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Potensic Mini Drone A20 RC Nano Quadcopter

In the world of DJI, Ninja, and other giant names of Drone worlds, manufacturers like Potensic are still blooming and try their level best to give a shape to every consumer flying dreams. Though launched a few years back, Potensic is already known for manufacturing great quality drones, especially mini and Nano ones, in an extremely affordable price range. With user-oriented innovations and a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, Potensic is devoted to design and develop great quality drones, which are loaded with heaps of unique and user-friendly features. extremely efficient engineers, designers, and developers are not only creating high-quality products, but efficient support and post buying assistance also acts as a primary reason behind becoming this Potensic Mini Drone A20 Rc Nano Quadcopter one of best-selling ones in the market. Here is complete Potensic A20 Rc Nano Drone Review before you choose the Best Drone For Beginners.

Potensic A20 RC Nano Drone Review 2020

With most simple and user-friendly features, Potensic A20 Nano drone is not only perfect for beginners and kids but also a great affordable drone to polish up all drone flying skills as well. Mini drones are the best choice for anybody when they are about to start their drone flying journey.  This Potensic A20 Rc Nano Drone Review, will help you  choose a quadcopter, with a sleek and compact design. Though a small pocket size drone from size context, its sturdy exterior is strong enough to withstand any types of physical impacts and abuses, which are pretty common when someone tries to fly a drone for the very first time. Now loaded with heaps of interesting features, flying this Potensic Mini Drone A20 Rc Nano Quadcopter  is also a very exciting and fun-filled experience by all means.

Potensic Mini Drone A20 FEATURES

As it is a nano drone, it is a pretty obvious fact that the drone will possess a smart and sleek and extremely lightweight design. Small enough to fly in both indoor and outdoor spaces, Potensic A20 mini quadcopter is also weighed less than 100 gm. So, there is no FAA registration required to fly this Potensic A20 Rc Nano Drone as well. As it is easily coming in your small purse, carrying it to different places is also the easiest thing to do. From small side slings to packed backpacks, this Potensic A20 mini drone can be fitted anywhere. Despite its small size, well-structured design and extremely sturdy exterior can resist impacts and frequent crashes to some extent as well.

Being a nano copter, misconception floated around a moderately powered battery, which does not give a decent flying time. But in the case of this best Potensic drone for Kids, the idea is pretty contradictory. To everybody’s awe, with its powerful batteries, it enables the user to fly the drone for 15 minutes at a stretch as a rechargeable battery is non-removable, allowing the user to plug-in the entire drone, to charge it. The battery is also insulated inside hard-plastic protection, which keeps it safe while accidental crashes happen.

Along with so many interesting features, this FPV RC drone for beginners, from House of Potensic, also consists of a unique Emergency stop feature. Whenever a drone is out of orientation or lost control in stormy situations or any other technological interference, this particular feature shuts down the drone automatically to keep it safe from loss and any unwanted accidents as well

As no particular “return to home” is not present in this Best Potensic Drone For Beginners, instead of that, it is equipped with some beep indicators, which let user know when drone is flying back to its home spot. The same indicator sound also lets the user know when the drone accidentally crosses flying range and also whenever the battery gets drained mid-flying. This feature is to an extent to keep drones safe while flying only.

Controller for this Best mini drone is joystick operated, which is highly responsive despite its small range whatsoever. Operated by regular AAA batteries, the controller makes the drone flying process much easier as well.

Flying this Potensic A20 Rc Nano 2.4g 6 Axis Quadcopter is pretty easy and hassle-free by all means. With one button for take-off, the drone automatically flies and remains stable in its position. On other hand, the landing button also ensures a safe one-touch landing of the drone. Along with low to high-speed setting, the Altitude Hold function also comes very handy for kids and beginners while flying drones, as it helps the user to keep drone in a particular height to ensure maximum control. Headless mode is also ensuring easy drone flying without getting worried about the direction it is facing.

As Potensic A20 Rc Nano Drone Review, it is come fully assembled in box. It does not require any particular installation process, hence spare customers from hassle. With a simple “plug and play” style operation, the user starts flying the drone straight out of the box.

Potensic A20 Rc Nano 2.4g 6 Axis Quadcopter Specs

Specification Name Value
Product Dimension
1 x 1 x 1 inches
Product Weight
8 ounces
Type Of Drone
Nano Quadcopter
No camera
Average Flying Time
15 minutes
Battery Charging Time
Approximately 40 minutes
12 months





How long is the flight time for the Potensic A20 Rc Nano Drone?

The flight time for Potensic A20 Rc Nano Drone is around 2- 3 minutes, after which you can control the movement of the drone with the controller.

How long does Potensic A20 Rc Nano Drone fly before getting uncharged?

The Potensic A20 Rc Nano Drone flies around 15- 20 minutes before getting uncharged.

How long should Potensic A20 Rc Nano Drone take for the drone to get a full battery charge?

 The Potensic A20 Rc Nano Drone takes around 35- 40 minutes before getting fully charged.

Bottom Line

To conclude the Potensic A20 Rc Nano Drone Review, it has to be mentioned that this particular drone is chiefly for beginners and kids and is not suitable to the needs and requirements of any advanced drone fliers. Though it looks like a camera is present in front of the drone, there is none. So, absence of a camera may limit capabilities of mini-drone to many extents, but shape and size and, most importantly, its sturdy built, makes it one of best drones for free-style flying in its price range. Though it does not come with any camera whatsoever, this Best Drone For Beginners suitable for training purposes, especially if any advanced drone flyer wants to brush up their drone flying skill or any amateur flyer who wants to learn how to fly a drone whatsoever. Undoubtedly a perfect drone for training purposes under $50, this is one of best possible drones one can find in the market at this point.

Potensic A20 Nano quadcopter is a small pocket-sized drone especially meant for kids or beginner drone enthusiasts who are planning to start their drone flying journey. Equipped with features like headless mode or altitude hold and different speed setting also accentuate drone flying experience and makes it easier for kids and beginners to get fun from flying a drone. With a decently powerful battery, the Potensic A20 drone can fly for around 15 minutes on a single charging cycle as well. Despite its small size, sturdy exterior is also capable of withstanding a great level of accidental impacts, which is very common when a kid is flying a drone.

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