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Walkera Scout X4 Review 2023

I can firmly say that the range of Walkera X4 is one of the best in the market. This best camera Drone from Walkera also has a great flight time compared to the other UAVs, 25 minutes. The Walkera Scout X4 Carbon RTF FPV2 has retractable landing skids that resolve the standard-issue camera field. By the addition of four to eight motors, we can increase the capacity of the drone. Here is the Walkera Scout X4 review. Refer to it to enjoy the best flight experience. You must buy this Walkera X4 Scout as it one of the best camera Drone under $250.

All about Walkera Scout Quadcopter

Walkera Scout is established in 1994 and has developed into a professional aero-model manufacturer. The company also unifies development and research, marketing, and production. They also offer a one-stop solution for agriculture, energy field, fire protection, etc. They export Walkera products to 100 countries and regions. The company is trying to improve its performance to provide valued products to its customers. Walker X4 Scout Drones for sale is available on Amazon.


  • Follow Me
  • Waypoints & First Person View(FPV)
  • Camera Quality
  • Designated Flight & Intelligent Orientation Contol(IOC)
  • Return to Home & GPS
  • Object round Flight & Real-time telemetry of flight data
  • Dronecode Arducopter & Multi-purpose Plane
  • Flight Control, Bind and Fly & Fail-Safe Features
  • Ground Control System, Bluetooth Enabled

1. Follow Me

This feature in Walker Scout quadcopter RTF X4 is one of the advanced features. Our drone will come with us and take pictures and videos of us. In this mode, we will pre-set the object to follow. This mode is operated manually by the transmitter to follow the dynamic object. With this drone’s help, we can capture some special moments like motorcycling, skiing, surfing, etc.

2. Waypoints & First Person View(FPV)

Through GPS navigation, 128 waypoints can be accessed where the regular GPS has less than 20 waypoints. By this, our drone will fly on its own to its destination. When we call the drone back, it returns to the 128 points in a designated way. We can fly the drone in the same path countless times based on waypoint mission planning. The FPV feature is the most advanced one, which we only observe in trending drones. In x4 fastest scout, we can enjoy FPV, not in the transmitter but also on iPhone or iPad for more convenience.

3. Camera Quality

Scout X4 Drone has incredible functionality. For professional photography like sports and events, we can employ this product. The Walkera X4 Scout can give us excellent videos and photos by G-3D and iLook+ camera and gimbal system. The iLook, which comes with a stock point, has a 1080p camera. Mid-range GoPro has a 5.8 GHz video transmitter and GoPro kit for a better video transmitter.

4. Designated Flight & Intelligent Orientation Contol(IOC)

To control our drone, one of the advanced features is flight destination. We set up a starting point and destination point in this mode and our flight travels by itself. It not only goes to the destination but also they can return home straightway back. The IOC function is used to make flight and GPS position more certain. By this hyper IOC mode, our plane can fly in the intended direction, and it also prevents loss of orientation.

5. Return to Home & GPS

For suppose if the control signal discontinues the Walkera X4, Scout will automatically help the Quadcopter to return to home. An advanced GPS will assist us in this purpose.

This feature in the Walkera X4 Scout will make our drone path more accurate. By this mode makes our flight and GPS position more precise. Under this model, our UAV can take off to a certain height and keep a stable hover.

6. Object round Flight & Real-time telemetry of flight data

The Walkera x4 Scout can circle a GPS waypoint. For Example, if we fix an object then the waypoints are given in such a way that the drone flies in a circular manner above the object.

By this feature, we can afford transmission of wireless data. We can extend the power supply run by Back-up power. The Scout X4 which includes a smartphone carrier and supports in both Android and iOS phones. The drone can extend the time of power supply by backup power.

7. Dronecode Arducopter & Multi-purpose Plane

Dronecode Arducopter programs the Walker X4 Scout. Arduino devices perform tasks like watering plants, controlling security cameras, and remote operating machinery based on the subset of Linux OS. The upgraded Dronecode improves Quadcopter performance and features. In Walkera X4, we can change four to eight motors increasing loading capacity.

8. Flight Control, Bind and Fly & Fail-Safe Features

This Scout X4 uses a highly open-source APM flight controller by ArduPilot. The flight controller is the software that is capable of controlling the flight when it flies. When we connect our drone to a computer by USB cable, we can configure the flight control. APM flight control makes our flying easy and fun. We can use Walkera remote control to control multiple drones but not at the same time. The Scout X4 drone has two fail-safe modes, i.e., low voltage protection. One level is Led lights blink to warn us, and the other is the Quadcopter will land automatically in a safe place.

9. Ground Control System, Bluetooth Enabled

Walkera X4 Scout drone has a ground control station(GCS), a small box with an antenna. To connect the smartphone to this GCS box when we turn it on and put it near yourself. When we switch on, this GCS box will talk to the drone in the air. We can gain control of the UAV through a Walkera Smartphone App. We can quickly transfer files from Scout X4 to our smartphone through the 2.4g Bluetooth datalink. Transferring the data in this process is done instantly without any loading time.



  • Manufacturer : Walkera Scout
  • Item model number : WLKSCOUTX4FPV2
  • Color : Pearl white, Grey and Carbon fiber.
  • Frequency : 5.8GHz
  • Camera Pixels : 1080p
  • Minimum Age : 14+
  • Battery Type : 5400mAh LiPo battery
  • Dimensions : 7 x 35.5 x 18.5 inches
  • Weight : 16.1 pounds

Latest Walkera Scout X4 Reviews

This Walkera Scout X4 Review helps you find the price, features, specifications, and lot more about this product. Walkera X4 Drone is a somewhat expensive product which we can afford because of its advanced features. To know more about this product, refer to this Walkera Scout X4 Review. Buy this Best Camera Drone Scout X4 on Amazon to get better speed performance…

  • The gimbal axis is for the stability of the camera to experience the best aerial photography.
  • It also can hold a payload of 14.11 ounces.
  • The retractable landing gear is another major feature that is not present in the other drones.
  • The built-in GPS in Walker X4 helps our drone in many other advanced features like flight-planning, return to home, automatic landing, etc.
  • The 22.2V 5400mAh LiPo battery in Scout X4 helps long flight times, which ranges upto 25 minutes.
  • Scout X4 uses Devention Devo 10 RC receiver and Devo F12E FPV transmitter.
  • This drone has a vast control range, which is above 2,000 ft.
  • Walkera X4 is stockier, bulky, and heavier.
  • For excellent aerial photography and even for film shooting, we can use this product.
  • The Walkera x4 Scout can hold its position by using the toggle switch.

Scout X4 Drone Safety Precautions

  • We should take care when charging the drone and do not overcharge the battery.
  • Before flying the drone for the first time, we should conduct a test fly.
  • Make sure all switches are in zero position, and the throttle stick is down.
  • If all the switches are in zero position, turn on the transmitter.
  • Calibration of the drone should perform away from high sources of magnetic interferences and away from metal surfaces.

Walkera Scout X4 Carbon RTF FPV2 Edition with Ground Station Flight

Amazon Customer Reviews

Just have a glance at this Walkera Scout X4 Reviews by Amazon customers. This review may help you determine this Walkera X4 Scout, and you can also verify the price, features, and specifications.

Beautiful Drone to Fly

This product is exquisite, there needs to be more support for the non-experienced users, but all in all, the overall rating of this product is tip top. If you purchase this product, make sure you don’t return home when you got the retractable landing up, this will cause one of the servos to malfunction. And burn up the servo circuit board.

Good Quad

I just purchased a Walkera Scout X4 RTF Gray model. It is a very sleek design quad, and the radio transmitter is high. A few settings must be changed in the mission planner program and on the radio transmitter before you fly. You will need to go to the Scout X4 Quadcopter Facebook page and look under files to find the instructions. With these settings changed, they make it a great quad. But be warned you need to change these settings, or you could have some problems!!!!!!!!

So far as Good

The flight is very balanced but be very careful of the wind as it will drift the drone, and in the wind above 15mph, it will cause stability problems. The drone recommends an Auto landing function with careful throttle control by which we can land them manually. The sensitivity can be adjusted but feels great with the default but would recommend starting genitally first flight as GPS stability takes awhile for it to adjust. Check out more about the latest drone and it reviews on BestflyingDrone.



You can connect the drone with your ipad, Walkera Scout X4 comes with the ground station which helps you control the drone’s flight with an iPad but for the other drone, you will have to get their Bluetooth data link.


To fly Walkera Scout X4

1. Switch on the Walkera Scout X4 drone and the remote control.
2. Download GCS ground station software into the phone with android version 4.0 or above.
3. Using the throttle and controllers on the remote controller fly the drone.


You can charge the Walkera Scout X4 battery with the help of the charger provided along with the package


You can buy Walkera Scout X4 in any of the online shopping websites such as Amazon or directly from the official website of Walkera


No, the Walkera Scout X4 cannot broadcast its GPS coordinates.


It is a new version




One of the best products I suggest is Walkera Scout x4 FPV GPS Quadcopter with Devo F12E transmitter. I sincerely hope that this Walkera Scout X4 Review helped you to find the details. Walkera X4 Quadcopter has not only excellent technical specifications but also some exciting additional features like Follow Me, designated route, etc.

Walkera Scout X4 Carbon RTF FPV2 Edition with Ground Station Flight image

If you want the drone to capture the excellent footage or photographs, then Walkera Scout X4 is the best choice. So, check out the price and buy this now on Amazon before it goes out of stock.


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