitter and FPV screen). And you will get around 20min of flight time with this Superfast Hubsan Drone.

This 300mm Hubsan X4 H501S Drone can represent the perfect companion for your mountain tripping, Sunday sports training session, or any outdoor situations. The Hubsan X4 FPV Drone features a 1080P HD camera and FPV transmitter with a 5.8GHz wireless video transmission. The latest 6-axis flight control system keeps this unit stable in flight. With the large 2700mAh Lipo Battery included in Hubsan, H501S keeps you in the air for about 19 minutes. Built-in GPS and altimeter of Hubsan H501S X4 5.8g FPV Brushless with 1080p HD Camera GPS RC Quadcopter RTF allow for a wide range of flying features like a return to home, follow me, and hold the position.


This relatively small Hubsan H501S X4 quadcopter is with dimensions 22 x 22 x 7cm. H501S X4 quadcopter is made of a common ABS Plastic material, which is light in weight and durable enough to resist most hits and crashes. To ensure that this Hubsan X4 H501S FPV Drone won’t break or bend easily. The Hubsan H501S Advanced comes in two different variations, gold and white and gold, and black.

Hubsan X4 H501S Camera Quadcopter has a built-in 1080p resolution camera. Image quality is quite good, and slightly above average for the Drones with this price range. The 120º Field of the View camera lens can be used for both photographs and recording videos. The real-time video transmission in this Best Drone is done via a 5.8 GHz frequency directly to the built-in 4.3- inch screen on the remote controller. As already told, Hubsan’s H501S X4 Drone Camera comes with a complete First Person View package. This Best Drone with a Camera offers Live video streaming in good quality and without delay or latency. The captured images and recorded videos are saved into a Micro-SD card, placed right into the Hubsan H501S X4 Drone.


The Brand New H501S X4 quadcopter has fantastic flight time and slightly above average for a drone within this price range. With the long and powerful 7.4V, 2700mAh Lipo battery will provide continuous fun during flight up to 20 minutes. While considering the flight time for average drones with this price range is just 15 minutes. By this, we can tell how Hubsan H501S X4 once again stands out from the rest. Also, the KV1650 PM1806 brushless motors of this Hubsan New Drone cool off while changing the batteries and give it around 5 to 10 minutes before you initiate flight again.

Hubsan H501S X4 Advanced Drone comes with a 2.4 GHz remote controller, which is easy to handle. The built-in FPV monitor, OSD live data, easy access are some of the salient features of this Best RC drone. The maximum control distance of Hubsan H501s X4 fpv Brushless Quadcopter is around 300 meters, somewhat of a long-range considering other Best RC drone price ranges.

H501S X4 battery weighs about 105 gm and takes around 150 minutes (2:30 Hours) to charge. With the 2700 mAh Lipo battery inside with a 7.4 Volt rating, this New Hubsan Drone offers ultimate performance. This Hubsan H501S Drone is capable enough to provide a maximum flight time of 20 minutes. You can recharge it with an EU adapter that takes about one hour to fuel it up.

The most important thing to be noted in this Best Toy Drone is its KV1650 PM1806 brushless motors. Most Cheap Drones have brushed motors. However, this Hubsan Toy drone h501S is the brushless motor one. Brushless motors Drone are slightly more powerful and much more durable than the average Drone in the market.



Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
220 x 70 x 220 inches
Item Weight
3.6 pounds
Battery Capacity
7.4V 2700mAh
Charging Time
150 minutes approximately
Battery Type
1080P HD
KV1650 PM1806 Brushless Motors
300 meters
Built in Transmitter
Remote Frequency
FPV Transmission
5.8 GHz Frequency
6 Axis
FPV Screen Size
4.3 inch LCD

Hubsan H501S Review

Among the Hubsan Drones, H501S X4 is the new quadcopter, an improved version of the Hubsan X4 H107C drone. This Hubsan H501S professional Drone is one of the best Hubsan releases ever. With the combination of all the latest technologies, this Hubsan X4 H501S advanced available on Amazon. This new Hubsan Drone will be impressed with so many hidden features, and it has a wonderful feature pack with such a reasonable price tag. Along with a single battery charge, Hubsan X4 H501S – Advanced Drone can stay in the air for up to 20 minutes. Hubsan X4 H501S quadcopter designed with a brushless motor, and it has self-tightening propellers with a 1080 pixel camera that offers the first-person view. Check Hubsan h501s for sale on Amazon with the latest.





How fast is the Hubsan X4 H501S?

With a powerful 7.4V, 2700mAh LiPo battery, this Hubsan X4 H501S drone can fly up to 20 minutes and covers around 150 feet of area.

What is flight time on the Hubsan X4 H501S quadcopter?

The flight time of Hubsan X4 H501S is around 20 minutes with full charge.

How to use Hubsan H501S X4?

 You can use the Hubsan H501S X4 drone for shooting videos, for capturing images and many more. It even has headless mode. There is a built in GPS and altimeter in this drone which helps you to access a wide range of features like return to home, follow me, and hold position.

How to calibrate a Hubsan X4 H501S?

To calibrate the Hubsan X4 H501S drone, 

  • Turn the drone on and switch on the controller.
  • Wait till the camera of the drone establishes a link.
  • Now, you can see “CALIB COMPASS 1” on the screen of the controller.
  • Turn the drone in clockwise direction until that prompt disappears.
  • Better calibrate away from devices like mobile, keys or others to avoid the interference.
  • When the prompt changes to “CALIB COMPASS 2”, turn the drone up vertically and rotate it in anticlockwise direction.
  • Once the prompt is disappeared, the Hubsan X4 H501S is now calibrated and you can fly it.
How to remove the battery from Hubsan X4 H501S?

 Flip the Hubsan X4 H501S drone and under that you can see the battery compartment. There will be cable that comes out of the battery which you can see outside. Now remove the screws and with the help of the cable you pull out the battery or you can push the battery from the backside instead of pulling the cable.

What is the range of the Hubsan H501S?

The Hubsan H501S drone range is around 300 meters.

How much does the Hubsan H501S weight?

The Hubsan H501S weighs about 3.6 pounds.

How do you start a Hubsan H501S?

To start the Hubsan H501S drone, you need to first connect it and turn it on. Switch on the transmitter and then calibrate it using the above mentioned process and then your H501S drone will be ready to fly.

Does Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Drone have live video feed on a controller?

Yes, Hubsan H501S X4 FPV Drone has a live video feed on the controller. However, it is mainly for FPV flying.

Does this Hubsan H501S X4 Drone come with the Battery for the drone?

Yes, Hubsan H501S X4 Drone does come with 1 Lithium Polymer battery.

Bottom Line

Then What is your opinion on this Hubsan H501S X4 review? What do you think of this powerful mini Drone? Want to enjoy the fun of flying a drone with this many features and for a long time? I am sure that you can experience this amazing drone performance at this very affordable price (Under $300)! If you’re looking for an easy-to-fly drone with a first-person-view camera, then the Hubsan H501S X4 is well priced for you. Hurry up! Hubsan H501s for sale on Amazon with the latest offers. Happy flying drone lovers..!!

Hubsan H501S X4 has a wide set of powerful features and its GPS. This headless mode, follow me mode, OSD live data, one-key return, and landing are the beauty of this H501S Drone. Best for “selfie” photos because of its Follow me mode and 1080p HD inbuilt camera

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