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Potensic RC Helicopter Quadcopter A20

When it comes to buying toys for children, it becomes very difficult to choose best for our kids. As a parent, we always want our children to learn one or other thing even while playing. One of such best kids drone in Potensic A20 nini Quadcopter. This Potensic RC Helicopter Quadcopter with remote will teach children precision and give them knowledge of height. Racing drones will teach them time management skills and will develop a true sportsman spirit and a feeling of competition. Now Let’s get into the complete Potensic A20 Mini Drone Review to know more about it.

Potensic A20 Mini Drone Review 2020

Potensic A20 is the best drone for kids because of its lightweight and easy portability. Potensic mini drone for beginners is operated with a simple 2.4 G remote control. The drone is equipped with 2 removable batteries that are rechargeable. These toys dones introduce your kids to pull them out of the house in fresh and free outdoors under limitless sky. Potensic mini drone for beginners is paired up with a pair of removable and rechargeable batteries that help the drone to soar sky. Each battery is powered to help your drone catch a flight up to 12 minutes of duration. Once the battery is out of power, you can easily remove it from the body and charge it again for the next flight. Till then, you can use another battery from the pair and continue playing. The battery gets recharged within 35 minutes.

Potensic A20 FEATURES

A Potensic upgraded A20 mini drone with its four sets of flying structure makes it the best quadcopter for kids to use for playing. With this feature, it becomes a fun-filled activity for children to play outdoors. Today’s technology-friendly kids like this feature a lot as it enables the drone to fly smoothly up to great heights. Auto hovering function of a mini drone makes it a stable helicopter and hence easy for your child’s little hands to control and stabilize flight of drone.

A Potensic RC helicopter Quadcopter comes with a headless mode that allows its user to use it any way upside down. This feature makes it the best drone for kids as it doesn’t require to use quadcopter in a specific orientation. It helps to keep technical aspects silent and let your child have maximum fun and joy. Altitude hold feature of the Potensic A20 mini drone allows the drone to let you enjoy steady and stable hovering at the height of your choice. This feature will be best used when your drone is supporting to shoot videos or click pictures from a height.

The Potensic Drone For Beginners comes with a 2.4 G Remote controller with 2 attached batteries for power supply. Remote control is designed, keeping in mind its use by little pilots. Joystick supporting use of remote control gives ease to use directive and controlling features of drones efficiently. Its ease of use makes it the best drone for beginners.

Remote-controlled mini drone from Potensic comes with the function of adjusting speed of flying drone. You can now fly your mini drone at three different speed levels by easily adjusting it from Remote control. As a beginner, you can start with low-speed flying, and once you get a hold over flying toys, you can gradually increase speed from medium to high. Thus, you can practice flying drones at low speed without fear of clashing favorite toys with any obstacle. After a perfect hold, you can fly your toy at high speed like a pro with confidence.

Mini drone is designed in such a way and operated with remote control makes it easy to operate and control shifting your focus from technical using aspects to real-time fun and frolic with flying toys. one key knob for easy take-off and landing not only makes remote control minimalist but also eases out usage and control. Controlling directions is also easy with this joystick supporting remote control. One will also find features of an emergency stop to avoid any accidents or breaking of flying drones.

Quadcopter from Potensic is made of lightweight material, which makes it easy to carry outdoors. Also, structural dimensions are kept as per its customers that are kids. The width of this drone is just equal to the width of an iPhone 5. All these features make it easy to port at your favorite park or picnic place.

Potensic mini drone for kids is designed with the feature of an emergency landing. With a one-button push, you can direct your drone to make an emergency and auto guided landing avoiding any collisions and damage to toys. Also, you will find four propellers of quadcopter designed in a round structure that makes it least prone to any damage in accidents and hence protects your favorite expensive toy.

manufacturing company, Potensic, provides 1 year of manufacturing support over its product and gives free services and replacement of any faulty product. Thus, you can ensure a secure and up – to – date product at your doorstep with money you have invested. It is approved to be used as a toy by the US government adhering to certification of the FAA.

Potensic A20 drone SPECS

Specification Name Value
One key takeoff and landing, Headless Mode
Product Dimension
3.1 * 1.2 * 3.5 inches
Product Weight
4.8 ounces
Product Model Number
US – A20 – Green
3 Lithium Metal batteries
Recommended age
8 Years and above





How long is the flight time for the Potensic A20 Mini Drone?

The flight time of the Potensic A20 Mini Drone is around 2 to 4 minutes, whereas it can fly for around 15- 20 minutes when fully charged.

What is the price of a Potensic A20 Mini Drone?

The price of the Potensic A20 Mini Drone $28

How long does Potensic A20 Mini Drone fly before getting uncharged?

 The Potensic A20 Mini Drone would fly for around 5-6 minutes before getting fully uncharged.

Can Potensic A20 Mini Drone perform flips?

This drone is not designed to perform flips but allows auto – hovering with stable flight at height.

Which form of batteries are suitable for Potensic A20 Mini Drone?

The drone is supported by AA batteries. 

Bottom Line

With positive Potensic A20 Mini Drone Review , you will  Potensic is a great technical toy to invest money in. It is designed to keep in mind its target audience that is children. It is highly easy to learn to operate this Best Drone Under $50 even easier to fly it. simplicity of its usage and monitoring from simple remote control makes it a great drone for beginners to learn flying drones. With its headless mode and stable auto hovering due to its altitude hold makes it easy to fly a mini drone for a stable flight.

A Potensic A20 Quadcopter drones have higher stability with auto hovering and altitude hold functionality for a stable flight at a fixed height. Also, headless mode of drone makes it easy to fly without worries of orientation. Overall, it is the best mini drone for beginners or kids.

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