KOOME Wifi FPV RC Quadcopter with 1080P HD Camera – Perfect for both Kids and Adults!


Camera quality
Battery life

KOOME Drone With 1080P HD Camera

A KOOME drone with a 1080P HD camera is not just an average beginner drone, but one that has an aesthetically interesting beauty. It is available in black and has a wonderful design. Some of its essential features are a single key return functionality that guards drone against being missed, a headless mode, and a 720p optimized WIFI camera. Real-time pictures from ground are displayed on screen, which is present on remote control.

KOOME 1080 HD Camera Drone Review 2020

With this Best KOOME Drone camera, you can capture and take live videos and photos to save happy moments. This KOOME foldable drone can fly for about 14 minutes when charged fully, so you can have lots of entertainment and fun and explore larger areas. It is easy to control for beginners, and gyro 6-axis 4 channels tiny flyers will automatically drift at some height. With help of FYD-FPV app, you can control the KOOME Drone With 1080P HD Camera Drone by adjusting horizontal and vertical positions of the smartphone.


As mentioned in KOOME 1080 HD Camera Drone Review,  Its Advanced HD camera captures pictures with high loyalty. There is a trigger button on the controller to capture videos and photos, and these files are saved on to the phone directly so that you can easily view photos and videos. Camera’s quality is superior to the first class.

This Tiny KOOME Wifi FPV RC Quadcopter drone can fly for about 14 minutes with a completely charged battery and provides you sufficient time to have joy and fun. KOOME Wi-Fi FPV RC Quadcopter drone comes with an extra rechargeable battery of 650 mAh to replace and have extended battery life. With 14 minutes flying, you can capture a number of pictures and videos.

Small but powerful Quadcopter drone features altitude hold, headless mode, 3-speed controls and 3D flips, single key for starting / landing. The drone will automatically hover at some height to aid you to capture a clear photo. You don’t need to worry about losing the route; strong protectors make sure high security, protection, and proffer safe crash. You can alter the speed according to your operation proficiency. Best drones for kids and adults, beginners, and kids can have fun, joy, and easy to operate.

Its portable and handy design makes this drone easy and simple to pack-up and carry it to any place. You can operate drones upon installation of FYD-FPV application in smartphone, iPod to activate many functions like trajectory flight mode, voice-control mode, 360-degree rotation, G-sensor mode. With trajectory flight form, the device will track your traditional path, which is powerful and easy. Accurate speech detection in application helps to control easily by voice. You can control drones by altering the horizontal and vertical pose of Smartphones using FYD-FPV app.

Just with the push of a key, you can take-off quickly and make an emergency landing. When you feel that the drone is out-of-control, you can utilize this feature to decrease the possibility of damage or loss. This drone is also equipped with controlled LED lights; you can “ON” them when you are flying a drone at night that will help you in locating the drone.

  • 1*1080 HD Drone
  • 1*2.4 GHz remote controller
  • 2*650 mAh batteries
  • 1- USB cable for charging
  • 2- extra propellers
  • 4- propeller guards
  • 4- landing gears
  • 1- screwdriver
  • 10+ screws
  • 1- manual


Specification Name Value
Product name
Drone dimensions
18 * 18* 4 cm
1080P HD
Battery capacity
650 mAh
Flying time
14 min
Max charging time
80 minutes
Video transmission range
100 m
Control range
120 M
Batteries included
Package weight
550 g





How to access the KOOME 1080 HD Camera Drone?

You can connect the phone with the KOOME 1080 HD Camera Drone in order to get access to the camera of the drone. As this does not have a SD slot, therefore, your phone needs to have a strong internet connection for the image transmission and FYD-FPV app control, in order to get the perfect shoot.

If the blades need replacing, which blades will work for KOOME 1080 HD Camera Drone?

 You can buy the same blades which the KOOME 1080 HD Camera Drone had when you bought it. The specifications and the name of the blades are provided in the package, which you can get from the official website or from any shopping website.

Does KOOME 1080 HD Camera Drone have a one button return?

 No, KOOME 1080 HD Camera Drone does not have a one- button return feature. However, you can control the drone, if it gets out of control, with the one key take off and landing feature.

How long is the charging time of the battery for KOOME 1080 HD Camera Drone?

The KOOME 1080 HD camera drone takes around 35 to 40 minutes for getting fully charged.

Can KOOME 1080 HD Camera Drone hold a load rating?

This KOOME Drone Camera with a camera has a load rating; it can hold things less than 5g.

How far is this KOOME 1080 HD Camera Drone range?

The control range of KOOME drone is around 100 meters.

Does KOOME 1080 HD Camera Drone is included with an extra battery?

Yes, you are given an additional battery. You can buy them online and they are always available.

Bottom Line

KOOME Drone is an excellent device that is not so complicated to set-up and easy to control with a number of capabilities. It has a great design, particularly the wing can be adjustable, which is very flexible for storing and carrying. Entire device is light-weight with copious functions. You can control KOOME FPV RC Quadcopter Drone through smart mobile phones via FYD-FPV app easily. This Best Drone responds efficiently and speedily to every command you give. Drone device is light-weight and quiet and lasts long to smack and little collisions. Single button landing and take-off are excellent and function completely. It is the best beginner’s drone for sale and is recommended for adults, kids, and beginners who can have fun and joy with a lot of entertainment in capturing photos and videos.

KOOME 1080P HD camera drone- for beginners, kids, and adults- altitude hold- single key landing and take-off, FPV RC 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Quadcopter, headless mode- long flight time- clear picture capture- convenient LED light- G-sensor mode- foldable drone- easy to fly for beginners- fun at capturing videos and photos- 1-year warranty.

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