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Syma X8W 2.4Ghz 4CH RC Headless FPV Drone with Wifi Camera – Gives everything a beginner needs!


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Syma X8W 2.4Ghz 4CH RC Headless FPV Review 2020

Syma makes it most active presences in the Budget Drones in the market. After the great success of Syma X8C and Syma X5C Drones designs, now it has reworked previous models to incorporate better range camera drones. Now, Syma-X8W will hit the market with advanced features. If you want to have a low cost but high durable FPV drone? We would like to refer this Syma X8W Drone which is a medium size FPV drone perfect for all age groups. Make sure that Newest Syma Drone X8W falls into the broad quadcopters category with its rough and tough design.

Syma X8W FPV Drone

By this Syma X8W quadcopter’s onboard camera with a video transmitter, you can transfers video to Smartphone through WiFi. You can also start or stop recording through the smartphone Syma FPV App. The Syma Drone Remote controller take care of all difficult tasks and give you the pure enjoyment without any pressure flying experience. The X8W is easy to fly Drone and it can make 360o flips with a single button click. Direction Locked Mode of this Syma X8W drone which makes things, even more, color than the average drones.

Syma Drone X8W can easily fly even during harsh weather conditions and high winds etc. The New Drone syma X8W within onboard camera will offer awesome stills and aerial videos. Best Drone of Beginners Syma X8W is available in different shades like white, black and orange. If you are a night flight freak, then bight LED light addition on the X8W frame will aid you to manage all controls. Keep reading X8W Review to get deep insights into Brand new Syma second FPV drone model. The Syma X8 family has three versions. First one is the 2MP camera Syma X8C, Second is X8W that has a 2MP Wi-Fi FPV camera and the latest Syma X8G drone that steps to the next level with the 8MP GoPro camera.


  • Flight Time
  • Syma X8W Camera
  • X8W Syma Drone Design
  • Syma X8W Battery Upgrade Battery
  • Interesting Features
  • Additional Features

The X8W New Drone from Syma colors by a two cell 7.4V, 2000mAh Lithium Polymer battery which allows continuous flight time more than 10 minutes. The Flight time may be little less but it offers the best performance with in this price range. A second external battery can be a good idea considering that a full charge may take longer than 3 hours.

The 2MP Drone camera of this New Syma X8 family is the approximate size of a walnut and a tiny wire antenna. Make sure that this Syma X8W is wireless Camera drone with providing fun at the same amazing picture quality. You can directly save the captured images and videos in your smartphone with this Wi-Fi camera. The polit can enjoy the first person view flight by installing the Syma FPV application, it ideal for both Android and iOS devices. You can also add the external camera to the Syma X8W Drone to get a better image quality.

The Newest Syma Drone X8W with a wingspan of 340mm, which well known as an above average Budget Drone in this price range. This lightweight 383 grams Syma drone is equipped with bright, colorful LED lights which are perfect for night flights. This X8W Syma Drone body is made of the durable plastic material (ABS Plastic), and it gives an impressive quality and easily sustains crashes. Syma X8 Series drone unit with bright LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights that assist you even during night flights. The 6 axis type gyro leads to great stabilization of flights even in rough weather conditions. You can choose between three attractive colours: white, black and orange from Amazon.

2000mAh, 7.4 Volt Lithium polymer battery makes this Cheap Drone able to stay in the air around 8 to 10 minutes. The Best feature of this Syma x8W Quadcopter and the best thing to know about this drone is that its flight time stays equally well even when Camera is being used. The Powerful battery will take about 200 minutes to fuel up but prefer to charge then with balanced chargers only.

Syma New Drone X8W Features headless mode, for easier flight regardless of drone’s position. The Syma drone will fly in commanded direction despite to where the quadcopter’s head is pointed to. Together with the one push 360º trick in the air, fun is guaranteed. Syma X8W is also called poor man’s Phantom. You could guess why. The design of Syma -X8W is similar to Phantoms, and both of them are almost the same in size. To be honest, this Syma drone is one of the best Drone Under 200 $. So, why don’t give it a chance? Have you liked our Syma x8w review?

The enjoyment of hobby drone flying is possible with this headless quadcopter with camera. This drone features Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) to ease the learning curve while allowing the pilot to enjoy the flight. The quadcopter comes with a 3.0-megapixel camera with WiFi for recording images and displaying them on a smart device. Additional options include a six-axis control system, one-key, 360-degree continuous roll control, and flashing colour lights.


Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
13.8 x 7.5 x 13.8 inches
Item Weight
3.3 pounds
Motor Type
Syma 4 channel
Payload Capacity
80 grams (0.18 pounds)
Battery Type
Lithium Polymer
7V, 2000mAh
Charging Time
200 minutes
6-axis gyro
Housing material
crylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
Transmitter Frequency
Diagonal Motor Spacing
350 mm
LED Lights
14 years and up an age group

Syma X8W Review

Syma is probably well known for the best mid-range drones which offer great value for money. This 350 – Small Toy Drone from Syma provide amazingly stable performance in the air and is great fun to fly. The Syma X8W utilises a both Smartphone and a separate remote controller to steer its flight. With the help of Syma Drone App, you can enjoy the advantage of the advanced combination of both applications. This Best Cheap Drone X8W has surprisingly had better flight time in between 8 to 10 minutes and covers upto 60 to 80 meters. Which is much better in this price range.

The colors layer of SLR level lens, 2 megapixels Built-in HD Camera and the Wifi real-time transmission will make this Syma Drone X5W ideal for video streaming and aerial photographs. This best Syma Drone X8W has many features like the 3D lock, Headless Function, latest 6-axis flight control systems, with a more scheduled flight. The Wifi FPV of this Syma X5W will allow you to take and view photos and video while flying itself. Syma New Drone X8W supports both IOS and Android Smartphones.


  • Real-time video Streaming directly on your Smartphone, this is called “FPV” function
  • Well Known Brand Syma Which is the Best Toy Drone Manufacturer so far
  • Syma X8W offer a stable performance even in windy situations, thanks to 6-Axis Gyroscope
  • 2MP Camera for taking Photo and Video
  • A wonderful 360° flip
  • Operated well in High and Low-speed modes
  • 2.4Ghz Frequency RC System, it will not jam with others
  • Propeller Guard provide an extra safety and Durable


  • Well designed with highly accurate and smooth controls
  • The extraordinary performance is achieved with the quite brushless motors
  • The Syma application can be easily installed on smartphone or tablet
  • Spare parts of Syma X8W are easily available with various vendors online
  • The advanced propeller guards will never let you lose control on your device
  • Provide a great flight time that ranges between 8 to 10 minutes
  • Affordable choice for beginners


  • Its instruction manual is not much useful
  • Takes too long to get fully charged
  • Delays, latency and drop of signal issues are common


Which is better the Syma X8W FPV drone or the Syma X5W FPV?

Both the drones are extremely good. However, the Syma X8W has some additional features and so it works better than the Syma X5W. But with respect to the budget, Syma X5W FPV costs less than the X8W.

How do you use the Syma drone?

To operate the Syma drone, you can follow the regular process. But to connect the Syma drone camera to your phone, follow the below steps,

  • Download the Syma FPV from the app store. If you are using an Android phone, you can download the apk.
  • Start the drone with the camera plugged in. 
  • Turn ON the wifi on your phone.
  • Go to Wifi settings and select the name ‘FPV Wifi’.
  • Connect to it and watch the video on your phone.
What is the difference between the X8W and the X8C?

 The Syma X8W has FPV option, whereas, if you use Syma X8C, you have to capture images from your phone or by using the transmitter. Also, the camera for SYMA X8C is 2 MP and for X8W it is 0.3MP. Coming to cost, X8W costs less than the X8C.

Syma X8W 2.4GHz 4CH RC Headless FPV, Does it work both ways with or without a smartphone?

Yes, Syma X8W 2.4GHz 4CH RC Headless FPV Drone works both ways, whether you connect it with your smartphone or not.

Is the wifi frequency 2.4GHz or 5GHz for Syma X8W FPV Drone?

As the name suggests, the Wi- Fi frequency of Syma X8W FPV drone is 2.4 GHz.

Bottom Line

The Newest Syma Drone X8W is well known as poor man’s Phantom. Don’t know why, because apparently, X8W Syma has the same design and almost the same size. The build quality of the Syma X8W drone body is outstanding. It has enough power to lift any action camera HD (with payload up to 80grams). The control range for this Best RC Drone is more than you need for a GPS-less flight and of course no mission planner or other fancy things. What else can I say? Maybe that the Syma X8W is probably the best mid-range quadcopter under $120.

Syma X8W 2.4Ghz 4CH RC Headless FPV Quadcopter will definitely be the best choice for beginners as it has Intelligent Orientation Control System. With Wi-Fi camera, flashing lights and many other, it should as the excellent drone for not only beginners but for all.

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