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Drones are of great use these days because they are efficient and durable. Drones are machines that can fly without having any human pilot. The formal name of the drone is UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). The primary purpose of UAVs is for aerial photography, racing, and commercial use. One of the best drones used for the commercial purpose is IFM Flying Robots. These drones have several applications like:

  • To supply medicines.
  • To monitor the environment.
  • Thermal drones are for rescue purpose.
  • For fire fighting.

IFM Flying Robots Overview

Marc Gyongyosi is the founder of IFM and designed this drone to survey the warehouse. Gyongyosi believes that the indoor drones prevent a complete failure by detecting the issue long before inspection. The warehouse has to shut down for days of time because the workers should manually check each box. Sometimes binoculars are used to verify the product on top shelves. This process is also prone to errors and loss inventory. So for this purpose IFM, Flying robots are very useful. For an accurate stock efficiency and to update the data day by day which are prone to errors IFM flying robots are utilized.  Marc considers drone as a buzz word and calls it as Flying Robots.

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All About IFM

Gyongyosi is the founder and CEO of IFM technologies. The startup has developed devices that fly up and down in warehouse to track inventory. “First of all, ‘drones’ is a buzzword right?” Gyongyosi said. They build autonomous systems robots that happen to be flying, and its main job is to collect data repetitively and with extremely high accuracy.”Instead of people manually mapping out the information, we can automate that process with our flying robot,” inMarc said. Gyongyosi and two Northwestern computer science Ph.D. students, Siddarth Jain who specializes in robotics and perception and Nathan Matsuda who focuses on computational imaging and sensors have been working for the past two years to develop a hardware and software solution that can handle the unique challenges of flying indoors. Unlike typical outdoor drones, it doesn’t run on GPS or have sensors.

Review for IFM Flying Robots

  • The 3D scanning to maintain accuracy in the data and to update them.
  • This Quadcopter has a great fly time about 20 minutes and has an excellent flight performance.
  • The drone is lightweight and small for a good performance.
  • Warehouse shifts, taking off autonomously, scanning the aisles, landing themselves for a recharge are some of the unique features of this Flying Robots.
  • As the drones fly indoors, GPS is not observed and as a substitute for this they use scanning.
  • These are mainly for indoors like warehouses.
  • This UAV relive in computer vision and their own algorithms to locate itself in space.

Special Features of Flying Robots.

  • Motion Capture:
  • Camera:
  • GPU:
  • 3D scanning:
As an alternative to the GPS, these robots have motion capture or radio. By this feature, the drones can detect physical objects around them to avoid collisions.

IFM flying Robots

A single camera is mounted on the drone, so that uses the data from the camera to resolve their issues. As this single camera is not sufficient thy added second camera wich is mounted at a 45-degree angle for a larger field of vision.

IFM Flying Robots Camera

GPU(Graphical Processing Unit) process the data for times faster than (Central Processing Unit)CPU and its frequency ranges from 5.5 Hz to 9.8 Hz.

GPU of Flying Robots

For high-precision management of the data and update, them regularly these drones use scanning feature.

3D scanning

Features of IFM Flying Robots


The IFM flying robots are light weight and small so that they can easily travel in indoors. As this drone does not have GPS we can operate them autonomously.

Flight time:

This UAV has an excellent flight performance and has a flight time more than 20 minutes.

Flight Performance:

These Quadcopters take off autonomously and land themselves automatically when they are out of battery. This drone have a great flight performance.


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The Verdict

The company is about to take charge for the production of Flying robots, and it is going to release the commercial version of these robots. They are about to add some of the advanced features in the UAVs, and we let you know the details soon. These are specially designed for the warehouse which is operated in indoors.

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