9 Outstanding Sky Viper Stunt Drones 2020 – Let’s you handle perfectly even with zero-experience!

9 Outstanding Sky Viper Stunt Drones 2020 - Let's you handle perfectly even with zero-experience!

Best Selling SKY Viper Stunt Drones For Sale

Sky Viper Stunt Drones are the best companion for fun loving kids and adults. Drones are small unmanned aerial vehicles that are designed for racing. Kids love to play with the drone as they provide a new experience equal to flying an aeroplane. Not only kids, even adults like those kind of adventures. Racing with the drone has become a popular event in major cities of the world.  There are many first-person view (FPV) racing drones and standard drones in the market. 

It is a highly competitive market with the introduction of new brands every year along with new technologies.  The reason why we choose Best Sky viper drone is only because of their outstanding balance and performance on the ground. The cheapest drones create worst nightmare with their poor features and imbalance in the ground. This is not the case with all viper drones.

The Sky Viper Quadcopter one of the hippest and edgiest series available every. Sky Viper Camera Drone models have created the new blossom in UAV industry. All the Sky Viper Stunt Drones got some great distributors lined up, and each of them flew very well and available at an affordable price point. Here we at Best flying Drone will list out the features of each Sky Viper Quadcopter along with the pros, and cons of every model. Check out a few things about this Best Budget Drones, and you’ll find more about Sky Viper Camera Drones Review here.

Sky Viper Stunt Drone Reviews

Are you searching for a Sky Viper Streaming drone? Want a Smallest Stunt drones? Here we will help you select the Best Drone which satisfies all your needs. All Best Sky Viper Quadcopters are weighted less than 250 grams and best suitable for the hard-core nature photographer. Before going into this Best Racing Drone review, just check out the specific features are you looking for in your New drone? Do you need extended battery life for long fun trips? Or a crystal clear clarity amazing camera Drone for the best aerial shots? Are you looking for a lightweight Drone? Or want a Best Racing Drone that you can use to wow all of your friends?

All these Sky Viper Video Drone (S) are hi-tech quadcopters and best suitable for the hardcore photographers and recreational fliers. There is no need for FAA registration, as all these Sky Viper Stunt Quadcopter are light in weight. Let us have a look at the latest addition to the Sky Viper lineup is the Sky Viper Streaming drone. Are you fond of air stunt skills in your garden, then Sky Viper Quadcopter is the best drone? Don’t waste your time anymore Let me walk you through the Sky Viper Drone Reviews in details.

Top 9 Best Sky Viper Drone of 2020

Sky Viper Scout Streaming Drone

Sky Viper B07G1TSHYR Scout Streaming Video Drone image

Sky Viper M500 top-selling Nano Drone

Skyrocket Toys Sky Viper m500 Nano Drone image

Sky Viper V2450 FPV Streaming Video Drone

Sky Viper v2450FPV 01734 Streaming Drone image

Sky Viper Scout Drone is a hobby – grade drone developed with easy- to-fly features.  It has new surface scan technology that makes this drone easier to fly than previous models and has more stability and does not roam on it own. Surface scan technology helps you to locate the drone up to 100 feet distance. 

  • Hands free position hold

  • Auto – pilot mode

  • Live streaming option

  • Optical Ground tracking of the surface pattern with 200 times per second

  • Contains ArduPilot flight platform

  • Wireless downloading of video with 720 P resolutions

As this Sky viper scout video drone contains ardupilot firmware for best professional grade flying experience. the surface patterns are analysed at the rate of 200 times per second. This Sky viper scout streaming video drone also has hands- free position hold mode to stop the drone in the mid- air. Auto- pilot mode corrects the drone and fixes it in its position during drifts. This is an excellent Sky viper streaming drone for beginners. There is a pivoting camera forward will record the path of flight and downward pivoting will record the scenery below. 

As per sky viper scout drone review, it can record the video directly with the Micro SD card and transfer the details to any hard disk using Wi- Fi. Live stream recording is done the camera lens at 15 FPS at 720 p resolution with its 100 degree wide angle. Sky Viper streaming drone has hands free position hold to take your hands off the controller.





Sky Viper Nano Drone is one of the top-selling Toy Drone  These Best Sky Viper Nano Drone M500  deliver hobby-level performance to you at a great value. These New Sky Viper drones are very easier to fly with the brand new viper flight firmware and the  Autopilot features. Now you can perform Auto launch and Autoland operations with just a touch of a button. The Auto hover and altitude control will help you to move in up and down in pre-set increments. 

  • It comes with four blades for additional stability

  • The 3.7 volt 100mAH LiPo battery offer extra flight time when compared to other flight ranges

  • You can easily control flight with this 2.4GHz remote transmitter

  • Flight around 10 minutes in the air

  • Takes 15 minutes to Full Charge

  • Dimensions: 2in. X 7.8in. X 9.8in.

There no need for the FAA registration as this  Sky Viper Quadcopters are light in weight. Sky Viper M500 Nano Drone is a package of exciting one-touch stunts, extreme performance capabilities, removable blade guards, 6-axis digital stabilization, Durable body, and variable modes of Flight sensitivity.

The Drone remote controller of this Sky Viper Toy Drone feels solid in hands and comfortable while operating. This Mini Drone measures less than 3 inches in diameter but offers with sophisticated technology and outstanding quickness. The Sky Viper Nano Drone M5000 is Capable of performing easy rolls at the touch of a single button. You can fly this Best Toy Drone up to 200 feet. However, the four propellers of this Sky Viper m500 nano Drone provide even greater control. To know more about this read out the Sky Viper m500 nano Drone review.





The V2450 FPV Streaming Video Drone is as close as you can get to actually flying inside your drone! Download a FREE app to view your drone’s flight on your smartphone. With the included FPV headset, it’s like you’re flying. The V2450 GPS Streaming Video Drone with FPV Headset enhances your flying experience with your drone’s point of view. 

  • Professional-grade quality with durable, yet lightweight, construction

  • Built-in GPS uses a network of satellites to triangulate its position and stabilize it during hover mode

  • Adjustable, wide-angle camera can stream video

  • Flight Assist features like Return to Home, Auto Launch

The included FPV headset puts live streaming video from your flight right in front of your eyes, as if you were on board (smart device required for use).

Enjoy other features as well. Flight Assist makes flying simple so you can focus on getting the perfect picture. Advanced enough to satisfy discerning enthusiasts, the Sky Viper v2450FPV  is also lightweight, durable and safe enough for beginner pilots.





Sky Viper Nano drone is a lightweight dash drone which can fly at a speed of 25 mph with its advanced flight technology. This is a simplified version that outperforms other drones.it is very funny and zippy to fly this small drone that is of our palm-size. 

  • Advanced flight technology

  • 8- One- touch stunts

  • Auto launch mode

  • Dual pilot modes – auto and manual

  • Position Hold

This Best Budget Drone can satisfy the needs of an experienced pilot with all options of a big drone like one- touch stunts, auto- launch and auto- pilot modes. They are suitable for indoor flying options only. It cannot withstand winds and other environmental features. It uses only one stick to perform stunt options with more impression. 

It can stand in one position on space with no drifts. We can use both auto and manual mode for flying and landing gently. Sky viper Nano drone reviews have proved it to be an outstanding best stunt drone available in the market. There is no video streaming option in this drone but they provide the best hovering experience to kids and adults.





The Sky Viper Spider-Drone toy has auto and manual flight modes which is Best Suitable for beginners. Advanced fliers of this Best Sky Viper Drone will allow all flight assist functions. This lets you control your drone just like Spidey with the smooth land and hover functions.

  • Unique spider theme is reminiscent of the drone’s design and movement in the movie

  • Powered by Sky Viper Flight 5, with Flight Assist features such as Auto Hover and Auto Land

  • Custom Spider-Man-themed controller sets the tone and offers dual flight modes – Manual and Auto

  • Voice Feedback Controller offers verbal flight assistance with phrases from the movie

  • Front and rear LED lights cut through low-light situations and illuminate Spider-Drone’s striking design

 The Spider-tech design and inverted motors of this Sky Viper spider man Drone allow you to recreate iconic moments from Marvel’s Spider-Man Movie. With futuristic design and flight assist technology of this Sky Viper Spider Drone, you can perform impressive stunts. 

The Lightweight Spider-Drone features a 2.4 GHz frequency which lets you fly your Drone from a distance of up to 300 feet. The Flight speed settings will allow enjoying the high speed balance level ranging from beginner to pro. Front and rear LED lights of this Sky Viper Spider Drone to let you fly even at night.





The Brand New Sky Viper S1750 Stunt Drone is a best outperforms quadcopter in its class. Sky Viper stunt Drone uses flight technology which develops the Best Racing Drones so far. You can enjoy speed up to 25 miles per hour with the special flight assist makes you drone flying easier even for beginners. 

  • Auto Launch and Landing options enable you to begin and end your flights with ease

  • 8 different one-touch stunts make it easy to spice up each flight

  • Powerful performance allows you to fly the drone up to 25 mph

  • The Brushed Motor of this Sky Viper is about 7 mm x 20 mm

You can easily Sky Viper stunt Drone S1750 in any direction just by using just one stick. However, Maintain your hover with ease. Perfect for flying fast outside, the S1750 is also lightweight and safe enough to use indoors.

Charge through the air at speeds of up to 25 mph with the Sky Viper S1750 Remote Control Stunt Drone in Black and Green. Choose between auto and manual flight mode, adjust the flight sensitivity to meet your skill level and then ascend with help from the Auto Launch feature. Once your drone is in flight, activate eight unique stunts throughout your flight to woo spectators and keep things exciting. Auto Land makes wrapping up each flight as easy as can be.





The Sky Viper V2450 GPS Drone is a small quadcopter which weighs over a quarter pound. V2450 GPS Sky Viper  Small Drone enough to fly indoors and also just big enough to fly in outdoors too. The GPS positioning of this Sky Viper V2450 does wonders to tackle the hard breeze when flying such a light drone outside. 

  • Offers Professional-grade firmware

  • Stable and straightforward Drone for beginners and hobbyists

  • The Position Hold prevents gradual drifting even during a hover

  • Adjustable wide-angle camera lens for video streaming

  • Drone returns home automatically if it flies out of range

  • Micro SD card slot (card sold separately) enables direct video recording

Sky Viper Streaming Drone is controlled by a handheld Remote controller and the Sky Viper app. Brushed Motors on the V2450 give better performance even for high speed operations. The Sky Viper Video Streaming app runs on a connected smartphone or tablet and links to the drone via WiFi.

With this Sky Viper Video Drone, you can enjoy the live stream videos and recordings on your smartphones or an installed external micro-SD card. Buttons on the Sky Viper V2450 GPS Drone Remote controller allow one-click tricks and stunts, and the return to the home button makes your journey more fun. Sky Viper Camera Drone V2450 offer a flight time average flight time of 10-12 minutes with the 1S 1200 mAh battery. However, it is the Best GPS Camera drones.





Sky Viper Fury stunt drone contains a small camera lens to analyse the surface at a rate of 200 times per second to track the path.  This sky viper fury quadcopter has the capability to detect the motion in any direction. If you want to fly your drone automatically, it is possible by turning on the Hands – Free position hold option. 

  • Dual Flight mode

  • Surface scan technology

  • 8 one- touch stunts

  • Professional grade

  • Auto- hover option and Auto Pilot stage 1

  • Optical Ground tracking

This auto- pilot mode will position and self- correct your drone when it drifts. It can tackle light winds easily. Sky barrel roll is one of the incredible stunts possible with this system. This It can roll forward, backward and sideward.

We can also flip it in any direction and you can customize the tricks by the tap of the directional stick. This Sky Viper drone runs on ArduPilot flight software platform. This is excellent software designed for navigation. Sky viper fury stunt drone with surface scan also boosts the flying experience. The flight time is usually less than 15 minutes and we can charge this drone in 30 minutes.





Sky Viper V2400 Drone is somewhat different than other SKy viper Quadcopter what we covered so far. The kit of Sky Viper V2400 HD Streaming Drone Contour with Highquality HD Camera, so you can easily streaming foot wages without connection of additional device. Just keep your mobile to capture overhead actions. 

  • 8 One Touch Stunts for flips and Barrel rolls

  • Dual Flight Modes, You can choose between Auto and Manual flight modes

  • Auto Launch and Land will allow you to easy take off and landing

  • Lightweight Dorne, weighs around 1.48 pounds

  • Best Suitable for age group 12 years and up

  • 1 Lithium Polymer battery for Better speed and Controls

  • Flight Sensitivity

This Sky Viper V2400 HD Streaming Drone with FPV Headset Drone will take your anatomy to new heights.  This Advanced Technology drone is fitted with FPV(First Person View) which holds all new flight assist features like auto take off, auto hover and auto landing etc.

The Sky Viper V2400 HD Streaming Drone has capable of performing one touch stunts . . The Flight Assist features in this Sky Viper Drone which makes your flying experience more comfortable even for beginners. This fully-assembled, lightweight drone from Sky Viper is safe enough to use indoors. You can enjoy the killer flips and barrel rolls with a simple tap of the directional stick.





Step 1: Connect the battery wire with the drone.

Step 2: Keep the drone on the flat surface and turn on the remote.

Step 3: Wait for few minutes till you see the green flashing light becomes solid.

Step 4: If you want to launch the Drone, Press Auto Launch to make it fly off the ground.

Step 5: Use the Altitude button to make it fly over 12 feet and Thumb stick to make it fly in any direction.

Step 6: To land the drone, press Auto Land button.

Other features:

If you want to attach the smart device to your controller, you can do it by opening the clamp and placing it on the bed and release the clamp.

Sky Viper drones are programmed to use it in Auto mode as soon as it comes out of the box. So you need to first use the Auto mode and then practice, before trying the manual mode. After pressing Auto Launch button, the drone will take off and can move 3 to 6 feet above the ground.

They are small, cheap and provide more fun for kids and adults. There are Nano drones and stunt drones of varying size with HD video streaming. They are the perfect middle – ground models, suitable for anyone. It provides the right balance irrespective of the model you choose.

If you are going to buy a quadcopter drone, then start with simple, cheap and light drones that can withstand light winds. The battery life is small for these drones and you must keep this in mind before getting it. They also have limited movement ability and video capturability. These drones provide us a taste of how a drone will be like. These models come in all shapes and sizes with price ranging from $100 – $200.

The life of the battery is very important; if you want to fly it higher and far.

It should have programmable GPS features, so that you can program according to in such a way that it will reach you after it perform stunts.

A drone will be more enjoyable if it can fly longer distances and higher heights. It should reach the desired height and provide an aerial view as expected. Most drones can fly only 30 minutes from the base.

Drone should be sturdy to withstand light winds and have the capability to land safely in the ground.

If you need a drone to be used outdoors,  you have to choose a stable one, which is generally large.

If you are a beginner, then you can choose a cheap drone. But if you are an expert and need a drone commercially, you can choose one with auto landing ability and higher versions.

Drones have more probability to get damaged. So before choosing a drone, make sure that it has all the replacement facilities and customer care near by. You can check whether the manufacturer sells the replacement parts. Most important parts of drone include controllers, motors, propellers, batteries and landing gear. There are no universal parts for the drones.

There are many drones that can fly for only 5 minutes or less, so you need to choose a drone that has minimum 15- 25  minutes of flying time. These drones are a bit costly and you must also be sure that they consume less time for replacing batteries.

Sharper image is the perfect drone for those who want to use a drone with little funds. It provides the same functions as that of sky viper but with low cost. Advantages of sharper image are that they provide more functionality and best user experience for professionals and beginners. They release a new model every year with more advanced features. Even this can be talked as a disadvantage too, because of these new additions, your drone becomes out- dated within a year.

Sky Viper drones are manufactured by Skyrocket Toys, a tech – driven company.  This company manufactures only electronic toys like robots, vehicles, novelty toys and drones. If you want to become a house pilot, then Sky viper drones are sure to be on your list.

These drones are very cheap with a starting price below $20, and you get a new experience in flying it. They top other drone brands in the market with new technologies and low price along with their best balance on the ground and off. Cheap drones of other companies could not compete with its best balance and this is the reason why it is gaining more popularity in the USA.


Where to buy Sky Viper drones?

You can buy Sky Viper drones from any online shopping website. Better choose the Amazon as there will be amazing deals and offers.

How long do Sky Viper RC drones last?

With a charge for upto 15 to 20 minutes, the Sky Viper RC drones lasts for two to three minutes.

How much are Sky Viper drones?

Sky Viper drones price ranges from $30 to $60. And the range varies based on the model and features.

Does Sky Viper Drone need to be registered?

No, you do not need to register if the Sky Viper drone is under the weight requirement.

How long does Sky Viper drone battery last?

Sky Viper drone battery lasts for around 5 to 10 minutes with a single charge.

How do you fly the Sky Viper drone?

Just connect the battery wire with the Sky Viper drone and place it on the flat surface. Now turn on the remote and when the drone is ready you can fly it with the controller. To land the drone, just press the Auto Land button.

What is the biggest battery you can buy for Sky Viper drone?

3.7 volt Li-Po Battery is the best one that Sky Viper drones can handle.

What is the range or distance for Sky Viper Drone?

The range that you can fly Sky Viper drone is around 100 to 200 feet

So this is all about the Best Sky Viper Stunt Drones, so its time to choose perfect Race Drone. As all these lightweight drones are best Drones for photography and have a hardcore nature with crystal clear clarity. We harvest the Top 8 Sky Viper Drones list along with its features, etc and placed here. You can go through each product offered by Sky Viper and buy the perfect one as per your requirement. All these Sky Viper Quadcopters are small sized with lightweight. Just follow entire article on a regular basis to have a knowledge on the latest & upcoming Sky Viper Drone Quadcopter. Thank you for visiting Us!!!!!!!

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