Simrex X300C Mini Drone with HD Camera WiFi FPV – Eye in Sky!

Simrex X300C Foldable RC Quadcopter

For getting an “eye in sky,” there is nothing better than getting a multi-rotor drone. Multi-rotor drones like Simerx X300C extremely versatile as there is no possible competition to them in the field of commercial photography, film making, surveillance, and monitoring operations to some extent as well. Simrex X300c mini drone is a strong and sturdy one with loads of interesting features. Built pretty strong and durable, this Best Foldable RC Quadcopter, hence makes it easier to carry in a purse as well. Features like hovering mode, headless mode, and 6-axis gyro, flying this Simrex X300c Drone is also extremely convenient and hassle-free, even for kids. Once go through the Simrex X300c Review you will surley amazed byt these features. Let’s get into it.

Simrex X300C Review 2023

Simrex X300c Foldable Rc Quadcopter is just a tad bit larger than an insect in size, these mini drones are extremely popular among kids and to amateur drone enthusiasts. But don’t go for their size only! Though they generally fit under the palms of an average adult, these are loaded with heaps of different features like any other medium or large-sized great quality drones. To understand mini drones to some more extent you must refer Simrex X300c Review for all features in detail in later sections.


  • Strong and sturdy built.
  • Foldable exterior
  • Powerful camera
  • User-friendly operations with simplified features
  • Variable speed settings
  • Separate hovering mode
  • Decent battery life
  • Additional features

1. Strong and sturdy built

The common idea of most people about any mini drone is that, as they are small in size, they might not be strong enough to last for long. Considered as one of the best drones in its category, Simplex X300c is not only loaded with a lot of great features. It is built strong as well. Feels quite solid and sturdy, on palm, there is no extra point for guessing that this Simrex RC Quadcopter is a good quality one. The final packaging of this Simrex X300C Drone Rc Quadcopter is also coming with some extra accessories such as battery, spare parts, frames for protecting propellers, etc., along with a controller and a phone holder.

2. Foldable exterior

Along with strong and sturdy built, another great feature of Simrex X300c mini drone, in this same context, is its foldable exterior. In detail, it can be said that rotors of these mini drones can be folded in such a way that it decreases the overall size of it to a furthermore extent and enables users to carry it everywhere. Being extremely lightweight eases out the carrying process as well

3. Powerful camera

Another misconception about mini drones is that camera-equipped in them are mostly poor quality and are not capable of capturing great quality images and videos. But differing this idea completely, the in-built camera in this Simrex X300c foldable Rc quadcopter is composed of a powerful HD quality camera. With FPV transmission, which though not capable of capturing professional-grade images or footages, but a pretty decent camera for its size as well. FPV feature ensures direct transmission of real-time footage and video to the user’s screen as well.

4. User-friendly operation with simplified features

With different features like headless mode or 6-axis gyro flight control system, flying this Simrex X300c Fpv Drone is extremely easy and user friendly even for kids and amateur drone enthusiasts as well. The 6-axis gyro system enables the drone to fly stable in air, though Simrex X300c drone is not that suitable for windy situations. Otherwise, flight style is pretty stable in this case. Along with the Gyro system, Headless mode is also helping users to fly copters pretty conveniently.

5. Variable speed settings

Despite being the smallest size possible, Simrex X300c camera drone, is also composed of different speed settings, labeled as High, medium, and low. For kids or beginners, flying drones in the lowest speed setting is convenient from them ensures better control over the machine as well.

6. Separate Hovering mode

Along with headless mode and gyro system, another interesting feature of this Simrex Wifi Drone With Camera is Hovering mode. The function of this Simrex mini Drone model is maintaining flying altitude, while the drone is up in air. With this feature, Simrex X300c drone, fly up to desired height and then hover in the same position to click great quality images and footages.

7. Decent battery capacity

For its small and compact size, equipped lithium batteries are pretty powerful and give a flying time of 7 minutes on an average as well. Though flying time is not that higher, keeping a spare battery and using them can increase running time. The battery only takes around 60 minutes to get fully charged as well.

8. Additional features

Along with all other mentioned features, features like 360-degree flip and roll, also makes drone flying a completely fun filling and joyous experience by all means. With a flying range of 30 to 45 meters, it can fly both indoors and outdoors as well.



  • Drone type : Foldable mini drone
  • Camera : HD quality FPV camera
  • Product dimension : 5 x 3 x 10 inches
  • Product weight : 4.8 ounces
  • Average run time : 7 minutes on single battery
  • Battery charging time : Approx. 60 min
  • Average flight range : 30 to 50 meters



You can connect the Simrex X300c drone with your phone through Wi- Fi connection, and you need to have the Simrex FVP app in your phone. Register your device in the app using QR code to have the access.


The Simrex X300c has a simple operation mode, as it has a headless mode and a one key take off and landing function, which makes it easy to operate. It has different speed levels, due to which one can easily change the speed and operate, thus making it easier for beginners.


To reset the Simrex X300c turn on the transmitter and drone wait until the leds flash slowly then push the throttle to highest position and then to the lowest position then the lights will turn on solidly.Now hold the left and right joysticks in the bottom right corner for about 2-3 seconds. The indicator on the drone will change from lit up to quickly flashing. After 2-3 second, the indicator will change to normal lights,meaning the drone reset successfully.


The weight of this Simrex X300c mini drone is around 4.8 ounces, which is way below FAA standards, so any type of permission or registration from same is not required to fly Drone.


The battery of Simrex X300c can provide an average runtime of 7 minutes on a single battery cycle.


As mentioned i Simrex X300c Review, there are so many unique features and at such an affordable price range, there is not a single reason for not buying this Simrex X300c drone. It practices what it preaches and a great value for money as well. A perfect choice to gift a kid or for an amateur hobby enthusiast, or for practicing or for an advanced Drone flyer, who needs to polish his/her drone flying abilities, there is nothing better than this Simrex X300c foldable RC copter. With capability of flying both indoor and outdoor, there are so many mini drones available in the market, but there is no one better than this Simrex one.


Simrex X300c Wifi Drone With Camera is equipped with an HD quality FPV camera, which though not good enough to capture commercial level images but pretty decent for its size as well. With 7 minutes of average flight time, and 30 to 50 meters of flight range, this Simrex drone is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying operations.


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