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ImmersionRC Vortex 250 PRO Drone Review 2020

Are you a drone racer and searching for the best racing Drone to win all the racing competitions? If yes, here is an ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro Drone to satisfy all the requirements that a racer looks for. Instead of playing indoor or outdoor games or using smartphones, most of the people in the world nowadays using these flying Drones. The kids to adults are using because these Drones provide a lot of entertainment.

Many of us want to frame a moment in a selfie or groupie, for that we generally use a mobile or else a handy cam. With these camera Drones, you can take aerial photography & also a video if you want to take it. Not only for the fun purpose, but you can use this Drone for racing competitions also. That’s why these are also known as racing Drones. If you are the one who has a habit of racing with the drones, then the ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro Flying Camera is the best option for you. To know more about the Vortex 250 Pro, you need to check out the ImmersionRC vortex pro drone review.

Vortex Pro Drone for Sale

When it comes to the term called the race, many types of Racing Competitions are held worldwide. A few of them are bike, car, electric scooter, and so on. Recently, the Drone racing league added into this fast-growing world. Not only in the United States but also the neighboring countries like Argentina, Barbuda, Brazil, etc., the Drone racing held every year. If you have a habit of racing, then the Flying Drone race is a very interesting one.

To make race smoother and if you want to beat all other competitors, then Drone Vortex 250 pros, the best-graded Racing Drone. The race drone competitions have been done by using the First-person View(FPV Systems). What an FPV exactly means these are mostly used in RC Planes. Now, it is the time for the multi-rotor flying Drones because of their craze in this modern era. If you are taking part in the Drone racing league, use the Immersion Vortex 250 Pro. Make sure to refer vortex pro drone reviews before buying it for home.

vortex pro 4k Drone FEATURES

If you are going to participate in the Drone Racing League, you need the best racing Drone. ImmersionRC Vortex Pro, one of the best Drones under $500. If the customer feels that the product is very strong and durable, they only think about buying the product. In the Vortex Pro 4k Drone, you can see the 3K Twill-Weave Carbon Fiber, 250-sized Mini-Quad with 4mm CF Arms, and finally and unbreakable 4mm Carbon Fiber Flat Arms.

The Vortex 250 Pro Immersion RC Drone is a pure-bred racer. It meant for the racing purpose only. That’s why the Vortex 250 Pro is popularly known as the best racing Drone from the top Drones that we have at present. The Vortex 250 main motto is to give a win-record for you. It is specially designed for the collision of objects that comes infront of your way.

The flight controller is very important for your drone. In the Vortex 250 cRacing Drone also you can get the fusion F3 flight controller. The F3 Processor in the ImmersionRC gives the double performance than the F1 controller. It provides a better and quick flight performance. The new-interference reduction feature is introduced to reduce the risk of radio interference from others. It is none other than the dynamic power control.

In the Vortex Drones, an Onboard NexWaveRF 5.8 GHz video transmitter available. Immersion RC Vortex 250 Pro is designed in such a way so that it becomes compatible with any 5.8 GHz A/V Rx receivers. The transmitter power automatically gets low when the 250 Pro deactivated or ready to start for the race.

ImmersionRC vortex 250 pros arf 350mw come up with the camera mount, supporting both the flight cam and GoPro (an HD Camera). The GoPro Camera Mount that a Vortex 250 Pro contains is a shock-absorbing camera mount. A high-speed recorder for the flight controller data is the one and only Blackbox Recorder in the Immersion RC Vortex 250 Pro Camera Drone. It locates in the flash memory of the Fusion Gen2 flight controller board.

vortex 250 pro arf 350mw SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Product Dimesions
14.6 x 12.7 x 3.5 inches
Item Weight
3.15 pounds
Name of the Product
ImmersionRC Vortex 250 PRO ARF 350 MW Drone
Recommended Age
13 Years
Flying Speed
Up to 6o mph
2204-2300kV Custom Motors
3s/4s Lithium Polymer Batteries Required
4mm CF Arms & 250-sized Mini Quad
Buit-in 2MB Black Box Recorder
Video Transmitter
On-board NexWaveRF 5.8 GHz
Camera Mount
GoPro Camera Mount
FatShark 700TVL CMOS v2
Fusion Gen2(f3) Flight Controller

ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Drone Reviews

After receiving a grand success with the Vortex 285 then the ImmersionRC released a Vortex 250 Pro. The ImmersionRC Drones will come in use for the Drone race competitions. When you look to the product for the first time, you doubt in your mind that with what material the ImmersionRC Vortex Drone 250 Pro made up of. When coming to the durability/reliability of the Immersion RC Drone Camera, it uses a 4mm carbon fiber, which is very thick flat arms. Vortex 250 Pro also has a 2mm-thick CF Top Plate and 2mm-thick FR4 skid plates. It means there is no chance for you to out from the race.

The Vortex Pure Pro 350mw comes with the OEM zipper case. In the 250 Pro, you can get the NewWaveRF 5.8GHz video transmitter. F3 flight controller, full-graphic OSD, onboard black box recorder, GoPro (3/4) camera mount, and so on are integrated into the Immersion RC Vortex 250 Pro Flying Drone. In a word, the Vortex 250 Pro is a purebred racer. To know about these Features deeply, then you need to check the Immersion Vortex Reviews. In this article, you can find them.

Vortex Pro 4k HD Dual Camera Drone Review by customers

  • Custom on-screen display layouts such as EzOSD, HUD, race, and gaming layouts available.
  • 7 ARM processors, i.e., 4 ESCs of 32-bit ARM unit, one for the flight controller, one for display(on-screen), and another for an LED board.
  • It contains onboard graphic OSD (On Screen Display).
  • The accessories for the Vortex 250 Pro Flying Camera Drone available on multiple colors. They are hot pink, lime green, white, orange, and black.





Get all the information through the Vortex 250 Pro Immersion RC Drone Review. Become no.1 buyer of the pure-bred racer, i.e., ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro Drone with Camera & videography options. Enjoy the Drone racing competition because the Vortex 250 Pro’s performance will be the icing on the cake.

On buying the ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro Drone, you need to worry about crashing as it has thick carbon fiber plates. Another interesting thing is, it supports both GoPro HD Cam and flight cam as it comes with a camera mount. So, buy this lightweight drone now on Amazon at the best price.

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