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Design & Durability
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Team Blacksheep TBS Vendetta Racing Drone Review 2020

Are you losing the Drone Racing Competitions from the past two years? It means your Racing Drone that you use is not the perfect one. If you want to win this year’s race, then you need to buy a TBS Vendetta Racing Drone. The Team Black Sheep, a well-known FPV Racing Drone Manufacturers in the present market. The world of Drones is wonderful. The drone using rate increased a lot since four years. People, mostly kids, middle-agers use these Flying Drones. Flying a Drone yourself is different from using FPV Drone at racing.

Almost in all the countries, the Drone Race Game has become a traditional game. If any new thing released in the market, people show more enthusiasm to know what the product exactly contains. I am one among them. Before going to buy the product, I like to check its reviews from different websites then only I decide to purchase. Same thing happened to me at the time of buying my brand new FPV Drone, i.e., TBS Vendetta. Now, it’s your turn to test your luck by using the TBS Vendetta FPV Drone. In this article, you can get the  Team Black Sheep Vendetta Reviews.

TBS Vendetta Drone for Sale

A drone camera pronounced with various names as it is applied in many ways. I will let you know few of the applications where they used. For military surveillance, mapping, GPS Tracking, entertainment, aerial photography & videos. Not only these but also at racing competitions you can use these Flying Cameras. In racing, is the question raised in your mind right? The FPV Race is also considered as a competitive sport recently. Like normal racing games like cycle, car and bike racing, the quadcopter racing also held every year.

Everyone has two types of friends, one who does everything with you. The second one, who is interested but they don’t dare to did it. If you have a friend who belongs to the 2nd category then made him/her also a part of Drone world. For the starters, it is necessary to choose the Best Beginner Drone for Racing. First, learn how to fly the drone at the time of racing. To win this game, you need to buy team blacksheep drones for sure.

the black sheep fpv FEATURES

  • Cost & Modularity
  • Design & Durability
  • Great Camera & High-Speed
  • Battery & Flight Time

It is important for a customer to know about the price if he/ she decided to purchase the product. The Team Blacksheep Vendetta Drone Price is 499.95 Dollars. It is one of the Best Drones under 500. Before completion of the stock in the Amazon, buy the TBS Vendetta II FPV Drone.

The exact meaning of modularity means the proper functionality of the units present in the product. The modularity for the TBS Vendetta II FPV Parts is mind-blowing. From TBS ZeroZero V2 FPV Camera to Vendetta PowerCube, all the parts of TeamBlackSheep Drone are repairable and replaceable if any damage occurs.

Most of the people attracted to the product by its looks. But the design doesn’t judge the product’s performance/ durability. Don’t judge a product by its design. When it comes to the blacksheep fpv drone, the design is not pretty good, but its durability makes the product the best. In the world of racing what matters the most is its durability. Carbon Fiber body of the TBS Vendetta protects it from crashes.

Like a Flight Controller, the Flying Camera is the heart of every drone. In the TBS Vendetta FPV Drone, you can have a ZEROZERO Camera. It specially optimized for the high-speed FPV Flying along with a little light handling. This ZeroZero FPV Camera can fit in any of the four quads which support 5 Volts to 22 Volts.

With the TBS Vendetta Racing Drone, you will beneficiate in many ways. With its high speed like a bullet resistible /durable and crash-proof performance made you win the race. Keep the date of purchase in your mind because it is the winning & rememberable day for you in the Drone Racing League.

TBS Vendetta works as fast as 6S LIPO Battery. It is the very high battery for a racing drone. If you want to a beginner, then you need a 4 Cell Battery. Use the 3S Batteries, until you get the excellent grip on the flying.  TBS Vendetta Battery is placed in the rear position of the objects, on two pads to keep it safe. The Flight Time that you get with the Vendetta Team Black Sheep Drone is a maximum of 3-5 minutes. With its high speed and weight, it is sufficient.

tbs vendetta 2 SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Team Blacksheep
Item Model Number
Product Dimensions
10 x 12 x 14 inches
Item Weight
1.35 pounds
Name of the Product
TBS Vendetta II FPV
499.95 Dollars
Recommended Age
Upto 14 years
Quick Replace 3.5 mm CF Arms, MT30 Connectors
CM2204/2300kV Motors
Flight Time
3-5 Minutes
TBS PowerCube, 2-6S Bulletproof 30/50A ESCs

Flying Drone TBS Vendetta Review

Team Black Sheep Drone Camera manufacturing company now come with the new model named TBS Vendetta II FPV Racing Drone. There are two things that you attract and wish to buy the TBS Vendetta. Do you want to know the two special features in this TeamBlackSheep Drone Vendetta? The first, it has a flying speed of 70 mph. Next, it provides a First Person’s View by wearing FPV Headset. Few people think, at such a high speed controlling the UAV is little bit tuff because it may meet with any obstacles and also a chance to hit an object. If you want to give the par excellence performance in the upcoming year, you need to use this at any cost. Only, the TBS Vendetta FPV QuadBest Drone wins you in this race because the full body of Vendetta made up of carbon fiber.

The Team Blacksheep TBS Vendetta II FPV Racer comes with a 5 ” Prop RTF-FPV Machine. Every TBS Vendetta Part is manufactured and tested in the presence of officials. It uses the Cobra CM2204/2300KV Motors. It uses the Calibri Flight Controller. You can have a programmable LED Lights. Also, it has three indications of these LED lights such as Blue, Red, Green. Blue for armed, green for disarmed and finally red for the indication of low battery. TBS Vendetta has a TBS ZeroZero Camera, designed to capture the high-speed flying performance at the time of drone racing in the form of video. For more detailed information, you need to refer the Features of TBS Ready to Fly Quads.


  • 240-sized RTF FPV Racer
  • It consists of TBS PowerCube with fastest F3 board
  • Lost Model Alarm
  • Easy to configure through 2 buttons of OSD


  • TBS Vendetta FPV Quadcopter is very durable because it has a carbon-fiber body
  • Without soldering or fixing of broken wires, you can easily replace any defective part in the TBS Vendetta Racing Drone
  • Easy to configure through 2 buttons of OSD and it has an easier access via USB Port to the controller


  • You need to buy the TBS Vendetta Battery separately
  • It is not that much friendly for the beginners like for the daily drone racers


Whatever the information mentioned about the TeamBlackSheep Vendetta FPV Racing Drone is very helpful for you. Without wasting a minute, immediately click on the Amazon Link that we have provided here. FPV Racing for this year is coming soon, be a tuff competitor to others.  At last, enjoy the feel of winning with the TBS Vendetta Racing Drone.

In-brief, TBS Vendetta Racing Drone has very high modularity which makes many people prefer this. As it is having the carbon fiber body it lasts long for years. All-together, it is the durable drone which is not only easy to configure, but also easy to access.

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