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Syma X5C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Review 2023

Today, Drones are trending technology because of their advanced features. Drones are machines that can fly without having any human pilot. Syma X5C Quadcopter designs the best toy drones than others for kids. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) is the formal name of drone. One can control UAV by computer or simple remote controls. Some particular drones are only for kids, and we consider them as toy drones. These drones give us a great privilege to have a fantastic experience. Toy quadcopters can also be used for aerial photography. The reasons why drones are trending these days are:

  • Available for the cheaper cost.
  • They can stay longer in the air.
  • Used to fly in remote locations.

Syma X5C Quadcopter Overview

The Syma is the leading company which designs toy drones. Among them, Syma Quadcopter X5C Explorer Drone is the best model. This drone has some advanced features. As this is a toy drone, children can easily catch hold of it and enjoy hovering UAV. There is nothing special about Syma X5C, but it works and cheap. We cannot expect an amazing aerial video and pictures. Simply, Syma X5C Quadcopter Drone is the best toy drone.


  • 6-axis Gyro & 360o eversion
  • HD Camera & Battery
  • Additional Features

1. 6-axis Gyro & 360o eversion

This is the best feature in the Syma X5C explorer drone. A gyro is an electrical device that uses vibration sensors that sense angular velocity. The introduction of 6 axis gyros in drones made them more stable. Six-axis is the combination of six sensors that can detect unexpected attitude and fall.

Syma X5C Quadcopter has an additional feature, i.e., eversion. Eversion is the process of turning inside-out. This Syma X5C toy quadcopter rolls continuously in 360 for perfect action and incredible performance.

2. HD Camera & Battery

X5C has a great feature, i.e., with HD cameras. We can enjoy taking videos and pictures. The company includes a 2GB Micro SD card. The resolution of images is 1280 x 720. The video capability of this drone is 30 frames per second. The camera quality may not be the best compared to others. The charging time of the drone is about 100 minutes and flying time is about 7 minutes. The battery capacity is 3.7V.

3. Additional Features

  • Flashing Lights: This model is equipped with a colorful flashing light so that our aircraft is visible at night times. Hence we can experience flying off our drone.
  • Frequency and Bandwidth: Syma X5C has 2.4GHZ frequency and bandwidth. Spread spectrum technology is used for long distances and is capable of anti-interference ability. Reaction speed is 100 times faster than other radio control.



  • Manufacturer : Syma
  • Item model number : SYSX5C
  • Color : White
  • Temperature : 46 °F- 66 °F
  • Power : 115 Volts
  • Wattage : 100 watts
  • Bottle Capacity : 24-Bottle Capacity
  • Bottle Size : 750 mL
  • Product Dimensions : 16.5 x 12.2 x 3.8 inches
  • Product Weight : 1.15 pounds
  • Manufacturer Warranty : 1 Year for parts, and 90 Days for Labour

Syma X5C Drone Review

Are You are looking for a cheap and efficient drone? Then I suggest you Syma products. I purchased the product and have great pleasure in flying the quadcopter. For toy drones, Syma is the best producer compared to others. The best toy drone I have encountered is Syma X5C UAV. This product has a lot more advanced features. As it is a toy drone, one can enjoy the pleasure of flying the UAV. The camera quality of this product is excellent compared to other drones so that we can experience great aerial photography. This product has an outrageous outlook that it makes us spellbound to it. The main features I like in Syma X5C are:

  • The camera resolution is 1280 x 720 with high picture quality.
  • This product can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is not a problem if it just falls from a rooftop.
  • As the wireless range capacity is 50m, it can go to some far distances. Batteries are to be installed to control the drone, and the company kit gives us extra batteries.
  • This UAV can move upwards, downwards, forward, and backward by the particular feature 360-degree eversion.

Installation process

In this Syma Quadcopter X5C Drone is to install landing skids and blade protecting frame. The installation requires only two steps.

  • At the bottom of the quadcopter, we should install landing skids.
  • To every corner mount the blade protecting frame.

Amazon Customer Reviews

I am providing you with extra information about Syma Quadcopter Drone regarding other customer reviews. Hence we can find out additional details about the product to know the other benefits and flaws.

Better than you expect

I purchased it on Amazon, but this is a fantastic value. Fun and easy to fly. I started with a toy from Radio Shack, and this is much easier. After trying indoors outdoors is amazingly easy to do basic maneuvering. I have attached a photo (that I only straightened and slightly cropped) to see for yourself. I decided that I could not justify the $1000+ to have something to lift a Go-Pro, so this will suit me fine for quite some time. I have plenty more experience to gain doing advanced stunts, but I wanted this to take photos from a different perspective, and it fits the bill just fine. Happy flying! This product is better than other products I have tried.

Great Quadcopter

I’m jubilant with this drone! I started with a Cheerson CX-10 and then bought three more of those for my family, and I then upgraded to a Parrot AR 2.0. I have mixed feelings about the AR. Not too long after getting the AR, I saw this inexpensive drone and, based on positive reviews, decided to give it a try. Syma X5C is the best product than others and is now my favorite BY FAR! It’s very straightforward and light than others. It’s easy to fly and takes crashes very well. The batteries are cheap. The multi-battery chargers are available so you can fly just about as long as you can stand it. The camera is so-so but, come on. this is a super cheap drone.



The Syma X5C Quadcopter weighs around 1.6 pounds, which is quite light.


You can pair the Syma X5C Quadcopter with the transmitter by switching on the transmitter first and then switch on the drone. You would get to see the lights blinking from the drone, after which you have to flip it upside down and then you would see the lights blinking slowly in the transmitter, which means it is connected.


To connect Syma X5C Quadcopter go to, select Support from the menu, and download the app titled Syma Android FPV apk. You can connect the drone to phone using this app.


To calibrate Syma X5C Quadcopter power on the drone and the transmitter. Push the throttle lever to the highest position and then pull it back to the lowest position then you can see that the normal lights are up. The calibration is completed.


The battery life of the Syma X5C Quadcopter is around 7 minutes, whereas the charging time is approximately 100 minutes.


The range of the Syma X5C Quadcopter drone has a range of 50- 80 meters


I suggest this product to beginner’s so that they can understand and operate well. Besides its flaws, it is an awesome product we can enjoy the pleasure of flying our drone. This product can also capture photos and videos. It can fly both indoor and outdoor. Syma X5C is the cheaper product and durable product, which I prefer to you.

Syma X5C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Explorers Quad Copter image

Overall, with many advanced features, Syma X5C Quadcopter is known to be the best toy drone in the market. You can enjoy the pleasure of flying the UAV. Moreover, it has a great camera with which you can experience the best aerial photography.


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