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SNAPTAIN S5C Wifi FPV Camera Drone

Do you want a drone but are afraid of investing in one as they come so highly-priced? Ever envied your friends when they are piloting their drone, capturing amazing videos and pictures, and you are left behind? This SNAPTAIN S5c Drone Review is completely dedicated to people like you and me who wish to indulge in photography with a drone but are held back due to budget constraints. So, it started when I was looking for drones for myself, but I had only 70 dollars in my hand. Then I found this SNAPTAIN S5c Drone And therefore here is a detailed review on it, based upon my experience.

SNAPTAIN S5C Drone Review 2020

SNAPTAIN S5C Wifi FPV Camera Drone is very small, low priced, but packed with so many features that can be compared to high priced drones. Even if you by chance crash this drone, you won’t feel very disappointed, as it comes only in $65. SNAPTAIN S5C wifi Fpv Drone has a very beautiful and slick body. To keep costs low, manufacturers have made drones with plastic, but worry not, as the body of SNAPTAIN S5C Quadcopter For Beginners is made with so much precision, it does not look like made of plastic at all.

SNAPTAIN S5c Features

Drones are supposed to give you experience of flying and take you to such places where you cannot reach. SNAPTAIN S5C wifi FPV Drone comes with a virtual reality set, which helps you get live video from the camera of the drone. This Snaptain Voice Control Drone has 3D view mode, which enables the user to experience all objects in 3 dimensions. It will make you feel that you are present in that environment. camera senses all dimensions of any objects and provides video accordingly. With help of this Best rated Drone, you can get an astonishing experience.

The drone needs to maintain a proper distance from ground to avoid crashing. It can’t always be the case that you will have ground. Your drone should be able to track distance from ground to provide stability. It can happen that you are shooting a video on uneven surfaces, and if your drone did not track ground, it might be caught into an accident. In order to avoid it, SNAPTAIN S5C Camera Drone has a feature of altitude hold. With help of this feature, drones will have knowledge of distance from ground to drone.

Most drones are software specific. And software is operating system-oriented. You cannot change the compatibility of software. But this issue can be resolved by providing a hybrid application that can be used on android as well as IOS platform. SNAPTAIN S5C Camera Drone comes with software which can be used in both operating systems. You just have to download an application from the digital market and connect it with a drone. You will be able to view all things going around drones just by sitting somewhere else. Connect it with wifi, and you are good to go.

If you are using your drone at some remote place and suddenly, you lose connection with your drone. You can lose your drone. Even your drone can suffer huge damage and might not be functional afterward. In order to avoid such mishaps, SNAPTAIN S5C 720 D Camera Drone has introduced a feature of signal warning. The user will receive a notification on its smart device that the drone is losing signal. There are four bars present on application, which indicates strength of signals. When the bar drops to four, you are instructed to bring your drone back.

Remote controls control most of the drones that are available in the market, and few of those can be controlled with help of smart devices. But what if you can be able to control your drone by making hand gestures. It would be so convenient to control your drone if you had such a feature. Surprisingly, SNAPTAIN S5C wifi Fpv Drone has gesture control features installed in the drone. You can now make gestures with your hand, and as per input, your drone will receive a response. This feature makes it one of Best Video Drone available in the market.

drones are fragile in nature. Some parts are so fragile that they get damaged even with a tiny impact. drones fly at a very high distance. There might be a case in which it can fall down for any reason. In most cases, the propeller of a drone gets damaged when they meet with an accident. In order to avoid such events, SNAPTAIN S5C 720 D Camera Drone has four anti-collision barriers, which will restrict propellers from getting damaged after any impact. It also enhances the stability of the drone when it hits an object.

There are fewer drones that can be controlled with the help of microphone SNAPTAIN S5C wifi Fpv Drone is one of them. You can control this drone by using your speech, provided that your smart device should have a microphone installed in it and properly functional. You just have to speak up, and the microphone will receive it. According to command, the drone will respond. To learn more about commands which can be used while controlling your drone with voice control system, you should go through the user manual thoroughly. After going through the user manual, you can easily control your drone without taking much effort. Snaptain Voice Control Drone is one of the best drones available in the market at a reasonable price.

Warranty is one of major factors which you should always check whenever you buy any product. Most customers tend to buy products, which have a longer warranty period. As we have seen in the past that durable products have a longer warranty period. durability of product is directly proportional. SNAPTAIN S5C Wifi FPV Camera Drone has a warranty period of 6 months. In this duration, you can replace it if there is any fault in it, provided that the user has informed the company about the issue. You can contact the company on the contact number provided in the user manual. If any part of your drone has been damaged, you can ask for replacement as well if your product is in warranty period.

As per SNAPTAIN S5C Drone Review, Stability is always an issue with drones. It is a tough job to find a drone with perfect stability. It always gets out of control when you are controlling it. Several factors are responsible for disturbing stability of drones. But SNAPTAIN S5C 720 D Camera Drone comes with stability. Several sensors are used to have a track about the external environment, which can affect stability. To stay stable, the drone makes changes in its flying pattern automatically. Altitude holding sensors, gravity sensors, infrared sensors, and many more sensors are deployed in the system of a drone.


Specification Name Value
Product Dimension
13.9 x 9.7 x 3.3 inches
Product Weight
1.5 pounds
Power Source
2 Lithium Polymer Batteries
Battery Included
Item Model Number
550 mAh
3D View mode
3.7 V
Skill Level
Gesture Control
Signal Warning
Altitude Hold
ABS Plastic





How high will SNAPTAIN S5C Drone fly?

The SNAPTAIN S5C Drone can fly up to 80 meters.

SNAPTAIN S5C Drone how to connect?

You can connect the SNAPTAIN S5C Drone with your phone, by downloading the app SNAPTAIN Era into your mobile device from App Store or by scanning QR below.

What is the battery life of SNAPTAIN S5C Drone?

The battery life of the SNAPTAIN S5C drone is around 8 to 10 minutes, after which, you need to charge it again.

What is the frame rate and mp of the SNAPTAIN S5C Drone camera?

The SNAPTAIN S5C drone has a camera of 720 megapixels.

Does SNAPTAIN S5C Quadcopter for Beginners come with headless mode?

Yes, SNAPTAIN S5C Quadcopter for Beginners comes with headless mode.

Can I fly SNAPTAIN S5C Wifi FPV Camera Drone at night?

Yes, you can fly SNAPTAIN S5C Wifi FPV Camera Drone at night because it comes with LED lights.

What is the average flight time of SNAPTAIN S5C Wifi FPV Camera Drone?

The average flight time of a SNAPTAIN S5C Wifi FPV Camera Drone is around 15 minutes.

Does SNAPTAIN S5C Wifi Fpv Drone come with any intelligent mode?

Yes, SNAPTAIN S5C Wifi Fpv Drone comes with one intelligent mode in flying.

Bottom Line

I hope you like this SNAPTAIN S5c Drone Review, make sure to ceck it befoe you make a purchase. As SNAPTAIN FPV Camera Drone is one of Best Quadcopter for Beginners because of how easy it is to use, and the affordable price is cherry on top of it. You do not have to worry about crashing SNAPTAIN S5C 720 D Camera Drone as it comes with obstacle sensors as well as LED lights, which makes it visible for you at night. Although the camera comes with 720p quality, it still is decent enough to take good pictures. SNAPTAIN S5C 720 D Camer Drone may look like a toy, but it truly is invincible when it comes to flying and recording videos.

SNAPTAIN S5C Camera Drone will make you happy with the amazing design it comes in, picture quality at such a low price, and sensors that are almost comparable to high priced drones. Being in a limited budget, this will be the Best Video Drone you could ask for under 70 dollars. Well manufactured keeping beginners and novices in mind, even a person with zero knowledge in flying, can easily pilot this drone. Go for it, if you want to try something new but are scared to invest too much money in it.

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