Top 9 Easy-to-fly Beginners Drones 2020 | Why only Pros should have fun? It’s now time for Beginners!

Top 9 Easy-to-fly Beginners Drones 2020 | Why only Pros should have fun? It's time for Beginners!

Best Beginners Drones

Hi Beginners….., Here Is the Ultimate Guide for Beginner Drones You Should Buy Online. Are you very enthusiastic about flying drones and searching for the best beginners drone? Then, Don’t worry, You are in the right place. Here is the list of Top 9 beginners drones according to my experience in flying drones. Every Drone initiator can fly these drones with no flying experience.

Coming to this list, Generally, when we are new to this drone field, we require something affordable and easy to use products. So, with many different models out there, shopping for a Best Beginners Drone can be quite a daunting task. Hence, here I have compiled a list of some of the most popular beginner quadcopters to help you in choosing the best starter drones.

Beginner drones are the best suited for first time flyers. You do not have to be an expert to operate a drone. Beginner drones comes with simple controls and are easy to operate. Drones capture the mind set of every fun loving individual who loves to capture the beauty of nature as higher footage. Beginner drones helps you to master your photographic talents and you get to learn more about unmanned aerial vehicles.

Selecting the right drone isn’t easy considering the different types of drones in the market. You get to learn about unmanned aerial vehicles and explore more by learning to use the beginner drones. These types of drones are available in affordable range and hence is the best choice for first timers.

Top 9 Beginners Drones



DROCON Drone X708W Wi-Fi FPV

DROCON Drone for Beginners X708W Wi-Fi FPV Training Quadcopter image

Holy Stone Mini Quadcopter Drones

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone image

Are you interested about flying drones? Lack of flying experience is not a problem. Snaptain S5C Wi-Fi FPV drone with 720p HD recording is a perfect one for you. More-over it’s an entry level beginners drone. The Snaptain S5C Wi-Fi drone is very user friendly, because you can simply take-off, return and land using a single button. Also it has few smart functions like 360° flip and roll, voice control and headless mode. The Snaptain S5C has a 720p HD recording capability and has an 80-meter video transmission range. Which means the signal transmission range is up to 80-meters.

  • 720p HD recording

  • User friendly controls

  • 80-meter range

  • Instant sharing

  • Altitude lock function

  • High quality durable material

Also you can instantly edit and upload photos and videos through your phone. And all the video footage will automatically save in to the Micro SD card. For increasing safety, it has a propeller protective guard to avoid collision. The drone is made up of with high quality ABS plastic material, the drone is capable to take over the impact and drop. The best feature is its altitude hold function, it will help the drone to stand steady in the in the air at a specific altitude.





The perfect drone for beginners, with real time video monitoring. Its built in HD camera brings the high definition aerial view with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity. The one key return feature is very helpful for a beginner’s drone. By simply pressing a button the drone will automatically come back wherever you are. Thus you can avoid losing control. 

  • Built-in HD camera

  • Lightweight design

  • Built-in propeller guard

  • Auto-return feature

  • Wi-Fi real time monitoring

The 360-degree smart flip function brings more joy to your kids. Its propeller guard is an additional add-on safety feature. No need to worry about on flight collision.





The Holy Stone 4 channel 2.4GHz Mini RC Drone is a lightweight quadcopter which is suitable for beginners. It’s powered by a rechargeable LiPO battery and comes equipped with a camera for taking both video and snapshots.

  • It is a Ready to fly drone out of the box

  • The charging time is about 60 mins

  • The camera resolution is 720 pixels

  • The Flight time is around is 7-9 mins

  • The video Recording Modes is 1280 x 720p

It has four levels of control and works well both indoors and outdoors. This drone is perfect for both beginners and skilled. Finally, with its flexible features, it is listed in the top 9.





One of the best advanced beginners drone. You don’t have any previous experience or skill required to fly this drone. It’s 2800mAh battery allows you to fly continuously a 20 minutes. Also its low battery alert helps you to notify the status and automatically fly back to its take-off location. Its 1080p full high definition camera brings immense video quality, also it can perfectly fit a GoPro camera. The best feature of Holy Stone HS700 drone is, you can launch it with a single button control. With its advanced altitude lock function, you can focus on your camera or whatever you are recording.

  • 1080p Full HD camera

  • Launch with a single button

  • 20 minutes flying time

  • Altitude lock

  • Follow me function

Here you can use follow me function, the drone will follow you with the help of GPS assistance with camera recording your movement. The HS700 control application is compatible with both iOS and android. You can draw a specific path (predefine the flight path) with HS700 application. The drone follow the flight path a send you the real time landscape to your device. Also you have an average range of 1300 feet of video transmission and 3280ft of control range. Auto return feature helps to come back even if you lose the signal. Moreover, the brushless motor runs quietly and is more powerful.





The perfect beginners drone with 120-degree wide angle and 720p video recording with 30 frame per second. The 120-degree wide angle camera output are similar to the panoramic shoot. The foldable propeller hand makes this drone more unique. The folding drone handle is very helpful for the travellers, sports and adventure. And also it is made up of high quality ABS plastic material. It is very lightweight and durable. As a beginner’s drone, it is also equipped with altitude lock function.

  • 720p HD recording

  • Foldable propeller hand

  • Altitude lock function

  • Night LED

  • Automatic take-off and land button

  • Real-time monitoring function

It is more convenient for taking photos and videos without any hassle. This function is more helpful for the beginners who doesn’t have any experience. With the application, we can real time monitor the high definition images and the application allows you to share instantly. The application is available for both iOS and android. Also by simply pressing a button, it can safely take-off and land. So you don’t have to worry about crash landing.





The Holystone F181W FPV drone is the best camera drone for beginners. It features 6 axis gyro flying control system by which it is very stable while flying and you can get the best quality pictures. The 720P 120° Wide-angle HD Wifi Camera provides high resolution images and videos while flying. On pressing the home button, the drone comes back to the direction of transmitter.

  • 120° FOV HD Wifi Camera

  • Headless mode

  • FPV real time transmission

  • One key return home

  • Automatic altitude hold

The built in WiFi module and the FPV real time transmission allows you to monitor the real time pictures which are being captured by the drone at the instant. The automatic altitude hold feature helps you to shoot best quality images and videos. It also has stronger wind resistance and greater stability. Beginners find it easier to use this drone due to its simplicity and ease of operation.





Syma introduces its new innovated X5C Quadcopter. This Syma X5C 4 Channel Quadcopter is a Ready to Fly drone out of the box, and it is very easy to operate and fly. It even offers an unusual change on hovering and balancing of a quadcopter.

  • It is a Ready to Fly drone out of the box

  • The camera resolution of this Syma X5c is 2 MP

  • It offers HD camera

  • The Charging time is 100 minutes

  • The Flight time is approximately 7 minutes

Flying the Syma into the air is simple and intuitive which allows the pilot to enhance their skills quickly. Hence with its flexible flying features, we listed it into the top 10 beginners drones.





The one of the best main features in Syma X5UW drone is its application control. You can fully control your drone with its application. It has a built-in 720p HD camera, which allows you to capture the real time environment. The is compatible in both iOS and android devices. Also you can predefine the flight path, through the mobile application. Thus it will enable auto pilot through the given path. Even if it is a beginner’s drone, it has some smart functions, like headless mode, altitude lock and one key landing and take-off function.

  • 720p HD camera

  • Wi-Fi real time streaming

  • Altitude lock function

  • Predefine flight path

  • One key take-off and landing

The altitude lock function helps to prevent the drone going out of control. And take-off and land button helps to land and take-off the drone, wherever you are. This function is more helpful for the people those who doesn’t have much experience. Also it comes with additional bonus battery, bring more flight time and fun.





The DROCON navigator Quadcopter drone consists of HD 720P camera with 120° lens which offers a more wider and clear view.  This beginner FPV racing drone is very simple to operate. Using the altitude hold mode you can fly this drone at required altitude to obtain better pictures and videos. The DROCON navigator drone for beginners also features real time transmission and 3D visualization through smartphones.

  • 120° lens HD 720P camera

  • Altitude hold mode

  • FPV real time transmission

  • One key take off/ landing

  • Maximum flight time of 7 minutes

The one key take off and landing makes it easier to control this drone for anyone. In case if you are worried about the loss of control of the drone, you can use the headless mode whereby the drone will be operating in the direction synchronous with the controller. The manufacturer provides a warranty of 12 months for this product.





If you are a photographic geek and a fun loving person, then the drones are must to have asset with you. It provides fascinating images at a different perspective as compared to ordinary still cameras. You get to view the unseen view of the things around you. Drones find its uses in many ways which are explained as follows.

Drone helps in monitoring your farm and for the data collection. Latest drone technologies helps in getting information about the health of the crops, amount of pesticides to be used, harvesting time and so on.

You can promote your real estate business with the fascinating and different aerial views of the property. It can easily catch the interest from the buyers.

You can enhance your photography talent to commercial level. You can use it for family functions, weddings and other events.

Using a drone is really an interesting and enjoyable thing. You get to explore the unseen view of nature. The virtual reality real time transmission allows you to enjoy the real time images captured during flight.

You can participate in drone racing competition as there are various drone racing championships nowadays. In drone racing championships, the contestants sits together in a row and race the drones.

The animals are afraid of drones and the runaway on seeing it. So if there are any animals frequently visiting your farms to damage the crops, you can chase them away by activating the drones.

Follow the step by step instructions given below to fly a drone like a professional

  1. The first and foremost thing to do is read the instruction manual thoroughly.
  2. Charge the battery of the drone using the charger provided with the unit.
  3. Position the drone as mentioned in the instruction manual and make sure that the area you wish to fly the drone is danger free zone.
  4. Make sure that the throttle of the drone is pushed down before you turn on the transmitter. Then connect the battery of the drone. After the completion of the flight you have to disconnect the battery and then turn off the transmitter. 
  5. Now you can start operating the drone for flying by slowly lifting the throttle (left stick) upwards. The drone is ready for flight and will take off from the ground. If the drone leans forward or backward, you can control it by the pitch command, i.e. moving the right stick up and down. If the drone is leaning in the left or right direction, you can adjust it by using the roll control by moving the left stick left and right. 
  6. Keep the drone balanced and smooth. For landing you have to push the left stick, i.e. the throttle command down.

Here are a few tips which you can follow as a beginner drone pilot in order to avoid any chances of crashes and flyaways.

  1. Read the instruction manual and watch the demo videos so that you get familiar with the drone controls. You can use flight simulator apps to learn the flying controls.
  2. Choose a safe zone for flying the drone. Obstacle detection system at times may not detect thin ropes, transparent objects and the like. Avoid crowded area so that the chances of accidents can be reduced.
  3. Animals may find it unpleasant from the ultrasound emitted by the drones. It is always better to avoid birds and animals.
  4. Perform the calibration check of the compass. Also ensure that the battery is fully charged and the propellers are working properly.
  5. You can set the return to home mode so that the drone will return back to the home point automatically after reaching the preset altitude.
  6. Ensure that there is strong GPS signal which is essential for a safe flight
  7. Hover your drone for a few seconds after take off to ensure the aerial stability.
  8. Avoid flying the drone in adverse weather conditions.
  9. Don’t fly the drone in reverse direction to avoid collision with unseen obstacles.
  10. Monitor the battery status of the drone while flying and make sure that there is sufficient charge for landing safely.

Almost all the drones have cameras. If you are very particular in capturing the images and taking videos look for high quality cameras.

Select the drones with longer flight time or else you will have to stop flying the drone and charge the battery frequently.

The range of beginner drones varies from 55 to 110 yards. If you are buying drone as part of your hobby, then short range drone is enough as you can walk and follow it. If you are considering to buy a drone for professional photography with high quality footage, then you can consider buying a drone with longer range.

Upon activating the return to home mode, the drone automatically comes back to you automatically. So check for this feature so that as a beginner you can easily get back the drone to home position.

The headless mode makes it easier for beginners to operate the drone as you can control it easily regardless of which direction the head is pointing.

There are certain guidelines put forward by the Federal Aviation Administration regarding the usage of drones. if you are using the drone indoors, there is no need of registering the drone with FAA and remote pilots license is also not required. But if you are using the drone outdoors and it weighs more than 0.55 pounds, then the drone must be registered. Any commercial use of drones should be done only after registering the drone and you should possess remote pilot license after passing the Airman Knowledge Test under the FAA’s rules Part 107.


What are the best drones for beginners?

SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV and DROCON X708W are some of the best drones for beginners.

Where to find drones for beginners?

You can easily find beginners drones on Amazon with amazing offers.

How to fly drones for beginners?

 The beginners drones have simple operation. Just follow the below steps.

  • First you need to understand the remote control properly
  • Now get the knowledge on drones and its controls.
  • Based on the instructions given in manual, start flying the drone.
  • Learn the basic movements like straight, square, circle and more with the help on online tutorials.
  • Now practice flying the drone until you become a pro.
Is DJI spark good for beginners?

Syma, Holy Stone and DROCON are the brands which are good for beginners and DJI might be the good one if you have some knowledge on flying drones.

Being available in budget range, the best beginner drones are the right ones for you to learn and explore more about unmanned aerial vehicles.

Finally, This is the review on the top 9 drones for beginners. Every beginner can fly these quadcopters without any previous flying experience and can enjoy the delightful fly time. These drones not only gives you fun but also helps you learn and go further in the art of flying drones. Hope this review is helpful to you and have a joyful fly.

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