Real Estate Drone Photograph image

Complete guide on Real Estate Drone Photograph

Nowadays most of the buyers use online platforms to search for a property. Lately; real estate agents have been facing challenges in posting their listings online mainly due to the lack of proper images of the property they will to sell to the buyers. So it has become very important that the marketing of real estate property must be done properly. Real estate drone photograph has changed the scenario of real estate marketing. It is an emerging technology which has boosted the online marketing of real estate properties.

Real Estate Drone Photograph

Using flying cameras, photography drones for real estate produce dramatic shots of various landscapes, oceans and mountains vistas. The drone for photography also produces sweeping shots of gorgeous home exteriors. It can take the images from 200 feet in air and can highlight the details of a large, expensive property at dramatic angles. It creates whole house motion in ultra-HD.

Real Estate Drone Photograph image
Real Estate Drone Photograph image

According to an estimate, 85% of buyers and sellers opt for a real estate agent who uses a drone for photography of properties. The real estate drone has opened new ways to showcase a property. It provides the views that buyers could not expect to see before. Using drones for photography real estate agents are able to sell properties faster and gain more listings.

Best Drones for Real Estate Photograph

The best drone for real estate photograph in the real estate market today is Phantom 4 Pro.It is complete product with a 4K camera, 3-axis gimbal, flying platform, live video, advanced flight control software and a flying controller. It comes at best value of around 1500 dollars. It has features like a reliable 6-rotor design, collision avoidance and retractable landing gear. It has a flight time of 20 to 30 minutes. It can fly up to a range of seven kilometers. It has an excellent 4K camera and can track live objects also.

Phantom 4 Pro has an optical sensor unit and real time 3D vision system that enables it to automatically detect and avoid collisions during flight. This is an entirely new safety feature. It makes planning and navigating a shot simpler and foolproof. Phantom 4 Pro has more advanced flight modes like ActiveTrack, Draw and TapFly.It is also equipped with new DJI controller software with advanced camera modes like Followme, Point of Interest, GPS waypoints, Course Lock, Return to Home, and Gesture Mode.

  • ActiveTrack: It focuses on a particular object in the camera‚Äôs Live View.
  • Draw: It gives a panoramic view of real estate. The two Draw modes are Standard Mode and Manual mode. Standard Mode maintains a constant speed while in Manual mode; operator can control the speed and camera. 
  • TapFly: Phantom 4 will fly to that location you have tapped on the screen

DJI Phantom 4 Pro is a perfect choice for beginners and professionals. The ISO, aperture control and mechanical shutter of the camera can be customized by using the DJI Go 4 App on a smartphone.It is the best drone for real estate photograph.

The DJI Go App allows controlling everything from one screen only. It has a live scrolling map which provides a real time view of the surroundings. It controls the camera position, flight settings and direction. You can edit, publish or share a video directly from the phone. Keep visiting our portal for more latest information on Drones.

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